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Hrmmmm. Good about the blood sugars, but you may run into probs later, of course... but to stay in the NOW!, I think it's GREAT that you've got things in hand (even when they get out of hand). I'm probly 75 lbs heavier than I should be right now. I feel super heavy and uncomfortable a lot. However, this happened with my first, too, so I guess it's just how my body deals with ebf?
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"well, sometimes you get babies that are happy to starve."
HUH???!!!!!???? like maybe if they're not healthy babies. what kind of comment is THAT????? LAME! sorry, that just irks me.
I know from other moms that once you've been supplementing, it's HARD to get up the gumption to stop. Also once you start questioning yourself, it can be difficult to stop that too. I truly doubt that Kaia wouldn't let you know if she was truly hungry. She might not scream, but she could be fussy all day. you know her and what she's like. what a journey mama!
yk, my co-LLLLeader has twins and had a rough beginning. she supplemented 1 bottle a day for a looooong time. she hated that bottle, but just had the hardest time giving it up. but she did. and her twins were/are fine. that's not to say for sure that Kaia will be, but that you're not the only one.
and like Aviva experience with her friend- how your breastfeeding is managed in the beginning can have a huge effect on things in the long term.

Annie- if tsunami dreams = earthquakes, that's funny, because we've been having a bunch here. we always have them at the volcano, but in the last 2 weeks there have been a bunch located off shore not far from my house. WTF? 2 of them have been over 5 on the scale.

Lisa- my parents are like yours. I was COMPLETELY taken care of with them and Luka was always in someones arms. i wish we lived closer, sigh.... but I don't like LA....

oh, and whoever asked... ICAN is Int'l Cesarean Awareness Network
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mary, not at all crazy. having one is crazy enough. 2? just adds to the chaos. good luck w/ ttc. i actually think i ovulated y'day. i think i felt mettleshmertz (sp?) while nursing L to sleep
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Hello chatty mamas. I miss y'all. My work class is excellent, but I miss keeping up on the thread.

Mary, that would be cooool if you got pregnant intentionally. Then we could all fawn over you and ask you how you're feeling all the time. You would have two under 2, then.
I don't want to start the next one yet primarily because I want to be able to play with Evelyn. When I get pregnant, I'll come home from work much too tired to play for the first three months at least.

Karen, what on earth is mettleschmertz?

Sheri, I haven't read the bit about you having to move yet. We bought our house last year with 0% down. Now we're refinancing to a 95% loan. Both are fine. Interest rates are fabulous now. I don't envy you housing prices where you are, though. St. Louis is very reasonable.
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Az, check Fruit Full Garden on HyenaCart - there's a lovely strawberry dipe sitting there
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Ah thanks Bunches! Good Luck with the TTC! I hope you get pg just when you want to. All 3 of my girls were planned and my baby was actually planned around the other two's birth months, lol. Did that make sense? lol I mean to say that when we were TTC her we actually skipped the months that would make a Dec and a July baby so that each girl had her own birth month. It probabaly sounds silly to some but I knew what I wanted.
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jessi- I got a huge and AWESOME box of diapes from you today! they are so cool!!! thank you so much. we'll use them well and send em back. I see some of them are stained and maybe our intense sun can bleach them out.
mittleshmertz is the pain you get when you ovulate. not everyone feels it. but yesterday I had a huge pain right at my right ovary. we'll see in 2 weeks if that's what it was. with the other boys I got my period back at 9 mos PP, but Luka nurses less all around.
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Hi all!

Just stopping in to say hi.

Ruby's sick so I stayed home today...tried to work from home too but it's too hard. We made carrot cake instead. Not as good as my friends and way too oily. Must find good recipe...

Oh and on the some babies don't mind starving. Isabelle NEVER cries (almost never anyway) but I always know when she's hungry. And we weighed her tonight I think she's over 16lbs...I thin kruby weighed 16lbs on her first bday.

