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They've Gone Nuts

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I don't really have a specific question or complaint. It's just that in the past few weeks I've noticed that my twins are insane.

They're nuclear powered wild tornado people, prone to outbursts that fade in an instant. One meal they're sitting politely, like little adults, picking up pieces with fingers and forks; the next one, they're flinging applesauce and yogurt over every surface.

Some days are great - they're funny, affectionate, curious, beautiful children who play with their books and toys.

Then other days they whine, fight, deliberately misbehave, terrorize the cats, refuse to listen and generally drive me bananas.

It gets better when????
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Sorry, no advice. Just

How old are they?
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Sorry, just noticed your sig. :
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It DOES get better! My girls are almost 2 1/2 and they're still like that (great one minute, wild things the next) BUT I tihnk it happens less (or maybe I'm just more used to it) & they have SO much more understanding of consequences & following instructions & such. So when they start throwing food around I can remind them "if you throw food we're all done eating" and if they still want to eat they'll settle down & eat (usually if they're doing that it means they're not hungry though so then I just take the food away after the warning). Last summer there was NO way I could take the girls out to the front yard to play unless I had someone else there to help me keep them out of the street, this summer at the beginning of the summer I told them they had to stay on the grass & "white part" (cement driveway) and stay off the "black part" (street). One time they were riding their riding toys & not paying attention & ended up dropping off the driveway into the street (cul de sac so actually a safe place to play once they're old enough to understand the difference between it & the main street but I'm not ready to risk that yet) I grabbed them both & took them straight in the house and now all I have to do is occasionally remind them that they're getting too close to the black part. So, it does get better as they understand more & more. Hang in there. 12-18 mo was by far the hardest phase I've hit so far (my friends w/ singletons keep warning me about the 3s but I'm hoping that since most of my singleton friends thought 12-18 mo was a "fun stage" it's just all different w/ twins & 3s at least won't be AS BAD as 12-18 mo was LOL. It's been getting progressively better (which isn't to say "easy" but "easier") since 18 mo.
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Welcome to toddlerhood.

Honestly, I don't think it's possible at that age to "deliberately misbehave". They just don't have the impulse control. My girls are 22 months old and one of them thinks it's really funny to inflict pain on others (her parents, her sister, the dog). She knows it's not ok, but she just can't help herself.

I agree that 12-18 months was the hardest so far. We've hit a smooth patch lately & things have gotten much easier. They understand everything and are able to do about 1/2 of what I ask them to do.

Good luck.
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As I write this, the poop is hitting the fan outside in the pool...

Definitely as Mamadawg said - impulse control - at least is one of Quinn's biggest issues. Lots of throwing things, but there is compassion after he throws, too lol

I have noticed it has a lot to do with our boys' sleep patterns and activities during the day.

Anyhoo, I feel ya!

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My advice enjoy it. I know harassing the cat is tough but it is simple in the whole picture of life and soon the problems won't be that simple. Hard as it is we have to enjoy each stage because soon it is over and then it is gone for good This comes from a mom of 8 year old twins that will one day soon be interested in BOYS
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