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My best friend just had *SURPRISE* twins!!!!

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Oh my goodness! I thought this wasn't possible, but I am eating my words bigtime.

My best friend gave birth at home to surprise twin boys this afternoon. She was 10 days overdue. She measured 42 cm before "the baby" dropped last week; then she went down to 40 cm. She never had a u/s.

She *did* sort of feel like she was having twins, but we'd just say it was because I had had twins, and that was her only experience with someone pregnant. She always referred to "the baby" as "they," which I always thought was funny. She said it was just easier than saying "he or she." Towards the end, she even really looked like she was having twins, but since her fundus measured right on target, we figured it was just an optical illusion. So, we talked about the idea of her having twins A LOT (especially since we gave her all our old baby clothes. . . I remember her saying, "I keep looking at all these clothes and having to remind myself that I'm not having twin boys!"), but we really didn't think it was going to happen!

But happen it did. At 12:23 p.m. this afternoon, Elijah was born, and five minutes later his brother(still unnamed)--not a placenta!!--arrived.

Everyone is in shock. It's intense to expect one baby and get two. I am so proud of my friend and so so so glad that she never had a u/s. If she had had one, she'd never have been able to have a homebirth, or to go to 41 weeks, 3 days. . . the only downside medically is that since she didn't know she was having twins, she didn't eat extra protein or anything like that. She was spilling a lot of protein into her urine at the end. The babies are on the smaller side--6-13 and a little over 5 lbs. My friend lost a lot of blood, but she is seeming like she's getting better.

I am so excited that we get to be moms of twins together. Wow.

By the way, she is 25 years old and it was an unplanned pregnancy (no drugs). I think the boys are probably identical, but folks who've seen them say it's hard to say for sure with such a big size difference.

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That's crazy!!

Congratulations to your friend. And she's lucky to have you as a best friend. You can guide her through the early days!
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It sounds like the boys were in good shape despite not following any specific for twins diet, etc. My dd was 6 lb. 13 oz and she was a singleton, so those sizes sound excellent for twins to me (not that I know really...). I think it's great she got to have a homebirth, etc.

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Wow!! What a surprise! The sizes don't sound too bad, really - my aunt's 40w1d twin girls were 6-5 and 5-13, and they were known twins from the first trimester. Good thing your friend has you for advice!
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Wow, that is wonderful!!! I am so happy for her that she got the birth she waqnted. And it sounds like mother's intuition kicked in even though she didn't realize it. Congratulations to your friend!
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Wow! How amazing! And shocking.
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OMIGOD!! What a story! And what a ride!! Congratulations! TWICE!!
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Seems like a decent size for a lot of twins I've heard of. Although it seems that MDC mommas grow 'em big!

How wonderful that she has a friend like you nearby to get practical advice and help from.
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I love stories like this!

My best friend gave birth to surprise twins in a hospital and she had been under the care of an OB. She had 1 sono at the very end to see if the baby was head down. When they saw the head, they didn't bother looking for anything or anyone else. Baby 2 was delivered breech. "that's not a placenta, it's a foot!"
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That's totally awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!! WOW! I couldn't imagine what it must be like...what a rush! Congratulations to the -now bigger- family! : :
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WOW Congrats to your friend!
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I love twin stories...

I love twin stories! I am a twin (identical). Your friend has my mom beat... she found out she was having twins 4 days before we were born... about a month early... but that was in the days where they didn't do sonograms... my mom insisted she was having twins, but our heartbeats were in sync and when they did an x-ray (really, that's what they did then), one of us was hidden behind the other, LOL!

I can't believe your friend was 10 days overdue!! Amazing!

Sending happy twin vibes her way....

Twins are fun!!!
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that's awesome!!! My midwife had surprise, unassisted twin girls at 41 weeks. They were 7 lbs 2 oz and 7 lbs 6 oz.

My midwife really suspected her twins, and did not have a u/s because her midwife wouldnt have delivered them at home. Fast, furious, and everything went great for mama and babies. The girls are almost 12 now.
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Wow, Lex! What an awesome story!! Please do tell your friend that all of the twin Mama's at MDC say CONGRATULATIONS!!!!!

By the way...I see in your sig that you and Lena decided to do foster parenting!!! Please let us know when you get your first child and how it goes. It's something dh and I have talked about doing also.
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congrats to your friend!

Ours were surprise too.........though I think I knew something about it, just didn't want it realized during the pregnancy.

Mine were both breach. Hour and a quarter between them.........7lbs 10 oz and 7lbs 3 oz. All was well..........whole Kaiser hosp staff came to see and exclaim why knowing less and using less is better.......just like old times!!! They all knew that I'd never have gotten to birth them vaginally if we'd known ahead of time. My doc said we weren't meant to know!
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Thank you all so much for the well wishes!

Mama, Papa, and babes are all doing well today, five days later. Things got pretty scary Tuesday night soon after I'd arrived to help out. My friend's blood pressure got really high and the midwives decided to transport to the hospital. It turned out to be mild HELP syndrome (very severe preeclampsia), and my friend had to go on Mag Sulfate. In all the commotion and worry about my friend (who had also lost A LOT of blood), one of the babies got pretty dehydrated. Luckily I was there to offer him my breast, and we didn't need to give him any formula. I felt weird about giving two-year-old breastmilk to a newborn, but it was certainly a better choice than a bottle and formula. I ended up nursing both babies a couple of times during the next 12 hours. . . pretty wild experience. I now feel forever bonded to my bestfriend in a whole new way. It was SO EASY to nurse someone else's twin newborns! If only it'd been that easy with my own! Yesterday, my friend's milk came in and the babies didn't need me anymore. They are now nursing really great, tandem and everything, and my friend has survived engorgement. She's also had an amazing recovery from the HELP syndrome and is back home today (though on bed rest for at least a couple of weeks). This has been such a wonderful experience for me--very healing for me since I have long been tormented about my own post-partum experience when I felt like I couldn't really be there for my babies. It was so nice to be there so totally for my friend and her beautiful, beautiful babies.

By the way, the boys are almost certainly monozygotic. The different colored strings around their ankles are totally necessary to tell them apart, and there was only one placenta. They are closer in size than I was originally told, twin a was 6-12 and twin b was 5-13. Since twin b is the one who got dehydrated and needed to nurse me the most, he's almost caught up to his brother now.

They are so grateful that they didn't know they were having twins and also that they didn't know Katie was preeclamptic. . . both things would have certainly ruled out a homebirth, and possibly even ruled out a vaginal birth.


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COngrats!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!I love stories like this.
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I fully understand the shock since it happened to me this past March! I am glad for her as well that she had no ultrasound - gotta go, Mary
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Crazy! what kismet she has you, lexbeach...
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Do you have pix?

This story is absolutely amazing on so many levels. The fact that two bf's had twins, that the momma didn't know, that she had a vaginal delivery at home, etc., etc. I'm so glad she has recovered.
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