Hope everyoen as a good night!
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Arg! I am so bummed. I just got a whole post done and hit some stupid key and just erased it all!

I think I missed the entire chat thing but I have added you all to my messengar friends list. Don't be surprised if I pop in to say high sometime when I see that you are online.

Catnip - I am appalled that someone who is supposed to be empowering women to do somthing as natural as bfing would say something like that!

Sheri - I was hoping you felt better. Well, tomorrow is a new day, so here are healthy vibes sent in your direction.

Mary - I hope that TTC goes well for you. It would be exciting to be able to ask you how you were feeling and everything.

AF - I am not sure if I have started again or not. I was pretty sure that I had it when Will had the RSV thing, but yesterday and Monday, I had light pink, but nothing more heavy, and it is gone today. Thought maybe that it was from doing the deed with DH , but it lasted to long. Who knows.

Not that we have to worry about it anymore. DH did the big V today. He did well, and is feeling pretty comfortable right now. He had hernia surgery 5 years ago, and he says that this doesn't even compare to the pain he felt from that. Thanks for all the happy healthy thoughts today. I still have some mixed feelings about it, but overall, I am pleased that it is done. Now I just want his recovery to go well.

Will seems to be taking a bit of a nap strike. He refuses to sleep for more than 20 minutes at a time and then is just awful in the afternoons. This evening he even cried himself to sleep. I was trying to nurse, but he was so tired and frustrated that he couldn't even get my milk to let down. I didn't know what to do to help, so I just held him and after about 10 excrutiating minutes he fell asleep. Ugh, I just want him to take naps, so that he remains happy in the evenings. Makes the nights so much harder when he does this.

Better go. Time for bed.
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"Lauren pooped the barium chalk today. It came out in a well formed tube like mushy school chalk"

Hahaha!! The ex-schoolteacher's baby makes chalk poop! (Sorry, I just thought it was funny, but I'm not awake yet. Sorry she had to go through that!)
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Oh, and Happy 6 month birthday to Geneva!!

And an update from swimming lessons, yesterday I didn't see that girl there, so maybe her family decided to back off.
Wow it's been hot here!

Mary - ttc? cool! May you be the first of us then!

I tried to get latch advice for ABby at my LLL meeting this week, and the leader suggested weaning. I really want to do clw as much as possible, but she keeps getting her teeth in, and all I can do is get her to open up and try again, and after 3 times, I usually give up. I don't want to initiate weaning if she's not ready, she still asks to nurse about a dozen times a day, I nurse her about 3-6 times... I actually posted on the bf boards, but didn't get many responses.
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morning mamas..... i'm pumping at keyboard since its back to work on Friday!!
Pam - did Abby just start biting? how is she handling the nursing less than she wants?? is she upset? I'm surprised the LLL said to wean. Did she give a reason?
oh.....i'm just THINKING about ttc. which is good step for me.
Torin went to bed early again last night - 9:15!! dh was home this time!!
Hapyy 6 months Geneva!!
Nicole - I hate it when I lose a long post!! Glad dh is doing well after the big V.
Poor Will - sounds like he was exhausted! Its hard to watch them when they are frustrated. Sometimes, I wish they could just say, "hey Mom, I just want a bath"...... Baths help a lot in our house now..... if Torin is getting fussy but its a little too early for bed, I bring him in the bath with me. He plays and plays now. Then, he comes out and falls asleep pretty easily.
btw, I'm embarassed to ask but what does EC actually stand for?
going back to bed as it is 0330am! see you mamas later!
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I'm up earlier than I wanted. DH took ds's wicked loud fan last night (ds is with Granny again) and didn't hear his alarm going off so fil called looking for dh. I was sleeping in the living room with the answering machine which dh keeps turned up so freaking loud so I got woken up to fil "Billy are you there" : Miss E, at least, is still sleeping. She's on the futon and Louie, the licky chihuahua loves it when she sleeps there cause he can jump up with minimual effort, runn around her, and lick up her nose and her goopy eyes (:Puke) becuase who's gonna stop him. So he's stilling on my lap lickign my arm as I type :LOL

My throat is still killing me it seems like almost everything I eat burns my throat.

