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Okay, cd20 for me, and I just had some extremely eggwhite like cm....can I just be entering my fertile period now????My cycles are consistent with a 4 days window...between 28-32 days....
So, I'm confused, I thought it was safe to stop bding for a couple of days!!!
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I have no idea, but my cycle was crazy this go around too. :

Good luck and dust to you!
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Thx Aurora! Sorry AF found you btw!
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Hi Mamasoleil,

Sorry you're frustrated. I'm in the same boat-I thought I was 3dpo, then yesterday I had more ferning on my Ovulens and creamy CM. My temps are right on the coverline. And we haven't been BDing since 1dpo, so my guess is this month is shot. Aaaagh!

Hang in there,

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that sucks! What cd are you at????
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As long as you still have that wet feeling and/or EWCM, it might not be too late! Go get him!

Mamasoleil, if you o on cd20 and have a cycle of 32, that gives you a 12 day LP - VERY GOOD!!!

Tuli, until your temps go back up, I'd keep trying! It isn't too late, and you have this long weekend, too!!!!

Don't give up hope until AF shows!
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Tuli, just took a look at your chart (though it hasn't been updated since Monday) and it looks to me like you haven't o'd yet! Your previous cycles have a very clear and distinct thermal shift pattern.

The biggest problem I have with temping and charting in general is that the temps don't show you anything until after the fact, and sometimes only make sense after you have started a new cycle! Even in TCOYF, it is suggested that cm is a much better indicator, since it shows up before O.
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Thanks Stafl, I'll be all over him....I just hope it's not too late! When does the thick creamy appear, is that after O?
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Welcome to the confusing cycle club, mine is very confusing this time around too! If you have egg white mucus, I would go for it with BDing, even if it is this late in your cycle. It might be the perfect time to catch a late egg! And if it wasn't ovulation, well, at least you had fun :-)

Conception vibes your way!

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Hi Stafl -I just updated my chart. I missed a crucial day of temping, and though my chart looks pretty normal, I'm concerned about this ferning yesterday and creamy CM. I am now dry as a bone. So I don't know, we'll BD tonight and see what happens, but it looks to me like we really should have BDed on Monday and Tuesday and we haven't since Sunday. My temp is up, but not real high. I agree with your comment about charting, which is pert of the reason I got the Ovulens, but now I'm even more confused. I can't wait till my new OB appointment on Jan. 19th to maybe start getting some answers. How are you doing this month?

Mamasoleil-I'm CD 19. I have O'd as late as CD16.
Happy Thanksgiving to the U.S MDCers!

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I am cd17, still no eggie. Looks like a classic anov pattern if you want to see my chart.

And another confusing thing is that it's going to be different for each woman! So, some might get creamy after O, some get it before, some never get ew and have to count their creamy as fertile cm. I've only been charting for four cycles now, and have finally started making heads or tails of things! It just takes some practice and time to figure things out.
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