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Just trying to keep busy, had a friend take a few more pics @ 40 weeks with dh and I and the belly. I thought they were some pretty cute ones -I added them to the Belly Pics link!
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Ok here is mine too! http://i2.photobucket.com/albums/y48.../nudebelly.jpg
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Beatiful 40 week bellies!
Although I am psyched to get back into shape, I miss my belly quite a bit!
- Kerri
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Such beautiful tummies though I'm enjoying the ease in rolling over in bed now.

Mtnsunshine, you two are such a lovely couple, I enjoy your pics.

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Thanks Mamas! You're sweet! I've loved having my mother goddess belly, but oh! I can't wait to roll over in bed at night!

Jaimep-it's nice to see you're looking like me, very round and full!
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you all are such a cute couple!

jamiep and mtsun-- you look beautiful pregnant!

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