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Chlomiphine question

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Hi- it has been a while since I have been on these boards, so I will try to summarize a long history. Two years ago, my son was born (we got pregnant on first try) 6 weeks early for reasons unknown (I also ended up having retained placenta, but that is somewhat irrelevant). 10 months later, we got pregnant without trying (I was breastfeeding). At 13 weeks and after ALOT of spotting, we had a miscarriage and I was found to have a septum (probably why son was early). We went for a SHG and it was determined that the septum was small, and that we should "just try again." So we did, and had another miscarriage. (early). I had the septum removed and we got pregnant again once cleared. We miscarried again (early). I have had a ton of bloodwork, and dh has had chromosomes tested. I have also had sonohystograms (x2) and a hystosalpinogram (Sorry for the spelling). All tests except progesterone are normal. As of today, the MD (we were going to an MD, and then a midwife, and now we are with an OB/GYN who specializes in high risk pregnancy)feels that my progesterone levels are borderline to normal and wants to start me on Chlomiphine. Will this help progesterone levels? I have no problems ovulating. I am considering looking into a wild pam progesterone cream-- does anyone know about that? One more miscarriage could break me, but I am also really anxious to have another baby (Or babies:-) Any wisdom would be GREAT. Thank you.
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Hi There - Yes, Clomid can be used to increase progesterone during your luteal phase, and is often used to lengthen the luteal phase if it's too short. It actually works my making your eggs "better", whatever that means, and so when you O the corpus luteum left behind also secretes progesterone "better". Wish I had the gory details behind how that works, but I'm clueless to the mechanism. Hope that helps. And good luck to you!

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Were your hormones checked at a certain point in your cycle? That makes a huge difference in the readings. If you are uncomfortable with your doc's advice, go find another opinion! Go see a reproductive endocrinologist to help you get pregnant, then your perinatologist or OB after you get pregnant.
Wild Yam does not contain progesterone, but rather diosgenin, which in the laboratory (but supposedly not in the human body) can be converted into "natural" progesterone.
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Thank you for the info! Last month, I took my temp each morning, plus had a progesterone test done 6 days post O. My number was "15." My doctor then used the blood work in tandem with the temp chart. I am just hoping that, if my progesterone levels are on the low end, the Chlomiphine will help to keep the numbers elevated into the first trimester. We are working on a list of questions that we are going to give to the doc. Send me energy please! (and any other wisom that you have to offer!)
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