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Can this be made a sticky so it stays up at the top? It won't be too long now before we want it handy...

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Well, i'm not changing my signature, which says new baby's a surprise but the annoying u/s tech says girl. We were ttc a girl (at the time i was still terrified of being the first in my family to have a BOY to raise) but I'm over that now. Anyway, still a girl, if the pictures of her little girlparts mean anything. We didn;t find out with Mary Sinead but I had very strong sense of her being my dreamed-of first girl. I was just really scared to jinx it or whatever. So now we're down to arguing only irish girls' names, ones that don't begin with 'S'. Sigh. Both grammas names would give us a Sheila Kathleen, but i just don't want to be that family with all the kids starting witht he same letter. We call sinead sinead most of the time. except when we forget and call her 'baby.' such a chatty 26 mo nowadays!

We use NFP, the Billings method, and avoided IC right at peak. not sure if she was conceived before or after, we had 2 chances but oh well, here she comes. I keep saying "it's supposed to be a girl" but more and more i hear myself saying "she's supposed to be a girl" cause it doesn't sound nice!
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Looks like Hollin's guess was correct!

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Originally Posted by Wugmama
Can this be made a sticky so it stays up at the top? It won't be too long now before we want it handy...

Is this something I can do? I don't have any mod superpowers or anything so I'm not sure how to get it done.
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PM one of the mods for this board, and they can do it for you. I would PM both, as sometimes one may be busy.
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Can I change my answer?

I always go by: general feeling, dreams, and ease of choosing a name. My general feeling was boy, but then I dreamed it was a girl and we have a girl's name, but are undecided on a boys name. So, I really think its a girl.
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I had guessed boy and the u/s has shown that I was right, it IS a boy!

I'm updating so that the first post can be updated with my result! Thanks so much!
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I'm trying to add our results from reading the other posts but if I miss you, please post here.
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Last minute reguessing? I was fine with either a boy or girl but the ultrasound supposedly showed a girl. So okay, a girl, we have a name, but we don't call the baby by the name all the time etc.

So now I'm 5 cm dilated and the midwife's all "by the heartbeat I'll be surprised if it's not a boy" AND our friends just welcomed a surprise boy instead of girl at a local hospital, where her OB said it was the first time it had happened in her time there (3+ years) and that 3 shifts of employees commented on her boy that was supposed to be a girl surprise. I mean, she's super happy with her baby. Just unprepared--after like 3 u/s she was 100% convinced she could expect her Mia and not a Brandon.

She had dreams tho that something was "wrong" with the baby though--in one the baby was born with 11 toes. A little osmething extra, huh? Hah!

So now I feel really nervous that our baby's the opposite too. Isn;t that dumb? I guess I'm hormonal. Anyone else found out one thing by some medical source and it turned out the other way? Any surprise twins so far this months? Just wonderin'
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Persephone's baby was born on 1/21 I gues when I posed that she had the baby I forgot to put the date since i posted it on the day she had her. Oops.

Namaste, Tara
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