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Originally Posted by Adrienne
Slight hijack--what could we do for a 9 year old (my step-daughter)? She's not too interested in toys, and anything commemorating the baby is kind of gross to her since she's actually pretty jealous. Handling it well, but jealous.

If she is with us when we go into labor, her grandparents are going to pick her up and go to their house. If she is with her mom, she will stay put.

I am also uncomfortable buying her something impressive since I just feel like we are trying to buy our way out of her feeling left out. YKWIM?

Is there any way to get her involved? Give her a job like choosing a color for the nursery or picking out baby clothes or choosing a baby chair. Something that makes her feel involved and useful.
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My oldest will only be about 18 mo old when this baby arrives. I'm not even sure if he will understand what is going on. However, I've been gathering, "gifts" to give him when the baby arrives. I figure having some new toys for him, might keep him busy. I got him several wooden puzzles, a wooden train set, and a few other age appropriate toys. He's starting to get sick of his, "baby" toys anyway and more into toddler stuff, so I guess it's good timing and a good excuse to get him some new stuff.
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Lindsey was 16.5 months when Josh was born and understood WAY more than most people gave her credit for... at that age, she got a new dolly, doll stroller and sling at the hospital.. and she wouldn't let anyone take him from the room unless she went along, pushing her dolly in the stroller. He got a carebear for her, and she gave him... hrm. I can't remember. I think a rattle.. and it was her job to shake it for him until he was old enough to do it for himself. :LOL
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She is getting a HABA tin game, Leap Frogs and some bath stickers.

She picked out a small wood and cloth rattle for the baby.
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