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Originally Posted by selazenby
And then there's the always favorites - "you're too big for only 5 months!" and ususally within a few minutes from someone else - "oh you're way too small for 5 months!"
On a walk JUST THIS WEEK I passed a few neighbors I knew. (see pregnancy pic link in my siggie) One woman said, "Looks like you're trying to walk that baby out. You're due soon, right?" about a mile later a different woman told me, "I can't believe this is your third. You're so little for 20 weeks, even for a first timer!"

It's odd, isn't it?

WEndy -- weird about going running and then the whole standing up thing... is he kidding!?!? Good call on not sharing birth plans or baby names. Both seem to rile people up!
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"I have to ask, was this planned?" Um, why do you have to ask that? (this was a coworker who I barely know. Even my own mother would never ask anything like that!) :
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We had been TTC for almost two years and were about to see a specialist when I found out that I was pregnant. My sil said to me, "I told you if you would just relax, it would happen." :
"Now that you're pregnant, you have to eat meat, right?"

That's what I've got for now, but there are still a few months left.

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After our daughter was stillborn people kept saying "Oh don't worry, you'll have another baby." As if that wasn't bad enough, now those same people are saying "are you sure you should be pregnant again after what happened last time?" What the hell do they want from me? They aren't happy if I am not pregnant, and they aren't happy if I am.
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"Oh don't worry, you'll have another baby."
OMG, that is horrible! I'm sorry mama!

My mom had a stillborn baby at 41 weeks and this lady told my mom "Are you happy now?" (because my parents had a surprise pregnancy and it was their 4th baby and they had NO money so at first my mom was depressed she was pregnant.......but who the heck says crap like that?! OMG I would have punched her in the face.)
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When people learn that I am planning an unmedicated birth they say..."Oh!, Good Luck with that! I wouldn't want to be in THAT delivery room." I just say something smarta$$ back like,"your mother must not have loved you enough to not dope you up your first moment on earth." I can't help saying something mean back... it must be the hormones talking. Yeah, that's what I will blame it on. I don't want to not talk about it to people because I am not trying to hide anything. I think we should talk about it to less enlightened people. That way hopefully the next woman that says she is planning unmedicated or waterbirth or whatever, people won't respond with such shock. Maybe oneday they will say,"I know someone who went that route and everything went great." Pipe Dreams.....
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Oh yeah I forgot to tell you this one:

Yesterday a lady told me,"Oh, I was older like you when I had my first baby."

I'M 27.... That is my very first reference to me being old... Argggg
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Originally Posted by onebecca
"Now that you're pregnant, you have to eat meat, right?"
I got this over and over and over from my in laws when I was preg with Jake - this time I think they just think I'm a totally lost cause and have stopped trying to save the poor baby within me
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:LOL Your stories are hilarious!

My DH and I had my MIL up to visit for a week and we had a bunch of activities planned. One was a bike ride around a lovely island...we didn't have enough bikes to go around so I asked to borrow one from my sister:

"but Kelli, you can't do that, you're pregnant"

...yeeeeess, I see, I didn't realize that was a contraindication
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Originally Posted by Geofizz
"A woman in your condition should not be standing."
...yeah, Wendy, think of the baby!

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HAHA everyone's stories are so funny. I hope I can keep a sense of humor throughout the pregnancy. I have learned that everyone's first question is, "Do you know what the gender is?" And rather than launching into a detailed explaination about why I feel that ultrasound is not a good idea unless there's some genuine medical reason, I just smile and say, "No, we want to be surprised." Everyone seems happy with that answer.

However, this is my first and I'm not really showing yet, even though next Saturday will be the 5 month point. Well, DH and I can tell the difference but basically my tummy just looks like I'm in need of doing some situps. I'm looking forward to actually appearing pregnant.

So here's a comment I got recently. A nice older lady heard from my friend that I'm pregnant and came over to talk to me. She said, "I heard you're expecting! How wonderful. You must be..." *she glances at my belly* "...3 months along?" Erm no... actually almost 5 months. *sigh* Hehe.

Either that, or people say, "Oh you're pregnant? You must have just found out!" Uh no... I've known for 4 months, heh. But I just tell them, "No, actually we knew right away because we use Natural Family Planning!"
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Originally Posted by Taedareth
Either that, or people say, "Oh you're pregnant? You must have just found out!" Uh no... I've known for 4 months, heh. But I just tell them, "No, actually we knew right away because we use Natural Family Planning!"
I LOVE IT! My mil didn't believe me when I told her I knew when we conceived the baby and when I tried to explain it to her she told me that planning like that takes all of the fun out of it.
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Originally Posted by onebecca
My mil didn't believe me when I told her I knew when we conceived the baby and when I tried to explain it to her she told me that planning like that takes all of the fun out of it.
Takes all the fun out of it? Maybe if she had used NFP she'd have a different point of view. DH and I found it absolutely magical, knowing that our lovemaking TONIGHT can create a baby!!!! We spent time in prayer before being intimate, and it was a very joyous and sacred time.
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[QUOTE=Geofizz]"A woman in your condition should not be standing."


ok i'll just drag my A$$ around on the ground like a dog with a stuffed butt!
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My own mother told me, "since you're so overweight already, you shouldn't gain any while you're pregnant, it'll be harder for you to lose it afterward."