Michelle, in my totaly not-a-professional opinion Kaia seems to be gaining quite a bit. I just looked it up in kellymom.com and 6-12mths average weight gain is 2-4oz/wk if she gained 4+ (I forget the actually amnt) that more than average. To be honest I never thought she was doing that bad. I know you were worried about her gain, as I was worried about Miss E's gain. I think it was alot of new mum worry (or 2nd time mum worry in my case) I hope you gain the confidence in yourself and your body to know that you, most likely, can feed your baby. Some babies are just slow gainers and skinny little things. I know you don't really post alot, so I don't really know how much you read. But I poke around quite a bit here while Miss E is nursing and there are some mama's with such skinny dc that are healyth and thriving. That, Ori's gaining right around Miss E and Karen's great attitude and support made me realise that Miss E is gaiing just fine, she's just a slow gainer and a skinny little thing. She's actually started chunking up alot lately.
You're not supplementing much right, just a couple of ozs? (3-4, right), per the enfamil site (where's that shudder smilie)
By six months, he may be eating six to eight fluid ounces, with four or five feedings every 24 hours
so 3-4 ozs really isn't much more than a snack and I don't see how that could make a huge differnce on wieght gain. I would def cuddle up with Kaia in bed and nurse, nurse, nurse her.

Nicole, the big V must bring up alot of feelings, even if you know you're "done". Poor dh I hope he's back to his old self soon, not a fun place to be feeling bad

Pam I hope the reason the girl is missing is that her parents wised up to the fact that she realyl doesn't want to be there. I hope Abyy's latch gets better, did she stop nursing at all when you were pg?

Karen I get those M pains too (i'm not going to attempt to spell it), mine was in my left and sure enough little over 1wk later was back. It actually wasn't that bad though. I remember aftre ds they were aweful for almost a yr, but I got the depo after him too and af didn't come back until I stopped that
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wow no, new posts, is everyone still sleeping?
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Another night owl baby here. I usually spend a couple of hours trying to coax her to sleep. And she usually sleeps well into the morning, but today she woke up up at 8:30 all smiles and cheeriness. That's not so bad.

Someone on our local earthy-birthy list sent this article about weight loss for different issues, different types of diets, why fad diets don't work for everyone, etc. It's a good read. I'm at or around my pre-preg weight. I had just started losing steadily when I got pg, though. I don't think I'll lose anymore bfing, but I feel pretty good at this. 230something, for the record. I would be totally happy around 200. I can't imagine being much less than that.

So, I woke up this morning feeling about 10x better. No more visible swelling, can still feel a little puffiness inside. Eye is still bruised, though.

Boo. Mike has to go to a variance meeting tonight. He's all concerned that I should get a friend to come over this evening and help me out. He's been doing all of the baby care stuff when home all week, but I think I'm up to a full day again. And I don't exactly trust this friend. She's the one who, when I told her Bea can't sit up on her own yet, says "oh, ok" andd lets her tip over. And then tries it again, like maybe she learned something in the last five seconds? Is it no mama instinct or just no common sense? I'm pretty sure I wasn't that dippy with other people's babies before.

Squirmy girl wants to play. Bye!
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Originally Posted by Bunches
btw, I'm embarassed to ask but what does EC actually stand for?
Elimination Communication...
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Aviva - BMT - blanketless MT - although the gal who makes them calls them "convertable" - nineacres.com
ICAN - international cesarian awareness network

Mary, I'll giggle But only because I DON'T want to be pregnant any time soon. Not for a loooooooooong time.

Andy, we're not THAT young I think Annie is the youngest? And I'm going to guess she was born in uhh.. 80 or 81?

