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Genevieve Danielle Gagnon. Born today at 11:49 am after an intense FAST labor and deliver... 30 minutes total from first hard contraction to delivery. OUCH!

I'm not really together enough to write her birth story as I'm still a little in shock but needless to say I am so happy to have her here, she's so damn tiny compared to what Hannah was. I'm SHOCKED she is smaller especially since she was 5 days late! I will post a bunch of pics later however it happened so bloody fast and it was so damn chaotic that we didn't videotape or get any pictures of the actual birth. Damn! LOL

8 lbs 13 oz.
20.5 inches

Anyhoo here's my little beauty 6.5 hours old Genevieve Danielle Gagnon:
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CONGRATS!! She is very adorable. I just love how peaceful newborns look. How amazing life is! Blessings!

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I am impressed that you are posting with pictures the day she was born.

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Oh my goodness - I think that means you are the title holder for fastest labour! Can't wait to hear more.

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Holy cow, 30 minutes?!?!? That is amazing!!!

And she is just beautiful. Congratulations!!!
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That is AMAZING!!!! COngratulations!
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Congrats mama! She's beautiful! (But you already knew that )
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Congrats, Erika! I love her name! (really wanted a French name for our babe but it never seemed to work)

Those fast births are shocking, aren't they? Hope you are feeling well!!!
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Congrats, Erika!

(And may I just say that an 8lb 13 oz baby does NOT seem small to me!)
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Whoo hoo! Babies, babies and more babies!!

Congratulations Erica, and welcome to Genevieve (she is adorable!!!). Sounds like your labor was fast and furious, but I'm glad all is well!

EDD 7/29/05
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How beautiful! I LOVE her name as well!!!!
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Awww ... what a sweet little face! And what a gorgeous name for a gorgeous little girl!

Oh, and a great bit WOW for the 30-minute labor and delivery -- you're a champ, mama!
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Congratulations! : What a beautiful baby you have.

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Wow that was fast! Congrats!
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Congratulations -- she is just beautiful! You did an awesome job!
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OMG - 30 minutes - that must practically be a record - congratulations!
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