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My DS (17 months) also loves reading.....we have several variations, much like Ravin posted...

DS will brign a book and we read through it with him....and read it again....and again....and again...I point to the various pictures and talk about them, and so now when I ask him about where things are he points to them too....we also act out things from some books, like our wake up book that talks about yawning, stretching and touching toes...he also loves when we use silly voices and ham it up while reading to him.

DS will sit on his own and flip through the book, occasionally making his own sound effects - I found him sprawled on his belly with a few books laying around him a couple weeks ago, and just

DS will bring a book, we start reading it to him, and he will walk away and start playing - DH and I think that sometimes he thinks we look bored and he's just giving us something to do! :LOL
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I had a reply all typed up but when I clicked on post reply I got an error.
My 22 month old loves to be read to, and in fact will often toss a book on your lap and climb up the second you sit down.
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We either:

read long stories and read only a bit at a time until they lose interest

read while they are playing

go with their lead and talk about the book

have one child sit in our lap and read a short story to them if they are calm enough
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My DS has always like to listen to books as long as they are short . now he likes to repeat everything so the word/picture books are great.
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DS rarely likes to be actually read the story...he prefers turning the pages at his own pace, pointing out pictures of interest and having me make up my own little anecdotes about characters or illustrations I know he'll like. I'm letting him set the pace with books and what interests him at this point...but looking forward to when stories will interest him!
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Ds is 14 months, and thus far has shown little interest in books. Well, maybe for about one minute, max. He's much more interested in holding the book, chewing on it a bit, turning it over in his hands, etc. If you try to open it and read it to him he just grabs it and takes it away from you so he can examine it more closely (after which he promptly drops it and walks away).

His non-reading behavior may be due to the fact that he's a second child, and I just don't have as much time to sit down and read to him. Or, maybe this is just how he is! Dd, for the record, liked reading pretty much from the get-go, but we made a point to do it a lot with her.
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