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Kinda OT...A question about a gift.

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I hope this is okay to post here, but I can't think of who else to ask.

A friend just had twin girls last night, she also has 4 older girls, and I need advice on a gift. I make a small album with 12 pages so that new parents can just pop a photo in and have the first year documented. Normally there isn't a place for writing but I've been toying with the idea of a place to write. Soooo...

Should I give her an album with a place for writing (I'm thinking no.) Do I make 1 book with pages for each girl or 2 separate books?

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I would do two. I always make two of every thing for my girls. they each have their own baby books, photo albums and so one. I always thought they will each want one to take when they grow up and have their own children.
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Oops I forgot to add that adding a place for writing is awsome. I love looking back and seeing the notes I made in the early days, and months.
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If the one book with pages for each girl can be divided easily later for each one to have then I tend to go that way. This is coming from someone who takes TONS of pictures but then doesn't have time to organize them and put in album. If she has 4 older girls and now 2 more I'm willing to bet she doesn't have much time for that either. Although you are making it MUCH easier for her which is a wonderful gift. Personally, I'd be more likely to put the pictures in if I had only 1 book to keep track of versus 2. But only if it can be separated later as I feel it is better for EACH girl to have their OWN album for when they are older. It will be nice for them to EACH have pictures of themselves individually and together that they can view in a book.
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I too keep seperate baby books for my girls. Having two books to keep track of will be a bit more work but in the end will pay off. I love the idea of leaving space for her to write in! It's a great gift idea!!

And I must add...6 GIRLS?! I'll have to tell my dh. He's feeling very outnumbered right now and might feel less so when he hears that. :LOL We have 3 girls right now and know we'll probably have a 4th. We love having all girls!
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Thanks for the great advice everyone! I'll be making 2 books with a pull-out tag that can easily be gotten to for some writing or then can stick another picture there if desired.
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