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Samantha is here!

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Hey all!

DD#2 Samantha was in a hurry to come out! I was due 7/27, and she came on 7/19/05, 8:24 pm, 13 minutes after showing up at the hospital. Weight: 7 lb 6 oz, Length: 20 in

Here's a synopsis of the exciting birth:

The day: Tuesday, 7/19/05

Morning: Have some contractions but don't think they'll amount to anything (although they feel different from cramping I've been having off and on), since I had 3 days prodromal labor with DD#1. Take DD#1 to school, go to lunch with friends.

Afternoon: Maybe the contractions are getting stronger and more frequent? But pessimist that I am, I don't bother timing the contractions. But I pack a hospital bag, do some laundry, find the infant car seat, etc.--just in case!

5:30 pm: DH returns from work. He and DD#1 go to the library and pick up some dinner.

7:15 pm: I'm reading Harry Potter. In the midst of a strongish contraction, I feel/hear a "pop" and then a gush! Hm, I think my water broke!
-Call OB, she says to go to the hospital because second babies can come fast. I'm like, DD#1 came realllyyy slowllly. So I wasn't in a rush.
-Call monitrice, she says she'd need a few hours to tie stuff up and meet us at the hospital. I say, No hurry, I'm not going to have the baby in the next hour am I?
-Hm, DH forgot his cell phone! Oh well.

7:30 pm: DH and DD#1 come home, bearing pizza. I don't feel like eating pizza. DH calls his mom, who says she'll come up right away to watch DD#1 while we go to the hospital.

7:50 pm: I think I REALLY need to go to the hospital now. Contractions are coming a lot faster and stronger. Where is DH's mom?!?! Oh, she shows up and DH and I rush out the door. I do some deep breathing in the car during the contractions, which are about two minutes apart. I can feel my cervix opening up--weird sensation.

8:11 pm: Stumble into hospital, barely making it to the labor and delivery floor. In the delivery room, they check me--I'm at 8 cm. I really need to push. I am pretty delirious--everything is happening really fast and is painful. The nurses are, "Do you need to push? Don't push!!!!" I'm like, WHATEVER -- I am pushing NOW! I hear DH ask why I can't push and a nurse says, well the doctor is not here yet. Hah!

8:24 pm: After many pushes (I don't think I was pushing very efficiently, since I was pretty incoherent and really inwardly focused and trying to ignore the nurses telling me to stop pushing and to lie on my back), Samantha comes out! And they did find an OB to catch her, barely.

Eventually my OB and my monitrice show up. Samantha is great, with APGARs of 8 and 9. I had a 2nd-degree tear.

Overall, the birth was what I wanted; I stayed home as long as possible and had no interventions. Although, it could have been a bit slower.

I keep thinking, what if MIL got stuck in traffic? What if DH and I got stuck in traffic? I was pretty close to having a baby on the freeway For the next baby (if there is one!), I'm staying at home!

Hope those with new babes are all having lovely babymoons, and good luck to those with infants in NICU and those soon to come!

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Cathy, sounds a LOT like my first labor. Congratulations and welcome to your new addition!!!
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Yay! Congrats!
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Happy birthday, Samantha! :
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Congratulations mama! Welcome Samantha!
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Congratulations Cathy and welcome to Samantha!!! Sounds like an exciting adventure, lol. Whew, we've had quite a few fast births on this board recently!

EDD 7/29/05
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Congratulations - welcome Samantha.
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Congratulations! I'm amazed at how they tell you to wait because the doctor isn't there. I mean..it's been done a kazillion times before!! I'm so glad it all worked out! Welcome Samantha! My stepdaughter is Samantha..lovely name

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Congrats! :
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Wow Cathy! What an amazing, action packed adventure! LOL And you thought Harry Potter was good!

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What an exciting story! Congratulations!
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great birth story!
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Wow, what a wild ride! Congratulation on your new baby girl!
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Congratulations! What a great birth story!
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