(I had a 'mom rant' written out, but maybe that's best left for another thread! : )
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Originally Posted by Geofizz

My mom said that the ultrasound must be wrong and that since she has 5 female descendents, there's no way there could be any boys in the family. Ummm, ok, biology and statistics aside, I'm giving birth to a baby girl with a really big weener.
Funniest thing I heard all day!
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This one isn't about me, but it got my blood boiling...

The other night I went to the gym and took a step class. The instructor is pregnant and looks like she is about to pop--the poor thing had to take her shoes off half-way through the class because her feet are so swollen! Anyway, after the class another woman struck up a conversation with her and asked her if it is her first baby (yes) and if she is getting a lot of unsolicited advice from everyone and their dog (yes, again). So after lamenting about all of those stupid people who can't keep their opinions to themselves, this woman then asks the instructor, "are you planning to nurse?" (answer was yes). The woman then rushes over to her and says quite emphatically, "Well, just so you know, contrary to what all of the books say, some women just don't make enough milk! GOD BLESSED ME WITH THESE GIANT BOOBS, BUT I COULDN'T MAKE ENOUGH MILK, so you might just want to be prepared for that and find out where you can get a good pump, just in case."

I stood in the back of the room, trying so hard NOT to get in the middle of this conversation, though I was dying to butt in and correct this woman's ignorance, but I didn't want to pressure the poor mom anymore, so I let it go. I just couldn't believe the nerve of saying something like that to someone--what a great way to inspire confidence in a new mother!! Not to mention the fact that two seconds earlier she had been condemning all of the nosy butt-ins of the world!!!
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Okay maybe I am just picky about wording but this conversation really annoyed me!

Aunt: When are you due?
Me: December.
Aunt: December what? (Why, WHY? do people NEED to know the exact day?!!)
Me: the 17th
Aunt: Oh look at you, so big already. Are you sure there is only one in there? Heh, heh.
ME: Yup, we check it out...just one.
Aunt: Oh, so you had your ultrasound?
Me: Yep.
Aunt: So what is your real due date then?
Me: Pardon?
Aunt: You know, what due date did they give you?
Me: (Very confused)...uhmmm, it has always been the 17th and uhmmm I gave it to myself so...
Aunt: Oh they didn't change it then with the u/s.
Me: No, especially since u/s at that time is hardly accurate for dating...

Sigh...The whole, "you're so big" comments just bug me! Way to undermine a woman's confidence that her body is growing a perfectly sized baby! Or that she looks like an elephant. And the dating thing...I don't understand the need to know THE day. I'm due in the middle, I could go early, I could go late, but more than likely it'll be in Deccember...only 4% of women give birth on their due dates...And finally, I hate the use "they"...you know those authoritative professionals who dictate what will happen in your pregnancy...who are they and why do they get to give me my due date? First why couldn't I give it to myself or at least help decide a likely date of arrival? And second all I can picture is a doctor up on a hill declaring that the baby WILL be born on THIS day with lightening bolts flashing all around...then the day comes (and goes) and there is the poor doctor standing there and the sound of crickets echo through the air...

Man, either I need more sleep or I am a complete dork!

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I have used the "You do know how that happens right?" on my best friend. They weren't trying and were talking about not having anymore, then boom she was pregnant. However, she is my best friend and totally knows I was joking.

I also get to use the "Oh, your so big." comment but it's more in admiration. She is two months farther along than me and I keep telling her I can't wait until I am bigger. Of course when I say "your so big." I don't say it like "OMG Your huge! Your so fricking huge!" I say it more like "awww... your getting so big..." *soft sigh*.

Anyways, so far I haven't gotten a lot of advise. But I do get told over and over "OMG your driving an hour and 45 minutes to use a birth center??? What if you don't make it?!" I just say "Ya know, my last labor was 45 hours, 32 of which were at home, if I can't make it to the BC I will be so glad I wasn't in labor for 45 HOURS!" They usually only say it once.

I also started getting told by my friends that I have finally 'popped' ie my belly popped out. But I love hearing that. I love hearing that I am actually looking pregnant in clothing, and not just fat.
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I got breastfeeding advice from the woman who runs the B&B where my parents will be staying when they come to visit in 2 weeks. I had returned her call to give her my folks' contact info. It was actually the first time I'd ever spoken with her but she knew who I was because my folks had explained why they were coming to visit. It was weird but pleasant to have her launch into telling me to make sure I give the baby my nipple ASAP and don't let anyone give a bottle. That nipple is best. Heh.
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