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Ahh yes, the cute factor is what keeps many of us going on those not so good days.... LOL! :LOL
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because it is fun!
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First I said no, too much work--I was thinking of the old style pinned ones, and the shaped terries that are popular here (still have to pin and use a wrap).

Then I said, no, without a place to dry them easily, it just wasn't practical, and I kept reminding myself of this whenever I had enviro-guilt.

Then one day I was putting Pampers on the baby. I'd never loved the feel or fit, and I thought to myself "Is this really what I want next to her skin?"

I started looking around and discovered the pocket and AIO types which made it so much easier, and then asked around and found that the pockets would dry quite easily (outer bit air dries quickly, inserts can use my limited tumble dryer space) and decided to go for it!
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The environment.

A friend had a baby a few years ago and cloth diapered (using prefolds and plastic pants) because she was a hard core enviro and I was so impressed that she stood by her principles. I decided I would cloth diaper if I ever had children.

Fast forward four years. When I told my family I was going to use cloth and they responded with the, "We'll see how long that lasts" comment, I knew I HAD to cloth diaper. Stubborness won out.

I remember being completely overwhelmed when I started researching CDing - the different types, brands, styles, all the acryonyms. Oy vey. Now, I'm officially addicted. The cuteness is a big motivator for me now. Who knew?
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I was dragging our trash can down to the curb and I realized that 90% of our garbage was disposable diapers. I looked at it and I thought, "I have to switch to cloth."

So we did. I feel a lot better about our "footprint" using cloth; plus, it saves money, which is uber important!
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Originally Posted by mchalehm View Post
I was dragging our trash can down to the curb and I realized that 90% of our garbage was disposable diapers. I looked at it and I thought, "I have to switch to cloth."

So we did. I feel a lot better about our "footprint" using cloth; plus, it saves money, which is uber important!
I always thought about cloth but never really knew how to go about it.. (My mother used cloth but that was ages ago) Once I saw the trash I was hooked also
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I used sposies with my oldest son without knowing about cloth other then the whole pins and crinkly plastic pants my Mom talked about using on me. She talked about all the work, the hands in the toilet all the time and all that. When it came time for my babe to be born I didn't even THINK of cloth. I made a friend at a baby class that used the Kushies AIO's and she gave me one but I NEVER used it! I thought it was cool but who uses just one cloth diaper. I put it away and never thought of it again.
When my second son was 6 weeks old (2003) we moved to Evergreen College in Olympia, WA and I met a lady that lived next to us that had a 5 month old and she used cloth! Just prefolds and a wrap. I watched her for several months and pretty soon I found myself looking at the gerber prefolds in target. One day I bought a pack because the temptation overcame something fierce. I bought a pack of the pull-up gerber covers too, oh and the crappy pins too. At a thrift store I found 2 dappi wraps and one other random velcro wrap that to this day I still wouldn't know what it is, maybe home made, I have never seen another like it. We used cloth on him from about 7 months old to shortly after a year old with those gerber things (sorry not a fan anymore) Then I started full time college and my hubby was doing school too. We didn't have a washer and dryer. Things just got so busy and hard. We quit then. Then in 2005 I was pregnant again and I was DARN determined to do cloth all the way with this one! I started looking online and HOLY CRAP I was shocked with what was out there!! So many COOL things to buy!!!!!! I was given $250 at the time one of our loans for school was disbursed to buy diapers and another $200 at income tax time (just after she was born) to buy whatever diaper stuff I wanted!!! She came out smaller then I expected almost a pound smaller then the smallest boy I had, so she had to wear sposies for the first 3-4 weeks as I didn't get any covers that would fit that size! But she is 15 months old now and has NEVER had a sposie on her since I started using the cloth at 3-4 weeks!!!!

What I think got me hooked on it was that friend I made at the college that was using cloth. I lost contact with her and I wish so much that I could thank her for showing me that people really still did use cloth! I wish now that I had found her sooner, or looked online sooner! I think of all the time I missed out using all this cute cloth because I thought it wasn't done anymore!!!
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My Mom mentioned it when I was prego with my 1st. We went to Babies R Us and bought some Gerber prefolds- and found that these cool new covers with velcro (dappi), so we got a few of those. I tried it but knew nothing and had no good wash routine or anything, so I stopped for awhile. Then I met some people at an API meeting who CDed, so I went online and ordered CPF's and Bummi wraps.
Now I have a 1 yr old and a new one coming in August- the August baby will be the first I exclusively CD from a newborn and I am excited!

It is amazing how much has changed even since I had my 1st 6.5 yrs ago!

