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Poll Results: I think fake meat products are:

  • 67% (55)
    yummy and we enjoy them
  • 32% (26)
    just wrong-- if you are going to be veg, be pure
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In general, I prefer foods that substitute for meat dietarily but don't even TRY to seem like meat. I love veggie burgers that taste like veggies, i.e. most flavors of Gardenburger and Morningstar, but have never had a wanna-be-ground-beef burger that wasn't gross IMO. Smart Dogs so thoroughly disgusted me that I not only couldn't eat one in a bun but had trouble choking it down when diced into 1/4" pieces and mixed into hashbrowns w/all kinds of spices! I do like the veggie crumbles that are flavored like sausage, but only mixed into Spanish rice, etc., not by themselves.

Boca Smoked Sausage is the one fake meat that I will eat by itself. The taste and texture are pretty good, but if I look at it too closely, the coloring bothers me. MrBecca loves it. Since he actually misses meat (I don't much notice if I don't eat any for weeks...I only end up eating it at times because it's convenient in restaurants) I think it's worth buying whenever it goes on sale.

We mostly eat dairy, beans, nuts, eggs, and tofu instead of fake meats.
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OK, I have to admit I have a weakness for those Morningstar veggie corn dogs. Not the best thing in the world, but OK for a fast lunch here and there (and MUCH healthier than the real corn dogs I used to eat in my youth!). I stock my freezer when they go on sale.
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Thank you tara, I kinda worried I was getting the good ol' taste of foot in my mouth!
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I like Seitan

But I don't like soy "fakes". I like whole foods. And since I'm not veggie, I do enjoy organic chicken and an occasional organic burger, etc.A W 2ZZ ZDSDXVXVSS
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Originally posted by Apricot
Thank you tara, I kinda worried I was getting the good ol' taste of foot in my mouth!
Hmmm.... Now, is that real foot? Or fake foot? Are you an ethical foot eater or a healthy foot eater?
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Originally posted by tara
Hmmm.... Now, is that real foot? Or fake foot? Are you an ethical foot eater or a healthy foot eater?
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I'm a meat eater, but I like some veggie burgers. IMO, vegetarians who eat fake meat because it's as close as they can get to the real thing are sorta, in my mind, like folks on a diet who eat fake dietetic ice cream or something because they miss the real thing. If you eat it because you like it, however, it's a different story.
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We eat Gimme Lean "Soysage" close to once a week. It's so versatile, patties for weekend breakfast, crumbled into 3-bean chili, sauteed in a bit of olive oil and fresh herbs and served over pasta... MMMMMMMMMmmmmmmmm... I'm gettin' hungry now!
It's non-GMO, but not organic. Other than that, only the occasional veggie burger or tofu meal. We try to stay with unprocessed foods too (minus the 6 month hiatus when DS started walking and I couldn't figure out how to cook and entertain him at the same time )
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I try to stay away from anything processed. Alot of the fake meats contain wheat gluten and things that some people cannot tolerate; myself included. I found that out the hard way though when my health started goin' downhill.
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there wasn't an "other". we use them sometimes. some are disgusting. my husband is a meat-eater and sometimes meat analogs make a nice compromise. my son hates anything that tastes remotely of meat, except for my home-made seitan and a vegetarian "pork" from the oriental grocery downstairs.

they are highly processed and many have too many additives for my taste, but the biggest problem in even the home-made stuff is sodium. the sodium content of some of these products is truly frightening, to someone with chronic very high blood pressure like me.

i've never really considered gardenburgers meat analogs, though. they have a hearty "burger" like texture, but beyond that i think that part of the reason why they taste so good is because they don't try to imitate the taste of meat. they are content to be what they are: grains, veggies, sometimes cheese. by contrast, boca burgers try to hard to imitate meat, and taste terrible.

incidentally, yves i believe is in fact non-GMO, but morningstar farms i think is owned by the green giant people and is not.

i shop at a co-op that doesn't carry GMO foods, so i don't worry about it as far as my own plate is concerned.
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I was also looking for an "other" choice. I think on the whole, the idea of "meat subsitutes" is not something that fit's our lifestyle. However, I do have a weakness for the occasional veggie burger! I'm glad to see resturants serving them, but prefer a good veggie sandwich or salad myself.

I don't consider tofu to be a "fake meat" product. Perhaps I'm deceiving myself. We do eat tofu often and love it cooked a variety of ways.

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We're not vegetarian but we really like tofurkey deli slices and it's one way I can get protein into my 4 year old. My kids also like Tofu Pups. And we all love tempeh burgers, though that's not really meat sub.
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Is anyone here familiar with the group "The Arrogant Worms"? They have a hilarious song called "Carrot Juice is Murder." It talks about the slaughter of turnips, the screams of the vegetables as their skins are peeled, gardening as oppression to vegetables, uncaging tomatoes, setting potted plants free, not mashing the poor potatoes. I first heard it at a concert with a mostly vegetarian crowd and everyone loved it.

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I have cut down on them quite a bit. But when the kids want "chicken" I would rather it be fake! (and so would they!) Some of it isn't too bad either. I really like veggie burgers!

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Well, we are slowly making the turn to vegetarian, and we really enjoy some of the "fake meats"

Dh eats the gardenburger riblets...and we really enjoy the morningstar sausage patties.

But I think, like everything, you have to eat it in moderation. It is not an "every night" type of food....

it would be the same if we were drinking soy milk constantly etc...too much is not a good thing.
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I know it's soooo bad, but I am addicted to Morningstar chix patties. I can't believe I'm admitting this, I probabably eat them twice a week. They're really good with spaghetti. I also pack my daughter sandwhiches with fake turkey and bologna. I know I should give it all up but they are really convienient.
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We don't eat red meat, but still eat poultry.
We use Gimme Lean...both the sausage and beef flavor.
I have a soft spot for my mom's beed stew - and I don't eat red meat - so I got the recipe from her and made it with gimme lean!! Worked great!
I make Chili with it - yummy!! And Jambalaya with it as well! Turns out great.
We also eat Boca and Gardenburgers.
Never could do the fake hot dogs...but I found really good organic chicken ones with no nitrites.
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