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what do you reach for when heading out the door?

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just thought it would be cool to see the faves... :
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It depends:

for a quick walk somewhere, a reversible peanut shell or hotsling
for a long walk or a long day of being out, a BabyHawk MT

These are my favorites right now. I am hoping to get a Gypsy Mama batik wrap and this might be my favorite soon.
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Where am I going?

For errands, shopping, in & out of the car, I usually grab a Hotsling.

For longer outings, walks, and so on, I've been grabbing my Freehand MT. I really want a non-stretchy wrap, especially when it gets less hot. (We have a Moby, but 1) ds is Heavy! and 2) it's hot!)
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hotslings really are practical for lots of in and outs huh? i always go for it myself when out and about. But when i get my brocade MT i might be too tempted to flaunt it everywhere it go! ha ha! My ellaroo is reserved for housework, because i don't like the straps getting all over the dirty ground when we're out. but who knows it might be one of the more comfy ones when ds gets heavier...i just hope i don't abandon my other carriers when i get my brocade MT...they would feel so lonely what other faves are out there?
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For quick errands in & out of the car, I usually grab the new native pouch or a ring-sling.

For longer outings, shopping, longer walks, and so on, I grab the baby bjorn or the kozy
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wise woman sling, compact, no fuss, cool color red
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It is funny, but I am finding that I grab my Didymos much more often when I am going to run an errand actually!!
That sounds weird because one would think that tieying a wrap would be very complicated, but it actually takes me shorter to do a WCC for my 4 month old than it takes me to: fold the pouch in half, put it on, get DS in and then adjust it to get it just right...
Either that or a MT
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I keep a Freehand MT and the Walking Rock Farm Hip Carrier in the car. I use the WRF for anything under 15 minutes and the Freehand for anything over 15 minutes.
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Polihaupt, Do you unfold your pouch everytime you take it off?
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I just take it off and throw it in my bag
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Short outside hot weather walk: SlingSet
Under the stroller at the mall or store in case she gets sick of walking or riding: Bebe Luv Stretch Sateen Hotsling
Long walk outside hot weather: Back carry Ella Roo
Long walk outside hot weather with tired baby: Kozy
Long walk outside cold weather: Moby

I have a lot of free mental time, lol.

ETA: Dh only uses the SlingSet... it's the perfect daddy-pouch
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A slways seem to grab my cotton Zolo for quick outings. My DH always uses a New Native pouch. I use my Kozy or my Storchenweige for long outings depending on the temp outside.
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Usually my FH or Sachi. Sometimes the Zolo RS, but not as much anymore.
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Oooh I always stand there forever trying to decide! *LOL* I drive everyone around me crazy.

If it's going to be a longer period of time, I usually grab my FreeHand mei tai.

For shorter trips, any one of my slings or pouches.
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My mehndi hotsling for short trips or around the house snuggles...my Kozy Mei Tai for long walks. When DS was little (0 - 10 mos) I used my stretch wrap almost exclusively...it was so comfortable.
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Right now it's my hotsling of PIP I can't wait until I'm a bit more comfortable using a mei tai w/ dd.
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Acoss the road to the park - Hotsling
Short trip to shops - Freehand Mei Tai
Out for the day - Toddler Patapum

DS is 34 lbs so carrying him for any length of time is kinds hard now
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Def. a pouch for out the door and a wrap for long outings.
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I almost always use my hotsling. It is compact enough to fit in my bag all of the time and quick and easy to get ds2 in and out.
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I keep a sling or two in my car at all time~

in the winter, its my Mom & Me PIP Hemp Adjustable Pouch

in the summer, its my Mendhi Hotsling and my chocolate silk oopa

fall and spring, well..........it just depends on the weather.


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