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Contraction counter

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I think this was posted on MDC a while back (can't remember if it was on our board or the general pg board), but I found this helpful for timing my contractions this morning, since we didn't have a really good way of doing it, (except for staring at an analog watch, which gets boring after a while).


It continued to work after I disconnected from the internet, which is a nice perk for those of us still in the stone ages of dial up :LOL . Although, like I mentioned, timing them seemed to make them a little shy :LOL . But such is the vagaries of this stuff, right?

EDD 7/29/05
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Thanks for that. At the moment I am just using a digital alarm clock. Like yours, mine get a little shy when you pay attention to them....
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Originally Posted by NordicMamma
At the moment I am just using a digital alarm clock.
That's what I used for my first labor. No need to get techinical with seconds, it was just good to know if they got closer together or not.
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