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What was the one thing that got you to be interested in CD's?

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I have a story that I tell to new CDing mommies sometimes about how we got started with CD's.

I had a neighbor that used CD's for her ds, I thought they looked pure, white and natural. They seemed fairly easy to use to a youg'in! LOL! :LOL

Later when I was a mommie-to-be I found a CDing catalog when I was about 6 mo preggo. I LOVED the thought of CD's and it had info about washing, usage, how to change baby, the risks of using disposables on baby and the earth, the Serious cost savings over time, and the new modern velcro covers and diapers looked SO COOL!!

I really wanted to use them, but they seemed expensive at first. SO we used all kinds of disposables on her for about 2-3 mos. Then i found some used covers at a thrifty store, and bought some cheap department store prefolds. They leaked something aweful!!! I knew they might, as I had read that somewhere, so I wasn't too surprised. But at least i was using cloth on my baby! I was so excited!!

I didn't know if it was the covers or the prefolds, so i convinced DH to order some thicker diapers and decent NEW covers. Once we sent in the chunk of cash for some really good diapers, it was a Whole world of Difference! Plus we saved a TON over disposables in the long run.

I was hooked, and have been addicted ever since, 3 kids later! LOL!

Tell me your story too!

What was the one thing someone said or that you saw that made your head turn, and you thought "Hmm, Cloth Diapers eh? I wonder how they work.....?"
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I got into CDing because I have an obsession with 'the best.' I research everything. If I'm buying sheets, they have to be 'the best' sheets (in my price range). Ditto for everything else. I always read all the reviews I can find for everything I buy.
When I got pregant, I wanted 'the best' food... that led to breastfeeding. 'The best' diapers... well, duh, cloth! 'The best' to me doesn't mean the most expensive, or the fanciest... it just has to make the most sense and make me feel like I'm doing the right thing.
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Ds bled in sposies. I had been interested since i "found out' about them.:LOL But he would bleed horribly. At 2 months we were totally swithced to cloth.Not a sposie since I put him in 7th Generation,chlorine free,which he actually did ok in-until I got our stash count high enough at 2 months.
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i tend to research everything (i think many mdc mamas are like that). well, i read that use of sposies increases the temp in the genital region by a degree or so. the hypothesis was that this increase in temperature was enough to kill sperm and lower sperm count in little boys. now, i'm not sure if this is true or not, but it really freaked me out.

i first saw cd's at a lll meeting and i was immediately hooked. one of the mamas had a honeyboy diaper (this was back in THE DAY). i ordered a little starter pack from katie's kisses and i was quickly converted.
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my little girl's skin is too sensitive for sposies. She started out with her first rash at 4 days old and it never went away for 12 full weeks. She had open oozing sores on her heiny and the doctor couldn't cure it. Someone on my birth board over at SK posted a link for cloth and I started looking around. I thought cloth meant prefolds and I was shocked and thrilled to find cute, convenient, sposie-like cloth. I order 6 FuzziBunz and the second they arrived in the mail I was hooked - the yummy soft inner fleece is what roped me in. We've been in cloth for 19 months and it was the best decision I ever made
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I once read that cloth was cheaper (+), better for the environment (++), and better for my baby (+++!). That was enough to convince me. Plus, I was using cloth pads by that point (for the same reasons), and why wouldn't I also use cloth diapers when the time came? Really, I"m quite simple minded.
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What made me first consider cloth was dd was leaking out of pampers/luvs even with frequent changes but she was allergic to everything else.

What made me switch was seeing some IRL from another mama, that is what sealed it for me.
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I saw some old friends at a bbq and they showed me the cloth diapers that they had made for their little girl and talked about how easy it was and i was very intrigued and ... well, here i am today.
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Everyone in my family has used cloth so the choice was easy; although for this generation, we use cloth the most because we use it exclusively. But my children's skin peels off in sposies. Do I need a better reason? I have to say that the cute prints are what made me try something other than prefolds/wraps. My ds's sensitivity to velcro made us go to snaps and wool.
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12+ hour nights leak free. We were going through two 'night time' sposies a night and my poor dd just wasn't getting the sleep she needed because she was constantly soaked. A friend let me try an FB with some hemp inserts and we had our first leak free night in a loooong time. And I was hooked. I ordered some FBs and some other types of dipes and haven't looked back. I know better now
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A lot of moms seem like they were unhappy with disposables for one reason or another, leaked, rash, $$$, etc.

I know out in Oregon they use Cloth a lot there, and moms are used to seeing it on babies a lot more often. Maybe if we saw more cloth diapered babies we'd understand them better and not be so afraid.

I've been letting ds run around in a t-shirt and diaper. I have one matching set a Spiderman t-shirt and Spiderman almost in one diaper. Good thing it is an almost in one as I can change the diaper and he can still have the cute outer shell to match all day.

