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kombucha question

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hi all,
i think i may have messed up my kombucha, but wanted to ask here before i throw it away.
i made the kombucha in a different pot than i usually use, so it was waaay to big to just float on top. i went from using a large pyrex bowl to a sun tea jug (like a restraunt sized mayo jar). i didn't know if i could cut it, so i just put it in sideways. well it has been 10 days so i took it out and the top half of it got all dried out and icky, and it didn't seem to make a baby.
the tea itself seems very dark, not like how it has come out before. it smells fermented, but i am afraid to try it.
what do you all think?
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A pm from Mountain Chick

Oh, and just for info purposes, it's possible to start a brand new scoby with out a scoby-mother, just make the tea as usual and then pour 32oz(1qt) of already brewed Kombucha into the tea and let it brew for 14-20 days. At the end of the brewing time you should have a brand new Scoby, but you'll dump the resulting Kombucha, don't drink it. This method is good if anything happens to your scoby(like mold), or you want to pass it on to a friend with out actually giving the scoby itself. Just be sure to use Kombucha made from a healthy scoby.
Just in case you did mess it up and need to start again.
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that is good to know!
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