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I think I've started to feel the baby!

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On wednesday I was out to lunch and had a huge glass of lemonade and while we were sitting there I felt a sensation. I can't even say that it was fluttering but more a feeling that something was there. Then yesterday a felt a few flutters throughout the day and I'm pretty sure its the baby! I know its early but I also felt ds early, not quite this early but by 14-15 weeks I was fully feeling him kick. I can't wait until they get stronger so I know for sure!

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Oh, I can't wait!! All the books say that you can't possibly feel the baby moving at 11 or 12 weeks but I know of too many women who are sure they did, so I believe it's entirely possible. I've never felt mine that early - with my first at 15 weeks I felt a very distinct "flop" as if I was feeling the baby do a flip. I didn't feel her again for about 3 more weeks, but at that point I started feeling it regularly and I am positive that what I felt at 15 weeks was the baby. The second baby I felt later and throughout that pg his movements were muffled because my placenta was in front - it took some of the fun away, really. My favorite thing is to sit and watch the baby's acrobatics make my belly move.
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I also read the other day that you can't possibly feel them move this early, but I'm positive I did, the first time at 11 weeks, and the second time about 5 days later. I'm not sure if it's the position of the baby and my uterus or what, but I definitely felt it. I am very sensitive to internal sensations in general - like I can feel ovulation and that sort of thing.

The hard part once you've felt them move is the anticipation of when it'll happen again -- sometimes it can be a long time in between feeling them!!

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I think the fetus doesn't actually have spontaneous movement until 9-10 weeks, but after that, I'm quite sure you could feel it if the anatomy is right. Sometimes the baby is implanted back really far towards the back, but otherwise, I'm sure you can feel it this early! I first felt DS at 13 weeks, and that was my first pregnancy. I haven't felt anything yet but I'm only 10.5 weeks.
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I'm 12.5 weeks and this past week I've "felt" the baby. I don't feel distinct movement, but it's more like an awareness of something happening in my stomach. Most often, I get a dropping feeling in my stomach like you get on a roller coaster going down or on some elevators when they stop. I'm pretty sure it's the baby because I remember feeling this a lot with my dd, especially as she got bigger. I can't wait for the distinct pokes and kicks!
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Ok ladies.... Last night I was drifting off to sleep and I was startled awake by a feeling in my belly, right where the baby should be. I waited a while to see if it was a gas bubble working it's way through, but I didn't feel anything like it again. This afternoon I was sitting in bed reading - leaning back on pillows with my knees up and my new Harry Potter book sitting right on my belly...and I swear I felt a little thump! I'm 12 weeks today and I've never been aware of feeling my other babies this early, but it really felt like the baby and not like all the other rumblings that go on in there!! I'm thinking it was because I was in such a position (sort of folded in half with pressure on my belly from the book, and last night I was on my side with my knees drawn forward, again folded in half). I can't know for sure it was the baby, but I think it's a definite possibility and it's VERY cool!
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Congrats! That is such an amazing feeling. I felt Dd #1 at 16 weeks and DD #2 at 13 weeks. I have felt some bubly feelings the past few days but unsure if it's little bean or not. Only 11 weeks here.
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I'm definately feeling the baby move too!!! I'm 12.5 weeks and been feeling it for a little while now. There's nothing like it!
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I think I've been feeling ours too - it's every night around the same time, in the same area. At first I thought it was gas, but it's a little too regular in timing and location for that. Pretty cool!
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I've felt the flutter too. It's pretty early but my midwife said with second pregnancies it's common to feel it earlier, partly because this time you know what you're feeling!
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I am pregnant with my third child. I felt my other two move at about 15 weeks. This time I felt the baby move at twelve weeks. I also started showing at twelve weeks too. I thought I was going crazy. But then I had my doc appt. at 13 weeks 6 days and she said it was normal for the baby to be moving and me showing especially since this is my third. Now Im 14weeks and 3 days, and I feel the baby move every once in a while, not as much as the first time. I figure I should start feeling the real kicks and punches around my 4th month. Good luck to everyone with their pregnancy.
God Bless All,
Mommy of two
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