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So we used fertlity awareness to TTA for about 7-8 yrs b/f TTC for one cycle and succeeding. DS is a avid nurser, and I had no signs of fertility at all until he was 15.5 mo (in early June). I had about 4 days of really sore breasts, thick mucous, etc. and exactly 14 days later started my first period (so the sore breasts etc. were definitly ovulation.)

I knew my body really well b/f getting pg and had really regular cycles, so I really didn't bother charting after the first year or so. But I figured things could have changed or just be affected by nursing, so I wanted some objective data about ovulation now. The fact that I am up now at 5 am when I "usually" am not up til 8 or 9 should tell you something about the usefulness of taking basal temperatures! (FYI, you're supposed to take bt after a minimum # of hours of uninterupped sleep - not likely for me cosleeping w/a calm/teething/restless/etc. toddler)

So I bought a saliva microscope at my friendly local drug store. I don't think they had these 10 years ago, but it's a nifty little device that lets you observe your saliva and how it changes along with your cervical mucous during your menstrual cycle. You're supposed to see a dot-type pattern during non-fertile times, a semi-ferning, semi-dot pattern pre & post ovulation, and a clear ferning at ovulation. I used it from about day 10 to about day 20 of my cycle and saw . . . dots! Okay, I thought, either I'm not using it right or I didn't ovulate & we'll see what happens.

What happened was I got my period on Day 30, which was my average pre-pregnancy. Okay, I thought, I guess I missed the ovulation somehow or I'm just SO regular I'm going to have regular periods even if I don't ovulate. But I thought I'd try the microscope thing one more cycle at least, so I've been spitting on it.

Yesterday was Day 4 and guess what I saw? Definite ferning!

I'm so confused. I never in my life ovulated before day 14 of a cycle as far as I know. Could I really ovulate on Day 4 to about Day 8? Is this not really a period or something (I have had NO cramps, which is not normal, but everything else seems very average)?

Anybody have any ideas? Thanks!