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Overfed dog help!

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My daughter (6) meant well when she completely overfed the dog just now. I have no idea how much she fed her but it was enough that the dog (who lived on the streets for years and never turns down food) stopped eating and walked away from a bowl still with kibble in it. Her stomach is actually bulging out.

Is there anything to do? Is this just like a human and she'll either vomit or have a really bad stomach ache all night til it goes out the other end?

Am I going to have a huge mess to clean up at 3 am?

I am trying to call my step-sister who is a vet's assistant but haven't reached her yet and it's after hours for regular vets (I'm thinking this isn't an emergency - the dog is quite happy looking right now :LOL )
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Ok, I got hold of my step-sis. Phew! She said her dog got into the dog food once when she was out and had a distended stomach too. Other than not letting the dog run around, she said there's not much to do but wait and see what end it comes out of.

On the bright side, dd is now worried that Sadie will puke and has cleaned up the back room so nothing will be in the line of fire Cool, I get a clean floor out of this! Almost makes the impending mess worth it, :LOL
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We have an eater, who we believe was punished for her genetic peeing defect by witholding food and water. She'll eat anything she can get ahold of, regardless of how difficult it is to get. She has eaten everything from a 3 pound pecan pie (vomit for three days, smelled like pecans for weeks, despite persistent bathing) to a softball mitt combined with a bottle of vitamin E (fortunate combination since the E helped everything through) to a loaf of bread (yes, the whole thing - she seems to like bread). I'm sure everything will be fine. You may get messes. Nothing as bad as giardia (the other dog) which is miserable and smells even worse.

She's still a fine happy healthy pup. I swear we're not bad pet parents! She has managed most of these within 30 seconds. Anyway, it's too late to worry too much now!!! The damage is already done. . .

Good luck for a strong stomach and a lazy dog for a few days!

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