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Someone has to be the first poster, right?

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I just got my BFP today! If this little one sticks (please God!) I will be due 4-2-05! This is my 3rd child - and I am sooooo excited to be pg again!

Looking forward to meeting some other April Mamas-to-be soon! I know that I am really early!
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Congratulations! I got a positive test a few days ago, but edd is March 26. I was over 10 days late with ds though, so I better play it safe and join you here. I just posted an introduction in the March due date club about myself. It's a pretty crazy story, but long story short, I started divorce mediation with stbxh on the day my period was due and didn't come. I'm planning to leave the state and start over, so it should be an interesting 9 months for me.

Hope we get to know each other better in the beautiful months of pregnancy!
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I'm the opposite! I went early with #2 - so I expecting a March baby! LOL

You really do have an interesting 9 months ahead of you. I hope everything works out okay. Are you leaving the state to go to some family or friends? Hope you have lots of loving support out there!

It's after midnight - and I am soooo tired. Time for bed - got to keep telling myself I need to rest up now! I know that pregnancy fatigue will set in soon!

And what timing - my sister's wedding is the 30th - it's going to be a long weekend! I just hope I don't wind up with morning sickness!

Oh - and my little guy is intact too!
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Yes, I do have family there and they are being very supportive.

I am extremely exhausted as well. I want to fall asleep everywhere except my bed at night! It's not a great time to be going through this divorce, but better now than 9 months from now.

Feeling nauseous too. Didn't really get that with ds. I'm nursing too, so I'll be seeing how that develops. I hear from people that mama can get really tired (and have sore nipples) of nursing.
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Hello Ladies!!!

I'll join you Just got my BFP today. I'm so excited. DH and I tried for all of three BD sessions :LOL I've got 2 DDs and this will be my second pregnancy I'll be nursing through

Laureen, hugs to you, I'm glad you'll have some postive support coming your way
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Oh my gosh! Are we in April due dates already?!
I saw this post from the main board, and just thought I'd pop in to congratulate you! Best of luck for a healthy and safe pregnancy and delivery!!
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Thanks Rach. That was sweet. I know about April. Can you believe it? But it gives us all this time to really appreciate the pregnancy.

Bellee, congratulations! I will be nursing through with my ds, whose two. He just loves, loves, loves to nurse, especially now with all the tension in the air. I'll be sad when I dry up though, so I don't look forward to that. But I'll be happy if he just wants to suck, which I think he enjoys in and of itself. I'll probably be asking for advice about that as we go along. Moms tell me it's pretty hard - that it hurts a lot.
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Congratulation ladies!

Very happy to say that I will be joining you! Got a BFP on Saturday, 7/23, so my EDD will be April 5!
This is the first month that my DH and I began TTC #1 and we're very lucky to have been blessed right away!

Am very excited about the upcoming 9 months - hope that we're all able to get to know each other better throughout our pregnancies!!!
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goepark, nursing through PG can be rough on some. Personally I don't remember it being a big deal at all. My oldest nursed all the way though and continued till babe was 3 months old and I put the kabosh on it. I'm not sure if I'll wean dd2 this time or not. I do remmeber that tandum nursing was not really that great (for me) and I cut off dd1 cold turkey at 24 months She still, to this day, cuddles my breasts. I'm hoping dd2 will naturally wean during this PG.

Congrats steelcitysistah!!! How do you fiqure out your duedate anyway??

I tested again today (mainly cuz I had an extra test) and the line was still so faint. But a line is a line is a line......right? I've already told my kids and ILs <ducking>
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Thanks, bellee!

I used some due date calculators online to figure out my EDD. You just enter the date of your last period, your normal cycle length and - on some - the length of you luteal phase. I had no idea about the luteal phase - but the ones that do ask that question have a default number if you're not sure.
If you get a chance to check one out, let us know what your estimated date will be!

And - I notice that you're a wahm! Do you have a website or anything? I dream of being a wahm, but sometimes it seems like it would be so hard to do. I mean - to leave my job which provides our health insurance, etc, and to find the funds and such to get going with something at home.... Can you tell me how you got started? And would you have any words of advice for an aspiring wahm?

Many blessings!
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Oh, my WAHMness doesn't supplement our income really. It's just a hobby and I use the money for more supplies or a nice night out with DH or McDonald's for the kids :LOL

My site is:http://www.wonderfulwares.com I worked up untill my oldest was 9mo. That's how I got more into Natural Family Living. We started using cloth dipes, made our own houshold cleaners, started cooking from scratch etc...it really really saved us enough money for me not to work. We even bought a home just on DH's salery!!! I'd be happy to share more money saving tips with you and I think there's a "frugle living" board here at MDC somewhere. Let me know if you can't find it. MDC can get quite hard to navigate with all the boards sometimes :LOL

I'll check my due date and get back to you
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It said my EDD would be 3/28 but I've always gone late so I'll just stay here, is that ok with everyone??
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Hi everybody. I just found out yesterday that I am due 4/1. I went early with ds#1, so who knows if I'll have an April Fools Day baby. I look forward to getting to know you all!

OT: Does anybody know how to edit my sig? Or could you tell me how to do it. I can't figure it out. Thanks!
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Just go to your user CP (almost at top in the left corner) and then click on "edit signature" in the left cloumn

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I just got a faint positive (but definitely pink and came up in the right time!) this afternoon so I guess I am joining this group! I should be due 4/4/05 according to my O date. I am praying this is a very sticky healthy baby!!! I am completely in shock! I don't have any real 'pregnancy symptoms' but it has felt like razor blades on my nipples when dd is nursing, and I have had cramps on and off instead of my normal constant AF cramps. SO happy to be joining you all! YAY!
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congrats rebecca!
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Boy - I didn't stop by for a day - and all these new BFPs!!!! yay! Our little April Club is growing quickly!

Congrats to all the new testers!
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I'm joining you! I just tested positive yesterday. I'm so incredibly thrilled to be here -- I want to tell EVERYBODY!!!!!! I'm 30 years old, and this is my first baby. DH & I were so blessed to get lucky on our first try. (Though he might not share the same view about being "lucky." He probably wanted a few more months of trying. Heeheehee!)

My due date is April 2, although my OB's office says sometime in late March, but those lame pregnancy wheels don't account for the fact that my cycles are normally 31 days, not 28. My mom went 2 weeks late with both me and my sister, so I'm fairly certain this will be an April baby.

Looking forward to spending the next 9 months with you, and best wishes for happy, healthy, sticky pregnancies to you all!
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Congratulations to all the new BFPs!!!
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Congratulations to everyone! I, too, am expecting in April...#3! Woo hoo! I'm only 4 weeks, but I'm showing already!!!! oh boy!!!!
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