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What was the one thing that got you to be interested in CD's? - Page 2

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My daughter was about a month old and I was shopping in a consigment store and found a rack of some NB Prowrap AIO's for a dollar a piece, so thought hey I will try them. I bought 4 of them and went home and tried them. I was hooked ever since. Unfortunalty I have yet to find another deal like that, and my taste have become a bit more expensive...oh well...She( I ) love cloth diapers :LOL
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Environmental Reasons

My first concern was actually articles that claimed the gels used to wick fluid away from baby in disposables contain known carcinogens.

As I began researching CD's, I was impressed with how far they've come from simply folding a cloth and covering it. Fitted's and AIO's seem easy enough that I won't get any resistance from my DH or other family members. At first, cloth diapers seemed like a big financial investment, but once I saw how much one saves over time, that became the icing on the cake.

I am six months pregnant with my first child and my mother has agred to sew some AIO's for me. I think it will be very meaningful to have diapers homemade with love by grandma.
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Before I ever had children I planned on using cloth for environmental reasons ... I didn't know anyone who did or anything about the 'new' cloth .... and I couldn't find any good ones locally when I did have my dd ... it was the sewing my own that got me REALLY hooked.
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I just knew I didn't want my baby in such an artificial enviornment. So why would I want him in plastic? Cloth was the obvious choice. And then I saw how cute they all were...
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The first thing was saving money. At my birth class they broke it down by diaper use. So $0.25 for disposables and $0.10 for cloth and less if you wash your own. That was the first thing
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I wonder if anyone originally was interested in CDing, but then got turned off after they thought about poop going in their washer, or having to do extra laundry, or possibly having urine leaks from time to time.

Of course after you start using cloth, these things you find out aren't worth worry about because they really aren't that big of a deal.

But to someone who thinks the idea of cloth diapering is completely new might get turned off by these things.

Not that disposables have been around for very long, but you'd think that they have existed forever!! LOL!! :LOL
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Money. We got pregnant when DH was in seminary, and couldn't afford sposies. I bought my first stash on ebay for $100, and am still using many of those on Baby No. 3!
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For me it started 16 years ago. I was a single mom with a three bedroom home by myself. Both budget, and the underlying peak in environmental issues that surfaced in the late 80's were my initial thoughts. I always recycled long before it was manditory so both put together it just seemed right.

Many years later my son was born. Now having a child in private schooling and misc. lessons ect. budget was now a factor again and I chose to give up a job too. By the time my third came along it was second nature, budget friendly and now I had a child who was very allergic to any sposies and wipes. It now became a manditory way of life. I have since done alot of research and reading and with what I now know in re: environment, toxins in sposies and the waste in packaging I would never want to look back.
Bonus of course is that now we have some SWEET diapers to choose from -- whole new problem. LOL
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Honestly, for me it was looking at the kitchen trashcan at the end of the day totally disgusted w/ how many 'sposies were in there from just one day! It grossed me out and I started researching cloth.
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My mother used cloth on all of my siblings and myself. I on the other hand used sposies on my babes, till ds had a bad reaction, would get a seriously red and bloody bum from sposies. i changed to gerber pfs and vinyl covers for a few months, till some mamas on here, (jaye_p ) Sent me some lovely fluff, since then i have scored some beautiful dipes on the tp, and am in love with my cpfs now that they are the good kind!!!! i wouldn't go back for anything, i hate to see my boy with a ouchie bum.
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It's always been in the back of my mind to CD.
1. money
2. health of DC
3. to make DH practice what he preaches.

I've been lurking like crazy on these boards to 'soak' up enough wisdom to tackle this new project. DH is totally on board, even though he now refuses to use CDs outside of home. (We'll see if that changes as he gets more comfortable with them.)

Glad I found you all!
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Good for you!

If you have more questions, don't hestiate to stop lurking and start asking!

We were all in your shoes at one point!
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My mom did CDs (prefolds + "rubber pants") on me and my brother, same with my aunt with my 4 cousins. So, to me it was a normal thing, even though I don't specifically remember it. And sposies were normal to me, too, b/c I babysat a lot when I was a teen. Anyways, once we came to where we were thinking of having kids, I figured I probably would use CDs (prefolds + "rubber pants) but I figured I'd use sposies for the first few months - just until I got a grip on the "baby thing", THEN I would be able to do more work and use CDs.

When dd was about 2 months old, some people were having a discussion on a parenting message board that I go to. They were discussing their favorite CDs. That was when I realized that there were options other than prefolds... and then I felt soooooooooo confused by all the options. I remembered a friend a few years back had used CDs with her baby, so I called her and asked what she used (Motherease Sandys). I researched more and was just amazed at all the options.

Well, with all the fun options out there, I decided against prefolds and "rubber pants"! From all of my research I decided that pockets would probably float my boat. So, I bought a FuzziBunz from eBay. I shoved one of my burp cloths (a Gerber "cloth diaper" from BRU), put it on dd, and decided I liked the set-up! Of course, she peed right through that burp cloth, so I decided I would buy Joey-Bunz. (I hadn't wanted to buy one prior to trying the pocket, just in case I didn't like the system.) Then I started my buying spree on eBay - I bought a stash worth of FBs and JBs!

