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:LOL Angie you paint a pretty peaceful picture. I wish it really happened that way
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OT, but Alton Brown is my favortie too! Great siggy Jenniebug.
Anyway, back on topic...my son's stash is almost entirely made by me. Aside from prefolds, microfiber towels and 3 fitteds made by a friend.
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Can I play too? I've sewn 90% of z's stash, but since I'm not a sewing WAHM there's no question of selling any! :LOL I have fairied or traded some though, so that's cool. I think if I was a diaper sewing WAHM I'd end up selling the cute ones too.
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My dd only used to get 2nds and testers, but I got fed up using diapers that were not quite up to par. Now I make diapers especially for her. She is worth it, and I love making them for her, and they are extra special .
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Angie I'm the same, if it's that cute it gets sold! He does have quite a few momma mades though. I don't have time to sew "extras" these days, and seconds usually get sold or donated. It's fun to have other WAHM diapers in my stash too though, a little variety is a good thing!
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Other that CPF's my ds's only wear mama made dipes. I love knowing that I am self sufficient in that way. Now that I will be selling them, I'm sure they'll only get the mess-ups.
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Originally Posted by Jenniebug
Now, yes. the nb stash no b/c I was still developing my pattern. Right now DD has 10 diapers made by me and very few of anyone else's. I other wahm's diapers but right now DD is such a weird fit that its just easier to custom make the perfect fitting diaper. Like this one
Now how can that possibly be a "weird fit". It is so cute and perfect!
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I've made most of Charlotte's stash. At the moment, the only purchased diaper that fits her is a size 0 Kissaluvs that a friend gave me. I do have 1 Fuzzinbunz in each size. Oh, that doesn't count the prefolds.

Other than that, all Charlie's diapers are made by myself. We were planning on doing cloth for my two year old daughter as well, so she's got an entire stash, but refuses to wear them. (I haven't had the energy or time to dedicate to convincing her yet either) So we really have a good stash from NB to toddler size. I just need to finish some mediums when we get to that point, and of course, I'm making a few here and there when I see a cute fabric I just can't resist!

I haven't gotten to the point of selling any diapers yet, though I think it would be a fun way to make some extra money. I just don't know if I could part with the diapers after investing coveted time in them, ya know! Plus, there's just something so satisfying about seeing that little tush wrapped in something you made yourself!

I would LOVE to buy some hyena diapers just for fun, but DH just won't go for it. "Why buy them when you could just make them?" He has a point. :P
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Originally Posted by Izzybee
My dd only used to get 2nds and testers, but I got fed up using diapers that were not quite up to par. Now I make diapers especially for her. She is worth it, and I love making them for her, and they are extra special .
I am so glad someone finally said that! I heard one time that you should have nothing in your house that you don't love or is not useful. I think these are kind of related.

Of course, that does not reflect my house (we have passed down furniture from every decade in each and every room, and too much other stuff...). And I suppose if I sold diapers, I would also keep the seconds for our use b/c I would not have enough time to keep my reputation clean with perfect dipes AND sew perfect dipes for my own child.
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Originally Posted by our3boys
Now how can that possibly be a "weird fit". It is so cute and perfect!
Thanks! I made that for her I had never done a turned front snapping diaper before so I am very proud of it :LOL
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My dd's stash is 90% made by me. I have collected a few wahm made diapers, since I make covers, just to make sure they fit well under them. It's a great excuse to buy diapers :LOL

I ended up selling quite a few, just because I like mine better Hey, that's the idea, right? Making something that we love. Of course, my pattern was developed from her bum, so they should fit her better than anything else

Not that I wouldn't love to get my hands on a fussybutt!
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Originally Posted by Boobiemama
Well, I am imaging this winter when things slow down for me, I will sew for the new baby. I have images of tiny diapers all stacked up, accompanied by cute little gowns. I will sew as the woodstove goes and the snow softly falls... ahhhh. Ya right, like its gonna be like that!!! LOL
This sounds like one of my fantasies! Ahhhh.... I like it.

