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Contractions every night

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I posted in the main pregnancy forum, too, but for the last three nights I've been having a heck of a lot of contractions in the evening. I'm 26 weeks. They have calmed down after a few hours each time and then I'm fine all day, but this did not happen last time I was pregnant. I'm a little nervous and just looking for insight or feedback.
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if they arent braxton hicks, it's time to tell your care provider. Even if they are BHs, if you have more than, what, 4-6 per hour, you are supposed to let your provider know.

Clearly you are overdoing it during the day, since your contractions are happening at night in particular. I would put myself on modified bed rest and see if the lower activity level doesnt make them stop. Even if my OB/MW was not concerned. Listen to your body, mama.
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The thing is, I really HAVEN'T been overdoing it during the day. I have been at my mom's, where I've had lots of backup and lots of rest-- WAY more than usual. I think the heat is contributing, but it's not my activity level. It does worry me, though-- we're back home now, and I'm on my own with an active three year old. I do have a call into my midwives.

What would cause PTL in a second pregnancy when there were no problems like that in the first one?
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All pregnancies are different!

I have had very easy pregnancies. I am 32, and this is my 3rd. I am surprised that I FEEL so exhausted and OLD and run down.. like I cant just do housework and keep up with my kids and do normal stuff and Im only 28 weeks.

I feel like I did in my last two weeks of pregnancy with my second. My baby is head down and engaged at 0 station. At 28 weeks. She's actually been there for 5 weeks already.

Ive never had a baby engage so soon. I hve never had any health concerns for me. I am of average weight and probably above average in my fitness level. Yet I feel like this is just a really hard pregnancy.

I wonder if the next one will be better or worse??

So just because you had no PTL concerns with baby 1, that's no guarantee that you wont have PTL concerns with this pregnancy. Its a different pregnancy and a different baby.
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