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Wanting to try again

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But terrified to do so. I'm not until after the holidays as Morgan's due date is Christmas. I need to get through that first.

I'm trying to prepare for this. I've built my blood back up, regulated my thyroid. Now what else? I've suffered 2 miscarriages in 6 months, where I have 3 healthy babies with no problems in the years prior. Don't say age, as I'm not yet 30. Is there some testing I should be asking my Dr. to do prior to TTC? Idon't want to go through another loss. DH said if we try one more time, if we lose the baby again, that's it. no more. I want to have the "best" chance I can, I know there are no guarantees.

What should I be looking into? What kind of blood work? I have NO idea where to start, and no one here is giving me any answers. Can anyone indicate what kinds of questions I should be asking? What tests I should be asking for? Anything will help me get through this frustration.

After Morgan, the OB felt it was just one of those things and that my chances of miscarrying again, were slim. Then we had Reagan, a really early pregnancy loss, most wouldn't have known they were, but I'm sensitive to my body changes. My GP said that this isn't increasing chances as most early losses go undetected and continue as a normal period, nothing else. I have my doubts about all of this.
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first off ((HUGS)) to you. I would read the links I will provide below and see if immune issues are the reason for your losses. Very few obs know much about immune issues and they rarely do these tests unless you ask.

Here is some info that you might find useful.


Here is a list of the program they do, and the tests to evaluate if it is an immune issue or not. http://repro-med.net/intro.html

I wouldn't assume it is an ovulation issue. Most OBs tend to automatically assume it is without looking at other possible causes.

Good Luck
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This seems to be exclusive to women with several miscarriages and no live births or only one then several miscarriages. I've got 3 with my husband, live birth.
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