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Hi everybody! I just thought I'd post and see if any of you have had a headache that won't seem to go away. I got one yesterday, and it's been coming back off and on all day today. I even woke up with it. I don't want to take anything for it, so does anybody know of any natural remedies to make it go away? TIA!
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There's a pressure point inbetween you thumb and forefinger. It you rub that for awhile your headache may subside. I often get headaches if I'm hungary too.
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I get them now and then. Some are pretty bad.

Make sure you are drinking enough water - especially with the heat we're having this summer! Being even slightly dehydrated can leave you with headaches.

If you think it could be sinus related, a warm compress over the eyes/forehead/sinuses may bring some relief.

Otherwise, try a cool compress to the back of the neck.

Hope that helps!
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Thank you both so much for the suggestions. It's gone now, and hopefully will stay away! It seems like it keeps coming back though. I ate and drank about 2 glasses of water. Maybe I just need to eat every 3 hours or something.
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Originally Posted by katiejon1
Maybe I just need to eat every 3 hours or something.

That's what I need to do while PG to avoid all negitive side affects. I eat AS SOON as my belly has even the slightest growl
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KatieJon - glad the headache is gone!

Just had to say that my DS was born April 2003 too (the 7th) - so our kiddos will be close in age.
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That's gotta be it. I wake up hungry! It's too early for that! lol Luckily though, I crave fruit and veggies, so at least it's not cake. ;-)
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:-) I love this age! How old is Madeline? Have you told them you're expecting yet? We've told Caleb, and he wavers on whether he wants a baby or not.
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Madeline was 4 in May. So Madeline & Ryan are 23 months apart - and this new one will be just about 3 years younger than Ryan. I'll have 3 under 5 for a time. I am glad to have that extra year between the youngest now - it was hard with M & R being so close.

I have not told them anything about a baby yet. I don't even go to the midwife until Sept - so I am not going to tell them anything until we know more. When I was pg with Ryan, we told Madeline, but she didn't understand anything about it until right at the very end of the pregnancy (she used to love helping with the Doppler at the mw's office).

Madeline will understand this time - but I don't know about Ryan. I do know that they will have some bigger changes than just a baby - they will become roommates before the baby arrives. So we have to get through moving them in the same room and seeing how that goes. I think that will be a bigger transition for them than the baby! :LOL
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Kinda OT (sorry) but Lisa you said your first 2 dc are 23 months apart? Can you tell me a little about how that age difference has been? My dd will be 23 months when this baby comes. Alot of our friends and family have kids with closer spacing than that, so we thought it was good timing. I know I'm in for a crazy house though! :LOL
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Yep - crazy house is right.

My DD was always soooo mature. When she was 12 months old, we thought she was soooo old and started ttc - I was pg when she was 15 months old. I thought we'd be fine - and it wasn't too bad - but there were certainly challenges. The biggest issue for us was, no matter how OLD we thought Madeline was at 23-months, she was essentially still a baby. She looked so big the day she walked into the hospital to see me & Ryan - but she couldn't climb up on the bed without help. She still needed me to do so many things for her (or with her) that I never really thought about. So don't be surprised at how baby-like your oldest seems after you have the new baby home!

Second, my son was/is VERY high-needs. He had reflux and colic - and was just generally not happy for nearly his first year of life. So I spent a lot of time just trying to meet his most basic needs - I was sooo tired! He didn't sleep AT ALL (really, I mean this - nothing more than a 10 min catnap here and there - I have never seen another baby like him!) and that made things hard. I also had a severe case of mastitis 1-2 weeks post-partum which left me miserable in bed - I couldn't do anything!

Third - my personal situation really affected how smoothly things went too - we moved TWICE during Ryan's first year - so our whole world was torn apart twice - that's not easy for anyone - especially not young kids.

Madeline was too young to really be interested in Ryan - she didn't want to help with him - and basically didn't even acknowledge him for months. It's kind of funny when I think back on it.

But - we got through it. And there have been some good things that came out of it. First, Madeline and Ryan do not remember a time they weren't together - and that makes them close. Maddie doesn't recall there being a time that she was the only child. It's also kind of nice having 2 kids so young - they like the same things! No complaints from Maddie when we'd play with baby toys - or watch Baby Einstein - she enjoyed the same things.

It did complicate doing things - like just going on walks - because I had to phycially help Maddie while toting Ryan around too. Slings saved our lives! LOL

I am glad they were so close - but I wasn't going to do it again! LOL

You;ll be fine - I think Ryan's high needs and Madeline's personality had a lot to do with our challenges too. Other kids would be different.
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Thanks for your opinion! I really appreciate it My dd was very high needs from the newborn stage to about 8 months, she was colicky at first then ended up with food allergies and not gaining weight properly. So its not like I'm expecting an easy baby (hoping though!) :LOL We've actually TTC for about 6 months now and this age difference is very close to what we want. In our circle of friends most kids are 18 months-2yrs apart so I guess I should be able to get some good advice on how to cope from them.

I plan to continue nursing if possible and then tandem nurse (if dd wants to of course) so I hope that will help Anna adapt to the changes of becoming a sibling. I am a big fan of slings (I my maya wrap!!!) and I'm hoping that using one will make it so I can hold/nurse, etc the newborn and still be able to do things with Anna. I know its bound to be a chaotic experience at times, but I'm really looking forward to the good parts! I am still having a hard time realizing that this isn't just a hypothetically situation now...this is REAL
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That's great that they are so close! My sister and I are four years apart, and I really wanted my kids to be closer in age. I'm hoping that three years will be perfect. We're going to be moving before the baby comes in Nov. so I hope that once we settle in there, the transition won't be too rough for Caleb. That's the main thing I'm worried about, but I'm sure we'll figure it out once we get there!
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