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Poll Results: Do you squish spiders?

  • 22% (20)
    I do not squish spiders, but I do squish insects.
  • 47% (41)
    I squish spiders and insects.
  • 29% (26)
    I squish neither spiders nor insects.
87 Total Votes  
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I don't squish spiders, none of them really bug you here. But I do squish any bug that will bite me, mosquitos, blackflies, deerflies, horseflies, bees ect. I hate to be itchy

Take care,
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I didnt vote. I dont want to sound like I go out of my way killing insects.
I kill earwigs in the house, wasps that hover in the doorway, recluse/hobo spiders(inside or out), some spiders in the house.

I let the jumping spiders stay, they grow really big in the house, and it makes me wonder what insects they are getting fat on .

There was some 'mommy' long legs(not daddy long legs, but some other long legged spider that dd named) in the washroom, that I decided to just leave, but the other night, I get up, go pee, go back to bed, and the biggest one that was in the washroom-and disapeared the day before-is running on the bed, it came out of a fold in the sheet where I was sleeping , so it died.
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If they're in my house, they're getting squished. Outsided I pretty much leave em alone. I hate spiders though. Hate hate hate them. Of course, living in an old apartment and now an old house, you kind of have to get used to them.
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I kill black widows.
Others I leave be, unless there is a chance they could be a brown recluse (kill first, ask questions later). Tarantulas I will transfer to the outside of my house and resist the urge to pet them.
Mostly I only kill ants. And heaven help the scorpion that dares to cross my threshold.
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