Right now my house looks like a birdseye/PUL explosion. My husband said the dog had white thread in her poop last week. : Since this is my first baby, though, I have no idea if I am making the right things! I planned to make 2 dozen small dipes from the Very Baby pattern - mostly AIOs, with a few fitteds thrown in. I thought I'd buy some prefolds and covers in the newborn size to use until the smalls I made fit her. Now that I've turned my house into a diaper factory, though, and I'm sort of enjoying it, I thought I might make some newborn size, too. I've also made her about 40 wipes. Watch me do all this and none of what I've made fits her/works for her. Ugh, hoping for the best! So I guess I hope that most of my stash will be homemade, but since I really have no idea what I'm doing, it's too soon to tell.
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Originally Posted by amberb

I ended up selling quite a few, just because I like mine better
LOL I did that too. I had other diapers, and sold them all off, except for the few I have left.

I want to make some cute ones for my son, but there is no time now. Maybe when things slow down... :LOL

Even though jacks are all seconds, they still work great! I was just thinking today as he was running around,"wow, thats a great fit on him!"

Oh wait! I totally forgot! I did make jack a wool cover a couple weeks ago, and last night I made him a pair of fleece shorts!

Oh, and I didnt mean to leave the soaker makers out. I really meant, anyone who makes something that goes on a baby butt.
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I made the majority of dd's stash, but definitely not all of it. I really enjoy shopping from WAHMs and getting all that great fluff in the mail. Oh, and like some others mentioned I do end up selling a lot of what I try though because the stuff I make tends to fit my hard to fit DD better. I can't imagine not having at least a few WAHM dipes in our stash. They are just so darn cute!
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most of what Ive made for my DD has fallen apart or she has outgown :LOL .. I also wasted tons of $$ on fabrics made diapers w/ my own patterns and they never fit : So lately Ive been trying to make some fitteds out of OV. Ive made a few that I like and Ive also just recently fallen in love w/ prefitteds so I buy the pfs and make them into prefitteds. Id say only about 20% of my DDs stash is Mommy made. But it is fun to make them!
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Don't worry if you can't make the whole stash and you have to buy some Cding things!!!

Even if you only have time to make a few aio's or fancy fitteds or something that's totally fine!

In fact most moms who sew thier own dipes or who buy patterns, only sew a few here and there to add cuteness to their stash. Plenty of moms buy a ton of fabric, sewing machine, serger snap press, you name it! And never even get off the ground really until baby is over a year old! LOL!

Don't dispair, just buy what you need, at least you'll still be using Cloth for your baby, be saving TONS over disposables which is what you'd be buying if you didn't know about CD's and be helping out wahms in the process!!!

It took me yrs to get good at what I do, and yeah I can whip up 18 diapers in a couple of days, but that didn't come right away!! LOL!

start slow, make sure you get a good pattern, and sew a few to get yourself comfortable with it out of old t-shirts or flannel sheets or something, so you don't feel like you're cutting into your preciously expensive one-of-a kind fabric. That will make the 'testing" phase go quicker and less painless.

When you mess up, go back and take out your stitches, even though that will be very hard to do, we all do it from time to time, even ME!! LOL!

Then when youre' ready to start order enought fabric and notions for 6-12 diapers TOPS! That way you won't be sewing tons of dipes with a fabric you end up hating or a pattern that is too bulky or whatever.

Sew assembly line style:
Cut out all 6 dipes at once, mark all 6 at once
Sew in all velcro
Sew in all soakers
Sew in all elastic, serge or zigzag or T&T at once
Finish all

it will seem like really slow going until you get to that last step, then watch DH's eyes pop out as you pump out 6 completed diapers before his eyes(of course he may have missed all the times you were sitting at the machine, lol)

cotton sherpa FITTED dipes with all sherpa or maybe a knit print outer are THE easiest diapers to start with! They will fit great, the fabric is a bit stretchy, but has forgivness to it, it's absorbent , and you only need 2 body layers, (don't do gussets, they are a huge waste of time!) and a 2 layer internal or external soaker!
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I've made all of dd's current stash of diapers, AIOs and covers. Also doublers, inserts, wipes, wet bags, totes, you name it, I've made it. I didn't start with newborn size, as we used the diaper service for a couple months, but since then it's all mama made. I have bought WAHM and name brand diapers over the past 2 years, but always end up selling them as I like mine better.

Now that dd is potty learning, I'm having to start a WAHM cd business because I just can't stop sewing for her!

I also WOHM 3 days a week, but sewing is my relaxing hobby (been doing it for 30 years now) so I spend at least 2 hours every day playing with fabric and patterns.
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I made all of the fitteds

but i really want to try other WAHM cute stuff. DH is giving me grief about it though. I can sew, knit, crochet, and spin. His reasoning, why pay someone else when I can do it. But I would like to try something else for a change.
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