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Whip out those bellies!

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Before we start breaking out the baby photos (Rosemary's excepted, of course), what about another round of belly shots? I'm feeling pretty darn huge, but loving it.

Here's me (and my swollen feet) at 37 weeks
And again
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Here I am with my grandma. She turned 100 a few days after this pic was taken.

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belly 35 weeks: here
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Ohh you all look so wonderful! I feel like such a dowdy old cow looking at you gals!! *sigh* ohh well. I don't have any photos, well I do but no website.So.. there ya go. I just know I'm all baby in there and feeling huge. hahaa Take care, Kitty
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OMG you all look so SMALL. And you have no stretch marks! If you think I'm posting a photo of myself after seeing those, you're crazy.

(the huge one with all the stretch marks)
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Stretch marks here!

And a henna tattoo, too! 38 weeks.

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Andrea - awww, how sweet! You all look great!

My belly poked into one of the Ebay pictures I was trying to take!!

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Originally Posted by nancy926
OMG you all look so SMALL. And you have no stretch marks! If you think I'm posting a photo of myself after seeing those, you're crazy.
Hey, that's well over 35 lbs of "small" in my case! (I stopped counting a couple weeks ago.) Notice I didn't take any close-ups of my patoot.
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Here I am at 35 weeks. Feeling like I haven't changed much in size for a few weeks....but then other times (like the end of the day....I feel humongous!).
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Whoa! Holly, I'm like, that skinny when I've lost tons of weight...wow you must have a long torso! I wear all mine on the "outside" so I'm banging into everything. I imagine you are very physically fit too Great job, Kitty
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Here's my sweet girl Lily and my belly about 2.5 weeks ago. More pics on Monday at 36 weeks!


You all look fabulous and I hope you are feeling great too!
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Ok, here's a real belly pic this time...and I'm wearing my birthing beads! 37 weeks

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you are all lovely!!!! recent pics in my sig!
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You all have bellies that are too perfect!

This is a series with the last one from last week at 33 weeks

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Wow we all look great!

Thanks Jamie! Kyra is so inlove with the baby.
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finally I have some to share!

Here's my link:
belly pics

I included a pic to show what I USED to look like (and hopefully will again someday). I know I have a stupid look on my face.

I cut my head off today's pics because I had just woken up and was a complete mess.
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Wow, Kristen. You look great. My belly is almost exactly like yours, but not so nice and tan. I also have stretch marks and am due about two weeks after you are. :LOL

Hang on girls, we're in for a ride!
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Thanks Candy I think the pic made me look extra tan. I have a bit of color but really not that much. Just got lucky.

mtnsunshinemama... I LOVE the sepia ocean pics!!!!
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Thanks Kristin, that sepia is a fun option on my iphoto program! You look terrific! I'm going to have DH take some 36 week shots today!
Yes, we're all looking juicy and ripe!!!!
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