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IMPORTANT: NEED home remedies for preterm labor NOW

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My sister is 23 weeks 4 days and in preterm labor. She is working with Matria Home Health Care, who have her on an at home monitoring system (all contractions and heart rates are transmitted to them- they work with her OB) She was in the hospital all last night being monitored and given tributiline/mag sulf. dilated to 1 not effacing) they sent her home this morn, when they thought everything was under control.
She just did her nightly monitor, and had 9 contrax in 1 hr, Matria told her that drs orders are to eat a snack wait 30 mins remonitor for 1 hr, then do it again, if she is still above 4 per hour then she has to go back to the hospital.
All they will do there is keep monitoring and give her more tributiline until they are under control again. Matria can monitor her all night from home and give her the trib at home but the stupid oncall ob (not her regular one) won't call in the orders for them to do it. Matria is coming over in the morning to put her on the trib pump anyways, she just has to make it through the night, she just needs to slow down the contractions now and then stay on the monitors.

ANYONE have ANY ideas on how to slow them down just enough t get her through the night withiut having to go back in????????

Please help and keep her and her family in your thoughts and prayers.

(typed this really fast so i hope it makes sense)
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Have her super hydrate herself. Drink tons of water. Then get in the bath, soothing temperature, and relax. Then eat something or mix up the order, but all of these might help her.

Sorry for her, I hope all is well.
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I had this happen to one of my students. in the end she went over due. it was wild. she had to change her eating. 80 gm of protien, lost of H2o off her feet, no bending, no long standing, and she took epson salt baths all the time and I think she took the homeopathic sepia (but I need to check on that)
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Black haw tincture is supposed to be incredible for soothing an irritated or contracting uterus.
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I know this is late and I'm hoping your sister made it through the night okay. I just wanted to relate my personal experience that she might get encouragement from. I went into preterm labor at 23 weeks. I was dialated just 1 cm and about 50% effaced and put on terbutaline in the hospital with an overnight stay. Went home on strict bedrest and oral terbutaline and an RX antibiotic since a bacterial vaginal infection was found (which is one of the many things that theoretically could cause preterm labor). Midwife recommended keeping super hydrated and get in a warm bath any time contractions started up again. Had very frequent contractions over the next 6 weeks, one more hospital stay, and purely miserable from the terb.
At 29 weeks went to see a new OB who was recommended to me by my midwife. By this time I was about 70% effaced, but still only 1-2cm. He recommended natural progesterone cream and magnesium supplements. It worked so well for me! I got off the terb and was able to gradually pick up some (very) light activity again after 6 weeks of strict bedrest. I ended up carrying my son full term to just over 38 weeks and was able to have the homebirth I had planned. I still had an irratible uterus and would start contracting several times a week, but it was nothing like it had been before, I could always get it under control with relaxation and a warm bath and I had no further cervix changes until I was much closer to term.
Hoping your sister and baby are well.
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