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Originally Posted by Is3enough View Post
What I think got me hooked on it was that friend I made at the college that was using cloth.
This makes me feel better about the fact that every time someone has a baby, I give them a cloth diaper and they say "Oh, this is cool" but they always use sposies. Maybe EVENTUALLY they'll give cloth a try!
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Guilt about the environment. But now I'm starting to enjoy it, although changing the older one's poops still grosses me out!
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My little boy isn't born yet, but I knew right from the beginning I wanted to do cloth. (Even though it is unheard of in my area of town.) We don't use many disposable products like napkins, towels, etc, so I looked into cloth. I was inthralled with all of the cute kinds of diapers now a days. I've made a bunch of my own pockets and fitteds and bought prefolds. I can't wait till July so I can try them out!!
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To be honest as a baby I was CD and so were my siblings. When my older sister had her first child she used cloth diapers, to be honest I don't know if I had changed a disposable diaper until I had my own baby (had to use disposables in hospital). I love cloth diapering, it feels like the norm to me.
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We thought about getting a diaper service when pg with ds for enviro reasons. But heard many negative things about the service and when we took into consideration the trucks used, and the chemicals used in washing them figured it wasn't that much better, plus the cost was about equal to disposables. My MIL also loved to share horror stories of how she used cloth on three babies at the same time in the 60's in England, and how every night was spent washing and ironing the diapers, the casutic solution they would soak in, yadda yadda yadda. I had NO idea that there were other options out there! So we used disposables until we moved out of the city onto a farm where there was no magic garbage truck to take away all of our waste. When actually faced with how many dirty diapers we had, we decided to switch regardless of what was available. And luckily I was shocked at how great the diapers are now! And they're soooo much easier than anyone ever told us. And the cost savings are huge. Especially as we're hoping for another baby soon. I will cd from day one with our next baby!
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I grew up being taught. Disposables are find and dandy for vaccations or outtings but its dumb to pay when you can wash and reuse at home. So I always knew I'd use cloth. I also assumed flats and "gerbers" were my only choice and stocked up on there flats and diffrent prefolds and vinyl pants and pins.. Then Cecilia came 5lbs 10oz and NOTHING fit SO we used sposies. Then I had this brilliant though... Hey wouldn't it be cool if someone made cloth diapers that worked like a sposie with fasteners and such and begin internet searching. I soon made my first order Kushie AIOs and basics with Bummi SWW white covers they weren't our favorite but did hook us into the CD world.
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Lots of really interesting posts in this thread.

I honestly can't remember what got me interested in cloth diapers. I know I had decided I wanted to use them while ttc, but I don't remember what drew me to them initially. It has just always seemed like something that fits with our lifestyle. I almost got scared off when I started researching them in depth, but I bought a few samplers to try and I was hooked.
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My mom cloth diapered us when we were babies so it was on my radar. Then to see how cute they were, how much cheaper they were in the long run, how much better for the environment, I was sold!!!

I had already been cloth diapering for a while when I heard that what makes disposables so absorbent is the same stuff taken out of tampons due to causing toxic shock syndrome, which I believe to be reliable info, but even if it's not those gel beads sticking to my baby's skin horrified me. That sealed the deal for me. Cloth as much as possible.
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There are many reasons I am switching to cloth. I wanted to at least do it partime after ds was born, but up intill recently, I didn't really begin. The main reason, the environment. I am trying to be a better stewart of the earth and sposies are a big chunk of our waste in my house, so after watching Oprah and Al Gore's movie, I realized that cding is something for me that is doable. Ds is now 10 months and when he was first born I wanted to cd partime, but it is this going green kick that really got me on the bandwagon. Dh is from india where there are little sposies to come by, so he is supportive, but he has grown accustomed to the sposies now, I think I will have to teach him how to cd. We still have some sposies left that I plan on using for outings and then we will be completely done. I have ordered some pockets/aios for outings so they will be here when the last of the sposies are all gone.

Another reason I chose to cd is because I have had encouragement from my grandma, she had 14 kids in the 1955 to 1974, and she cd all of them even after the sposies where on the market. She said she bought some, tried them on one of my aunts, which in turn made her bottome bleed and she said she would never use them again. That being said none of the grandkids have been in cloth, and as a grandkid, I want to set a new trend, for my ds, for the earth, really for all of us. Besides I really don't want to have to leave my ds with the burden of more wasted land because of his thousands of sposies in a landfill that won't decompose for generations.
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I never considered NOT cloth diapering.....but was intimidated by the laundry factor. So cloth diaper service was a no-brainer.

But it was you mamas on MDC who got me into buying our own CD's!
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DH wanted to do it. :

When I looked into it, I couldn't get over the difference in $$$.
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I started because of cost, kept going as I found out about all the toxins I was avoiding. With baby #2 I tried sposie as we were in a city apt w/o a dryer but her skin could not take it. Baby #3 actually had terrible eczema everywhere but her diaper area. Next, I found cute covers and wool that has kept me going. I can't imagine paying for disposables all the time (or running out at inopportune times).

I hang them out as much as I can hoping somebody will ask me about them. (I do have a dryer, what a long ways from no dryer or clothes lines or balcony or anything - you should have seen the place, diapers everywhere!)
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