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Gate suggestions for 60" wide space?

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Our upstairs hallway is 60" wide and we really need to get a gate up there asap (we've been using a patch job with an old gate and a piece of furniture...worked for a while but now we need something more secure).

Any suggestions of what you like or what to avoid???

It will be attaching to our balcony banister on one side and the wall on the other (if that makes a difference).


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Summer Infant company (sold at babies r us) makes a stair, walk through kind of gate, we had one at our former apt. IT is adjustable like from 32" to much much wider, and you can buy extensions. THe gate is about 50.00 dollars, with the extensions being about 15.00 each maybe.

It is a great gate, it has a swinging door gate on it, that automatically locks itself when you go through it. There is no way a baby can undo it, and it is up and down white metal bars, so no toeholds for little monkeys.

Walk Through Stair Gate...I think that's the name. Sorry I'm fuzzy on details, it's been a while since we've used it, we moved.

It's the only stair gate you'll ever need!
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i'm searching on the BRU site and i can't find anything called a walk through stair gate or anything by summer infant..
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"The First Years" also makes a gate with extensions that can go across a wide area.

Edit to add the Summer Gate url. We have both. The Summer brand one goes wider, I believe.
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Do you not live near a BRU store?? If not, try One Step Ahead .com they have that gate....
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thanks. i don't know why i couldn't find that when i searched.

i do have a BRU nearby...i just wanted to see what you guys thought before i went and bought something.

i called the store and the woman i spoke with said there were three gates that could go to that width....super gate v (plastic...and seems VERY climbable), expansion gate (white metal...looked online and people said it was VERY flimsy), and one more that she said was $50 and i'd have to buy 3 extensions (i think that might be the one you were suggesting).
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I love my Superyard XTs - yes, plural - I ended up buying 3 of them, and separating them into various lengths to snake around odd shaped spaces at our place. We have them bolted to our walls so they are stable, but they can also be configured into various freestanding polygonal shapes safely...

Superyard XT

I got mine at Baby Depot instead of online, for the same price. We got eye hooks and D-rings from an outdoors store (made for rock climbing, so they're plenty strong), and we have them drilled into the studs. They fold out of the way in a snap (though you do need to step over them while in place - but I figure I get at least 50 leg lifts in a day doing this - :LOL ), AND when we travel, we can take a set of panels with us to set up a quick "safe" area for DS in case we need to...

I have seen some websites have bad reviews on them, but I think it's because the people were expecting a little more from them than they are capable of (if you use it freestanding on a smooth floor, your kid WILL be able to push it - that's why we have ours attached to the walls or anchored by heavy furniture). PM me if you'd like more info on configuring, etc.
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well i guess i picked the wrong gate. it lasted all of one week before the crappy plastic hinges gave out.

(they didn't have the summer walk-through, so i bought the summer expansion gate.)

back to BRU to return it. :
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