He just loves spiderman(big brother influence at play here) and I totally let him pick out the fabric himself! He is 2 yrs old! LOL!

Anyway, I get a lot of comments when people can SEE the diaper on him. "Wow, what kind of diaper is that?"
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There was a column in our local paper that I read shortly after I found out I was pg about the environmental impact of disposable diapers. I told my husband that day that I wanted to cd, and after he read the article he totally agreed!

Of course, my idea of cloth at that time involved vinyl pants, gerber, and diaper pins. I know so much better now
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Some of my Mama friends on Maddie's birth board used them, but I didn't know ANY of the research and it never occurred to me to bother - I figured, if sposies were bad SOMEONE would tell me (DUH!)(besides, my mother did, but when do I ever just LISTEN to her )

Then, Maddie started pling REALLY early (like 23 months) but she was nowhere NEAR ready to be in panties overnight or at naps. I wanted to gently encourage her to move in that direction, but what can you do? They're SLEEPING - it's not like you can remind them. I wanted something that would keep the bed dry, and her wet - but when they were dry to feel like panties (read: cloth). Again, My Mama friends (an invaluable resource still) stepped in and made the suggestion, and even HELPED me figure out just what to get. (consequently, within 6 weeks of CDs she was totally DRY!)

Well - when I went to the websites I was overwhelmed with all the information, links, and statistics and spent probably the better part of my free time over 2 weeks reading, reading, and reading. I was sold. I wished Maddie HADN'T pled just so I could really get into the CDing

I even convinced the Mom of the 1 year old I babysat for to let me 'experiment' on her. Those little cute diapers on her adorable butt was just about more than I could take

My mother is still deadset on having regular old prefolds, pins, and vinyl pull on pants at her house, but whatever makes her happy!
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Discovering how much money a simple cloth diapering system would save me, over 'sposies. I quit a really well-paying job to stay home with DD, and anyway that I could cut corners was welcome.
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I've never considered disposables.
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It's all about the cuteness! Colors, prints, and more colors.
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I heard a story of a lady who went to go look at a house for sale preggo, and saw a Huge stash of cloth diapers and she was sold on them!!!

I think that is so funny! LOL!
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Originally Posted by sarahbay
I heard a story of a lady who went to go look at a house for sale preggo, and saw a Huge stash of cloth diapers and she was sold on them!!!

I think that is so funny! LOL!
That IS really funny! :LOL

With us it was mostly financial, we just didn't have money for sposies. We started with Gerber pfs and pins in plastic pants with #1. I didn't like that system AT ALL!!! With #2 we bought 5-packs of cloth AIOs from JC Penney. They were really cute, but whatever waterproof barrier was in those deteriorated very quickly. With #3 my friend started us out with Rainbow contours and Diaperaps. That's what I used for #4 also, and with Z until I discovered all the other options out there. Now I have a really cute stash, but have totally blown the money savings thing! :LOL
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My original reason was for cost. I was reading about it in the book the tightwad gazette, at the time my 3rd ds was 4 months. So I called the 1 diaper service in our area and their price was the same amt of money for luvs that I used. So I figured I wouldn't do it, well I went to visit my sister and her first baby, she was using cloth and said how easy it was. I decided I didn't need a service, I could wash my own and it would be a lot cheaper. At the time I used pfs bought at target and diaper covers couldn't afford anything else. That was almost 7 years ago, we now have a 7 month dd my reasons have changed. I have read up on what is in sposies and said no way and my dh is a willing convert this time around. I had a friend give my her fitted diapers which I like much better than pfs,but my dd has outgrown them and I am passing them on.
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First of all I was never into disposable things like swiffers and cleaning wipes or paper towels. I considered cloth diapers when preggo with #1, but chickened out with the thought of plastic pants.

I had NO idea about cloth diapers until I was pregnant and started talking to my due date club and they seemed to be speaking another language about diapers. I was simply curious at first, so I checked out diaperpin.

Then dh had to take a lower paying job and I was a sahm and money was TIGHT.

When baby was born, we received so many walmart gift cards from friends and family. with notes on them that read "this should help out with diapers" or something like that. I realized that there were so many more productive things I could buy with the gift cards and the cash that we recieved (like food!). Why waste it on something that was going in the trash? We were both aprehensive about the "extra work." I figured I would deal with it if it meant that we could eat and keep the power on, ykwim?

9 Months later....
Things have changed, we're making plenty of money to buy disposables, but we're NOT because all of the diapers I will ever need are already purchased and paid for.

Plus, what "extra work?" It's just as easy/hard/messy/neat/effective/leaky as any sposie I ever used. And I LOVE how cute a sweet white cloth bum looks.
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