So I'm waiting for page 4 to load in the other window. Last night was movie night at iCAN and a lot of local mamas brought their videos to share. I keep going to meetings like this every 2-3 weeks and every time it brings back emotions about L's birth that I haven't dealt with yet. It's like I'm stuck bouncing between anger and sadness, can't move out of either.

Pam, that's hysterical that you laugh at me.. There was a teeny bit more today, but I tell ya, it wasn't pretty! I love ec

Ovulating - I might be. Who knows. Yesterday there was a little stain in my undies, nothing even remotely red about it, but not my normal discharge either. Duno. Hope I'm not. Not at all ready to think about the possibility of another kid. But with dh gone for the next 4-6 weeks at least I have a slim chance

OH, online stuff - if y'all wanna harass me I'm lisa2976 on AIM and lisa_watson on yahoo. I'm ALWAYS online though (even now, I'm probably logged in at home on the laptop) so don't be sad if I don't answer you.

Pam, do you want me to find someone with an older babe for you to talk to? A lot of the lllleaders around here have nursed that long and might have an idea. Recently there was a discussion on my local email group about "CLW with a little "nudge" from mom" - I'll look for it in the archives.

Mary - EC = elimination communication - taking baby potty when they cue you they need to go. The extreme is diaper free babies at birth, and then there is me - dipe always on, use the potty when I can, and at night. And as many poops as I can possibly get in there!!

Ok, time to get going. We have to leave in a bit for swim. Back maybe tonight.

And Lauren slept 9:30-2:30, then woke at 5 and 7. I swear, I'm never ever moving home again, I'll live with my parents forever if it means we both sleep better. Last night I didn't sleep so well, big t'storm came though and the dog was shuddering against the bed, kept me up, and then I just couldn't settle back to sleep. Oh well, there is always tonight!
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Morning All.

DH is doing better this morning. He is walking around and moving very well. Can't pick up the kids or any kind of weight, but can sit around and help me with feeding them and all.

Paq - Glad that you are feeling better, even if it is just a little.

Weight - I seem to be hovering around my prepregnancy weight too. It is frustrating, but I am doing what I can to keep it down. It helped to get rid of the cookies and cream hersheys nuggets. . I just can't resist them when they are in the house. .

Okay, better go and deal with the little girl who does not want to eat her breakfast.

OH! We have a cardiology appointment today! Should be exciting to see what is going on with his heart now. I'll fill you all in more later.
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No, the teeth thing actually started during pg, it just took a while for me to realize that line was from her teeth - it's not biting exactly, just closing her teeth on my nipple. She nursed during the whole pg, even though I lost my milk early.

Jeni, I wish *I* could come over...

Ooooo!!! I was born in '80!

You know, the leader actually nursed her youngest till he was 3.5 yrs, so I was surprised too. I really want to fix the latch, and I thought maybe when she turned 3 I'd consider giving her a bit of a boost to wean. I'm hoping by then I could get her ok with nursing once for bed, once in the am, once for nap (if she naps) and if she gets really hurt. But I want to do this on her time.
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Pam - I'm thinking...do you hold you breast in the right 'shape' and position when she latches on? I get so lazy, but I gotta say, when I do hold it, the latch on is SO much better! And omg, if I remember to hold the breast she's nursing on while she nurses everything goes way better. Except I'm immobilized. Beca did that with her teeth, too. By the end, I could ONLY nurse her while holding that breast in the correct position and shape. I just kept thinking of that Garcia/Dead tune 'Don't Let Go'

Well, we had a good night here. He went to bed at 7:45, woke at 8:15 nursed both sides. Then again at 8:40. Both were quick nurses, but he seemed to need it. Then he slept till like 12:30 and then till 4 YAY! Not quite as good a sleep as Lisa, but I slept the whole time he slept, so maybe BETTER?!

No more kids here. NO MORE KIDS HERE!!! I actually thought about it. Then shuddered and a tear slid down my cheek and I went back to sleep...

Glad dh is doing well Laura!

Nicole - we did the chat thing on the new Harry Potter book. Have you read it yet?

Later mamas! andy
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