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do our spirits/souls communicate with each other while we're sleeping?

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Okay, I know this will sound weird but I wonder if this ever happened to anyone else. We started out sleeping with our baby and he slept with us until he turned 2 years old and still nursed all night. Well, anytime he would fall asleep and then I would fall asleep, I would ALWAYS wake up in a certain way. Here's how it always went, no exceptions. I would be sleeping and it's like something would tell me I need to wake up and then I would get this really big feeling of anticipation, almost like butterflies in my stomach and then I would feel myself falling really really fast back into my body, so fast sometimes I can remember being dizzy while it's happening and even for a while after I wake up, kind of like I've been flying through the air. A very physical feeling. And then within 30 seconds of waking up, my baby would wake up. Without exception, this is how it has happened for two years, even when he would nap in a separate room and if I fell asleep during his nap, I would wake up in this exact way and know that my baby would be awake very soon, and he always was. It's almost like somehow we were connceted in our sleep, does that make sense? Like he was letting me know it was time to wake up so that I would be ready for him when he woke up. It's like our spirits were linked and communicating while sleeping and we coincided our waking up like this because we were so linked? Does that sound weird? I tried to explain it to dh, but he just thought I was crazy. Has this happned to anyone?

Well, when he turned 2, he was still waking up 7 to 8 times a night to nurse and I was so exhausted that we decided to slowly night wean him and start him out in his own bed in his own room. Now I am sleeping better, finally, but slowly I lost the way I woke up with him before and now I no longer wake up that way. I haven't had that experience in weeks and I miss it, almost like we've broken some kind of connection now that we're not sleeping together anymore.

I'm not even sure if this is the right place for this, but I'm just curious to know if anyone else has anything like this. Thanks!

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Yes, it makes perfect sense to me, what you are describing!

Astral projection is what it's called.

We do it all the time in our sleep, though our concious mind does not usually remember it.

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I can so relate to this. When ds was a newborn, he would sleep with dh in another room so I could rest. I would wake with a start and start leaking milk. Within 10 seconds, I would hear him wake and dh would bring him to me.
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Yes! I know what you mean! I don't co-sleep with anyone (single with no babes ) so I don't know about that aspect but one of my best friends is Muslim and she says that her religion believes that when you sleep/dream, you go to be with God. Well I can't tell you how many times that I have awoken suddenly with a jolt or jerk. Like my soul re-entered my body a little too quickly. And I can't tell you how many times I have awaken feeling that same sense of dizziness like I have been flying.

It's amazing, isn't it?

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Originally posted by madison
Astral projection is what it's called.
Another name for it when it specifically relates to dreaming is called "dreamscaping". That's how I FIRST met my husband. (long story)

An interesting read for me that you might like was a book called "Creative Dreaming" written some time ago, (70's?) I picked it up at a used book store. Sorry, don't remember the author's name, but it was a woman.
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wow. this is so cool. It's neat that this has happened to other people too. I didn't even know it had a name. I can totally relate to the feeling of waking with a jolt. It sounds like I have more reading to do. Gendenwitha~ sounds like an interesting book. Maybe the library has a copy. I'll try to check. Thanks for your replies!
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ooh fun!

i remember when i first learned about astral projection/lucid dreaming (several years ago), it happened to me a few times, simply because i was aware of it.. in one of them, i was flying around hanging out with my cats.. and when i woke up, they were right where i dreamed they were doing what they were doing in my dream..

i can also relate to the shared dreamstate thing with my son who cosleeps, tho your experience is far more interesting! i often wake up seconds before him, and we often seem to be dreaming the same thing..

true story my mom told me about a friend of hers: her friend often dreamed she visited this certain castle, and was always annoyed to find that everything in it had been rearranged.. so she'd walk around moving things back around where they belonged. she had this dream often. so one day she and her husband went on a trip (this is real life) somewhere.. germany or someplace (??) and visit a castle for a tour. when they got there, all of the staff are totally freaked out and tell her "you look just like the ghost that haunts this castle and is always rearranging everything!!"

hey, here's a way my friend taught me to help you lucid dream: throughout the day whenever you think of it (as often as possible), pinch yourself and ask yourself "am i dreaming?" then, when you are asleep, you will be used to asking yourself. and once you realize you are dreaming, you can do anything you want!
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I used to visit DH in my sleep before we were married. And he'd wake and see me sometimes.

When I am asleep and he comes home late.. I see him come in even though I am asleep.

I have always "projected" in my sleep.
And I generally wake to nurse DS moments before he knows he wants to nurse!
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Here is a prophetic dream a young friend I used to have told me.

A few yrs earlier, she dreamt about a small plane crash. A Piper Cub. She knew the date it would happen, a couple of months in the future. She saw it crash into a house in a development. She knew the address, it was supposed to be in her parent's town, but she wasn't familiar with the name of the street. She knew the pilot and the passenger were killed, as were 2 little boys in the house. She woke up and was so freaked, she had to call a friend to come over and be with her. This was not the first psychic exp she had had, but the strongest.

When she talked to her parents, they were familiar with the street name. It was a new development.

The night before the crash was expected ( no one believed her) she was visiting her parents. She drank herself to sleep. The next morning, she went downstairs and the local paper was on the kitchen table: Piper Cub crashes into house. Her Dad, a volunteer fireman, was at the site. He came home just then to eat, and told her it had happened just as she said, but only 3 bodies were found, the kids and the pilot. She closed her eyes and had a flash: look in the backyard behind the pool. He went back and sure enough--the passenger was there, dead. He had not been registered before the flight, so no one was looking for him! She was so depressed no one believed her and there was nothing she could have done. this "gift" was not one she particularly enjoyed! I hope she was able to put it to better use as she got older.

Talk about astral projection. I am equally wowed at the story about the "ghost" visiting the castle! and how they just "happened" to pick that one to visit on their trip! Sounds like she had lived there once, and then died and was reincarnated, and visited it again, maybe between incarnations as well as after re-incorporating.
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interesting stories. i had a dream that a spirit was after me. he had his hand on my head. i immediately woke up to find my husband's hand on my head. when i asked him what he was doing, he said in his sleep 'i'm just messing with you.' weird.
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I am so boring, I never project in my sleep. I do lucid dream from time to time though, where I can control the outcome of my dreams. That is beautiful though Lynn that you had that experience.
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