And it's gone from there. I still mainly buy all used (why not? - they're still in great shape, and they work just as great!), but I have ventured out into other dipes (Happy Heiny's, Wonderoos, Daisy Doodles, some fitteds and wool/fleece covers for rashy times, etc.), and I'm venturing into new territory with our DS due in Oct/Nov (Kissaluvs 0s + covers, and then other brands of pockets that I've never tried).

My main reason for cloth diapering? It's fun! When people ask me why I do it, that's what I tell them - it's fun! I enjoy it.

ETA: When we've done sposies on road trips, I've ALWAYS looked forward to going back to cloth. When I didn't know better (before I started CDing), the gels didn't bother me. But now that I know better, the gels on dd's bottom while doing sposies REALLY REALLY REALLY bothers me. Plus, it's a pain to be running to the store and buying dipes all the time!
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I honestly didn't know that cloth diapers still existed when I first became pregnant. It just never crossed my mind.

One day, on the phone, my mom mentioned that disposable diapers were a huge waste of money. I was confused, as I didn't realize there were alternatives. Turns out she CD'd me and my younger sister to save money, but I was too young to remember and she'd never mentioned it in the intervening decades. So she told me about PFs and plastic pants and suggested I talk to her sister about wool. This led to months of internet research and a DD who hasn't worn a sposie since we dressed her to leave the hospital. Oh, and as a side effect, a mama who bores everyone around her with information about the wonders of CDing and the perils (health, enviromnental, and financial) of sposies. :LOL

No CD converts yet, though I did get my sister to start using cloth wipes...
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Seeing them IRL on a friend's baby as an adult.

My mom CDed, but I remembered it as pure drudgery for her (looking back I think she had post partum depression) so I didn't view CD as something I could do.

But then after my son was born I was asking a friend what kind of diapers she used (I meant what kind of sposies) and she whipped out her FB and showed me how they worked. Within a week I had a dozen of my own and washed them every night until several months later when we were able to get more diapers.

So that's what got me to do it. But my motivation to CD is environmental. It bums me out to think of all those sposies in landfills. Having a baby is such a wonderful thing, and I hate to think of it as something that has such an immediate negative consequence for the earth.
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I was on the computer and looking up the results of a recyling sposie program they tried to do.

I accidently found out all of the chemicals in sposies and the adult fertility problems they thought were linked to it. I could not have put my baby in sposies even if I wanted to at that point! I was 100% committed to finding an alternative. Cloth diapering was it.

I am still interested in the concept of EC as well.....I haven't really looked into it alot.

NFL was ALL new to me.......so I started researching NFL/AP/GD first.

I am so grateful that I found cloth dipes when I did. I actually want to cry thinking that my two oldest were in sposies.
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I can't believe it took me so long to think of CD. I always hated disposables. I hated the paper, I hated the gel, I hated that they cost a ton. And yet my first daughter lived in sposies until she PLd at 24 months. My second daughter lived in sposies until she was 10 months, and for the first 6 months she had explosive runny anitbiotic-induced poops that leaked out of every diaperband ruined almost all of her clothing. And I never once thought of cloth

What really did it for me was the trash. I hated lugging all that crap (no punintended) out to the dumpster. I got a sick feeling every time. But I didn't seriously consider cloth because all I knew about were diaper services, and didn't want one. Finally one of my close but now geographically far away friends had a baby, and on her website she had a link to Cotton Babies for Fuzzi Bunz. That was the first time I realized that cloth was even an option! I thought about it for a couple of weeks, and researched for about a month, and started CDing her full time just before she turned one. Better late than never! But oh how I wish I had known. Where were PFs when my poor babe had bloody rashes from constant diarrhea and sposie poisons??

So now I mention them, gently, to any mom or mom-to-be who will listen, and show off my fluffy bum as often as I can. So far I've got one convert and one potential convert (she just went into labor with her first).

And now that I have spent a ton of money (thank goodness I pushed the trash factor and not the money factor when convincing DH) DH says we'll have to have another baby just to make this investment pay off :LOL
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My brother was CDed, and I vividly remember how much of a pain those old gerber prefolds and rubber pants were. They did leak, and his butt was SO hot in the summer. The thought if it was WAY too much. When my mom offered to get us a diaper service I laughed at her like she was from the stone age! But when DS came we found there wasn't a disposable made that worked for him. They all leaked, pee & poop every time. I learned to jump up and grab him from people the second I heard him poop so they wouldn't be covered too. A friend had switched to cloth because her daughter was allergic to sposies. I really think if I hadn't seen her use them in real life I would have just gone on changing DSs clothes 12 times a day. It just never occured to me that there was anything other than rubber pants and gerbers available.
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When ds was 10 months old, I realized I was tired of searching for coupons for diapers, finding empty shelves in the stores, trying to buy in bulk, and having the smelly Diaper Genie in the house. My sister had cd'ed her son, but had used the Gerber prefolds and plastic pants and I knew I didn't want to deal with that mess. But I didn't know that there were any other options out there.

I still believe it was a sign - about this time, a friend on my dd's birth board asked two long-time cding members about cloth. Since I was fed up with disposables, I was more than ready to start looking around at some of the websites they listed and was completely sucked in by the cute patterns and colors. Within 6 weeks I had a stash of 20 diapers. Then I found you guys and totally lost myself to the cding experience! LOL He's outgrowing his FB's and HH's and I now have an outlet for my newest obsession. LOL

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Definately the environmental factor....The cute factor definately came in to play when I finally got to see the dipes on my DS! :LOL
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