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Lowering cholesterol

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Jeff was just diagnosed with very high cholesterol. They immediately wanted to put him on the drug to lower it. I want to try diet adjustments first.
I did a lot of reading yesterday, and have pretty much everything on the good list in the house..now the trick is to make him eat right when he is not at home,lol.
I had an unopened bottle of Udo's Blend oil, which was on a lot of the lists as being a good supplement for lowering the numbers. He read the back of the bottle, though, and he freaked, because the fat grams in one dose of the oil is somewhere around 15 grams. I tried explaining to him that it is the *good* fat, that the flax oil and evening primrose oils, as well as the oat bran and rice bran oils are all proven to lower the cholesterol. He grudgingly took a dose, but I want to know if anyone else takes this or knows someone that has, that actually saw their numbers go down and can contribute it in part to this.
And if anyone has a good diet or link for me to take a look at, that would be great as well. Thanks.
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My husband, along with his entire family, has extremely high cholesterol levels. I have not read this book, but keep meaning to: The Cholesterol Myth. I have read studies that show little relation to high cholesterol (by itself) and heart disease. IMVHO, exercise is the BEST way to keep cholesterol in check & to stay fit in general.

Here is a link I found helpful for diet and supplements: http://www.ppsrx.com/ppsrx/hn/Concer...holesterol.htm

Good luck to you. HTH!
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He can also try lowering the amount in his diet by eating less animal products. Plant products contain no cholesterol.

And yes, he should be eating the "good" oils, which are very healthy for him.
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Fish or cod liver oil supplements are key.

Completely and religiously avoid hydrogenated fat... all commercial fried foods, junk food, bakery products, crackers, cookies, etc. This vegetable fat is the kind that builds up in arteries b/c the body cannot break it down... we cannot break the double hydrogen bond. Think of it this way: hydrogenated vegetable oil is treated with chemicals to stay solid at room temperature, and in your body! There was a 1991 study published in The Lancet showing that these vegetable oils are what comprises most of the plaque on arteries.

Dietary cholesterol from eggs and other animal products are not harmful b/c the body uses them. The mainstream nutritional advice to limit these foods in order to take care of high cholesterol are wrong (no surprise there).

Ton of info here:
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At the risk of being flamed , I am going to suggest that you look into the South Beach Diet book, by Dr. Agatson. This diet was ORIGINALLY created to lower cholesterol. DH had dropped 60 pts off of his cholesterol because of this diet. Read it, take the nutritional information/cholesterol off of it, and leave out the stuff that you don't believe in (aka: artificial sugars).

This book is what helped me learn how to like vegetables, fruits and whole grains. : I know its all commercialized now with the Kraft deal, but the author really put an emphasis on fresh, whole foods.
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The body also can make cholesterol from sugar, so if he has a sweet tooth he should limit sugar intake. Lecithin granuals can also help to lower cholesterol.
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I have to disagree about the animal cholesterol. the WAP is very fond of putting forth all sorts of medical claims without many clear studies to back them up. They are also very anti-soy and anti-vegetarian/vegan and very pro-meat. So I've gotta take anything they have to say with a grain of salt.

Your body may use animal fats if it doesn't have a problem with cholesterol but if it has a problem dealing with added cholesterol, then it seems very prudent to stop eating it and see if your body will make the amount it needs all by itself (which is what it does if you don't eat animal products.)
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Tell Jeff this,in 2003 my cholestrol was 207 and my triglycerides were 258 and triglycerides are the really bad one,that is the actual fat in your blood stream,well I didn't want that,so besides already eating gluten free for my allergies,I started eating alot of virgin coconut oil and sunflower oil and olive oil,I would put them on salads and cook with them.Now I just got my blood work done again a few weeks ago,my cholestrol is down to 192 and it's normal now,my triglycerides are down to 145 that is the lowest they have ever been and all my other levels are normal too,also my sugar is normal now to where it used to be on the higher end.Plus exercising will help to maintain healthy cholestrol levels,the oils are high in fat yes,but it's essential fatty acids that your body needs,it is what they call the good fats,not the bad fats like lard and so on.
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I don't want to start a debate, but it seemed to me that Mary Enig, PhD's lipid research was very sound. Her work, Weston Price's work and numerous other studies from peer reviewed journals, and mainstream ones at that, are quoted in Nourishing Traditions and on the WAPF website. There are valid scientific reasons why they are anti soy for example.

But hey, I used to be a vegetarian, so I understand that point of view! (I just feel and test way healthier eating more fat and meat now personally).
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