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Birth Story for Simon - long

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We named him! Simon William Garda was born into his Daddy's hands at 4:20 pm on Thursday, July 21st. Here is his story:

I decided that Wednesday would be my last day of work and planned to rest on Thursday and then start shaking things up on Friday. Wednesday night I hooked up the breast pump and took blue cohosh, thinking it would just sort of alert my body to get moving. Went into immediate contractions that lasted about 30 s and were about 5 min apart! However, they trailed off when I stopped pumping and my MW said to just go to bed.

I continued to have the occasional contraction throughout the night, waking me up every couple of hours. By about 4:30 AM they started getting regular, so I woke up DH and we started timing. Spent the morning getting things ready: made the bed, put plastic on pillows, got out towels, arranged the furniture, sent DS1 to school, called friends for back up, etc. Contractions stayed about 20 min apart.

Given DS1's super-fast labor, we called MW at ~7 AM and she agreed to be there by 9:30/10 if we hadn't called her again. So she gets here, and I'm STILL 20 min apart. So, I went out to the garden and harvested a ton of veges until I was super hot and sweaty. Came in, took a quick shower, bounced on the birthing ball, took more blue cohosh and yada yada yada!

FINALLY, my contractions got closer and stronger and I started feeling like I wanted to push a little, so I did. But I couldn’t get into a good position and it was really, really hurting. So my MW checked me and said I wasn’t fully dilated and I needed to stop pushing. I thought that was going to be a huge challenge, but it turned out not to be so difficult. I guess my urge to push had been more mental than physical. The great thing, though, was that I was actually able to SLEEP in between contractions!

After a few more strong contractions, during which I think I opened up all the way, I hit a level of excruciating pain. With my first, the pain was all in the contractions. This one, though, was really painful in the vagina. I basically just shattered and totally lost all control. I really thought I couldn’t do it. My MW got her head right up against mine and held my arms and talked me through the contractions, getting me to focus all my energy into my pelvis and push.

My water broke in a huge gush and the baby crowned. The pain at that point was unbelievable. The MW checked and it turned out that the baby had his hand up by his head and the cord looped over his shoulder. She slipped the cord off, but I just had to push to get the little guy out! He crowned twice and then he POPPED. He slithered right out into his Daddy’s waiting hands. DH was in total awe and didn’t want to let go. Baby was finally put onto my chest and immediately opened his eyes and started looking around. DH joined me in the bed and we all snuggled together while we waited for the cord to stop pulsing and the placenta to be delivered.

We had a difficult time figuring out his name, until DS1 came home. We suggested two names to DS1, who immediately chose Simon William and so, DS2 was named by his big brother!

I am so very glad we birthed at home. I guess I mourn a little - having thought it would be a super fast, super easy birth, but I have absolutely no qualms about being at home. I would definitely do it this way again!
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Congrats! I love home birth stories!
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Melina, what a great birth story! It sounds like your MW was awesome and really able to support you! Congratulations!

EDD 7/29/05
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Well done - sounds fantastic - I'm so envious - welcome little Simon and congratulations to you all.
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Thanks everyone!

I realize that it could have been so much more traumatic. It's just that whole wasn't-what-I-expected thing and I am the kind of person who can't stand to not be in control. Being pg and giving birth is probably very good for my personal karmic enlightenment! :LOL
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oh, melina, that was just gorgeous!! And so sweet that S got to help name him!! We'll have to get together soon and meet all the new babes (oh, and each other, too, I guess, lol!!)

btw, which mw did you end up using?? I like keeping good ones in mind for referrals
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Thanks, Rube!

We gotta get the LAMamas up and running again, no? I'm off on Thursdays now (well, I'm off completely for the time being! :LOL ), so I can start doing Huntington and such.

As for my MW: Marcia McCulley out of Simi Valley. She runs the Whole Woman Clinic and is a CNM and NP. She's very no-nonsense, kinda business-like, as opposed to more of a crunchy/hippy style. I think her style really worked to calm my DH, who was nervous about a home birth at first.
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congrats! that is so awesome that DS#1 named your new little one!
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Congrats! :
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Congrats Melina! Your story reminded me a bit of my own. I too was, I don't know, just not expecting so much pain, and at first, that seemed to make it less of the birth experience I wanted, but later, I just realized, it was what it was. The pain was an okay thing. LOL Notice I realized that as TIME passed. Anyhow, you had an amazing birth experience and such a wonderful story. What a great name your son picked out!!!
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