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Hello everyone,
I am still here and still "overdue," although I haven't posted anything for a long while. I am also, strangely enough, getting over my impatience as time goes on. Happy labor vibes to all of you!
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Wow - it's all happening here!

Congrats to Katie! Good luck to Binah (I imagine you've had your baby by now?) and shayinme....

who have i missed? sorry, I'm only just home from the hospital myself.

Shana - I have sooooo been there the last few days, and know how frustrating it is! Hang in there - all that prodromal labour WILL lead to something - your body will be nice and ready when the time does come!
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Hey ladies, how are you laboring (or soon to be) mama's doing? Any updates?
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Shana, Jeanette, yamilee, Hilary... we're ready to welcome you in August Club! You won't be left alone... you were just originally miscategorized, apparently (unless you deliver today or tomorrow).

Shana, I just really wonder if there is some darn good reason your baby wants to stay posterior and it seems uncomfortable for you to be in any position that encourages the baby to turn around. Like cord issues, not necessarily around the neck (although it could be a possibility but that's nothing to get freaked out about), but maybe cord length, where the placenta is attached to your uterus, etc. Who knows except God and your baby.

If I were you, I'd just listen to your body (although I don't like the recliner idea but if that's what you feel, then that's what you feel and I can't argue with that). Get in the positions that your body tells you to. After you do the birthing ball or the downward facing dog, etc., really talk to your baby and ask your baby to look at your uterus and see if it wouldn't be OK to turn around and face mommy's back or her side instead of looking out front. Use your hands to show your baby where you'd ideally like his/her back to be. Ask the baby to turn but give the baby permission to stay posterior if that's really what is best.

My babe is ROA. I have tried everything to turn the child to LOA, and s/he turned for a few days last week, then started being anterior, posterior, kept changing. So I gave the baby permission to go back to ROA if that was what was best. ROA it was before, and in ROA s/he is engaged now. Must be the right thing. increases the risk of a posterior birth, but I have tried everything under the sun that is noninvasive and natural, including instinctual stuff, so it's essentially out of my hands. Hugs to you bc it's hard not to worry about that.
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I am so disappointed - yesterday I started having real, 45+ second long contractions every 20-30 minutes, then they got to every 10-12 minutes... and then my mother, who desperately wants me to have a C-section, made a few obnoxious comments and all signs of labour disappeared! I guess negative energy from others really can interfere with labour. I need to find a peaceful place to go into labour, but I'm supposed to be on bedrest and when I do go into labour, I need to have someone monitoring my blood pressure. I have to give birth this weekend, otherwise my medwifery practice will insist upon induction at my appointment on Monday. It won't be worth it to refuse induction, since I would have absolutely no support from anyone. Why won't my baby and body cooperate?!
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Ugh - add me to the prodromal labour club....from 1am to 5am this morning, started very brief and light every five minutes, then spaced to 8-10 minutes but got strong enough to be uncomfortable. I had an inkling this was just a practice run since things didn't really ramp up much over all those hours, but was hopeful. Around 430am I finally got up thinking that if it is real labour things will keep going, but if not they will probably space out. Sure enough, as the sun rose, my contractions faded.

I"m feeling a little hung over, but okay all things considered - baby is close either way, and I think that prodromal labour is probably just part of this baby getting itself positioned. Yesterday at my prenatal baby was ROT but head was extended and not engaged. After several hours of ctx last night I think baby was closer to ROA. Like Chirokristin said, not ideal - but this is the closest to anything anterior this baby has ever been (my placenta is in the anterior lower left quadrant, I don't think this baby can be LOA - so I've tried to accept that). So - ctx were working with a purpose, keep reminding myself that. I've got some wine coolers downstairs, so if this starts up again tonight I'm going to have a little drink and a warm bath and HOPEFULLY get some sleep, cause I can't imagine how tired I'd be after two nights of this!

I think tomorrow we might drive up to Flagstaff to get some cool mountain air, because I've got a severe case of cabin fever (it has been up to 117 around here). I never would have thought of driving two hours out of town, but my MW said yseterday it is probably exactly what I need - and now I'm really looking forward to it. It will be a nice last day out as a family of three and give me some breathing space before I'm stuck in the house with a three year old AND a baby!

Hope all is well with everyone else, amazing how often I think of you all - I feel as if I really know you ladies!
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I just wanted to add really quick that my mw ast gave me pulstatilla homeopathic pills and kept me in a butt in air position and Daphne turned from posterior (she had went back) to anterior..

Maybe something else to try.

I think of you all everyday and am sending you love and vibes!!!
((Quick & Easy Labor Vibes))
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I just wanted to post that, yes, I did have my baby. I had her less than one half an hour after Shabbos started, so I was not able to use the phone or Internet until last night. I was tired and dealing with intense afterpains then, so now is the first time I've felt up to posting. Sorry to keep you all hanging!

We still have not named our new daughter, but she is really beautiful. She was born on the bathroom floor about 8 1/2 hours after my waters broke. I must write the birth story while the memory is still fresh! My mom just got here last night. I feel a big relief to have my mom with me, as I had been feeling torn in two directions between taking care of dd #1 and dd #2's needs. Now I feel I can even take care of myself a bit. WHEW!

I will post more later...
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Congrats Binah - I cannot wait to hear the details and find out your daughters name!
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Jeanette and Chirokristin, thank you very much for your kind thoughts and words ... they are greatly appreciated. As you've probably seen, it all came out in the end (pun intended, lol). Best of luck with your births -- I hope they're wonderful .

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