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Where are you having your baby?

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At home, a birthing center or in the hospital?

We are having our baby at home. It will be our first homebirth adn hopefully a waterbirth. Our first was born in the hospital with a CNM and our last two were born in hospital attached birthing centers with CNMs. I have to say I am very very excited about the homebirth it is almost like this is as exciting as my first becasue everything is a bit different. I have been having a blast shopping for my birth pool we are using one fo the inflatables. I am probally gonna pick it up next week and do a test run. I can't wait for my next appt.
I never thought I would be this excited about this pregnancy as it was very unexpected and very very unplanned.
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It will be a home waterbirth. Oh, I am getting so excited too. Our first was at a birthing center. I am so looking forward to birthing at home this time for so many different reasons. This pregnancy has been completely different so I'm sure the birth will be too. We are renting an AquaDoula tub. I can't believe it...only 7-9 weeks until we have a new baby here!
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we are planning our second home waterbirth also, with a CPM.
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This is such the dilemma for me.

I do not particularly care for the birth center. My home is too far for a practical chance at a homebirth.

A friend just offered her house, very comfy and very nice for birthing tonight to use. It's a great distance from the birth center which would maximize my chances for a homebirth. Would any of you consider this scenario? The friend is a super close friend and our families mesh really well... It's an exciting prospect for me.
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At home, unassisted, preferably on the back porch (hoping for another nighttime baby) in the fishy pool.

Amanda, I am afraid I don't understand your question entirely. You say your home is too far for a practical chance at homebirth, and then that your friend's home is at a great distance from the birth center, which would maximize your chances. I don't understand how one home far away can be counterproductive but another far away can maximize your chances? Honestly, I don't understand what distance from the birthing center/hospital has to do with your chances of a successful homebirth to begin with. Although, to be honest, my proximity to Tripler is enough to keep me at home through just about anything.
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Homebirth, hopefully a water birth with a CNM.

We are so excited!
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Our homebirth midwives are also the birthing center midwives. They are very, very busy. So, if I go into labor on a clinic day or a day where there is another mama who is also in labor, then my home is too far for them to still attend me. I would have to transfer to the birthing center. Sorry this wasn't clearer in my first post. (I live about 40-45 minutes away on a good day with no traffic).

We live in a homebirth vacuum, to be honest. There next closest midwife is more than an hour away. Which would still work for a homebirth, but traveling for appointments is not necessarily my best plan with 3 kids, semi-reliable transportation, etc. Honestly, this is where I am going to be practicing when I complete my education, so it will hopefully prevent this issue for other women.

My friend's house is very, very close to the birthing center, so the midwives might be able to attend me, and still have clinic day or another birthing woman at the BC.

There's nothing *wrong* per se, with the birth center, just little things, you know? It's not like a home--a fax machine by the birthing pool, etc. It would be defnitely doable, but not my "ideal."

Is that more helpful? I was a bit rushed and groggy when I was posting last night.
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at home! My last baby was born at home too

My first 2 were hospital births...not horrible experiences but not ideal either

I am actually considering going unassisted this time!
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At home. With or without an attendant, depending on our finances... I'm not going to the hospital, unless there is a REAL need. Now that I know how much my insurance is worthless, and I believe more than anything that my body will do this on its own, I've decided I will be at home. I'm hoping the midwife will be there just to give me suggestions as labor progresses - the initial phone conversation really gave me hope. But also, there is the money issue. I can't ignore it. Money is just not there, and I just keep thinking "why should I be so concerned over something that nature has designed for me to do just because of money?"

Anyway, no matter what, this birth will not be a repeat of my last one!
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If it were me I would try for the homebirth at my own home and if it ended up being a day I had to go in to the birth center I would. I would be more commfy there than at a freinds house. But that is me. If you are very comfortable with your friend than go for it.

One question, once she is at your house she isn't going to leave to go back to the birthing center is she? I mean it isn't going to be like your contractions are a few minutes apart and now you have to drive 45 minutes to a birth cneter.
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I suspect that she wouldn't even consider coming if there was a chance that another woman might be birthing at roughly the same time. The birth center isn't really *that* bad, just not ideal, you know? They weren't very open to the discussion of a homebirth when they found out that I lived so far away.

I appreciate your feedback. I've said to my husband that all I really need her for is her bag of tricks, which honestly, I could have here, just in case of an accidental UC.
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planning a vbac in the local hospital. erin was born there and I felt comfortable and I feel at ease. My dh is totally anti homebirth and given my loooong labor experience with erin and ultimately I chose to have a csection, I feel like a hospital is a good place.

The one thing I'm kinda bummed about is constant monitoring of the baby. But I'm ok with it -- I just hated having anything on my belly, YK?
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We're planning a home waterbirth.
We are using a homebirth midwife. If we do end up transferring, she'll stay on as our doula.
I am finally spilling the beans to my not-always-supportive family. They all want to make sure that *IF* there's a problem, I *will* go to the hospital. [DUH!]
I really like my midwife, and would love to have her attend the birth. But a small part of me wants to UC. Thankfully, she's a very hands off midwife.
My first pregnancy ended with me having PIH and developing Pre-e. The induction failed and I had a c-section. I do not like the way I was treated, so I want to avoid the hospital at all costs. Being a VBAC, I don't feel like fighting with medical professionals for my right to have a VBAC. :\
Plus, I don't want to stay in a hospital any longer than I have to! So home is best!
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I plan on laboring at home for most of the time then going to the hospital to give birth. We currently live less than 10 minutes from hospital, but will be moving further away in a few weeks. It will still take less than 30 minutes to get there. But, I have been in L&D a few times in the past couple of weeks and the bed is so uncomfortable and I really don't want to spend the majority of my time in labor on my back with monitors. So, labor at home, birth at the hospital.
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Originally Posted by tattooedjess
But, I have been in L&D a few times in the past couple of weeks and the bed is so uncomfortable and I really don't want to spend the majority of my time in labor on my back with monitors. So, labor at home, birth at the hospital.

eeek! Hope everything's ok.

My hospital has the remote efm system. basically a belt you wear around your belly that talks to the machine in your room (and at the nurse's station). So although I labored forever last time, I spent none of it on my back.
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I had all three of my kids at three differnt hospitals and I wa never made to stay in bed. My first I think they checked more often I had to lie in bed for like 15 minutes at a time or something. I got Stadol with him though and it knocked me out for quite a few hours. So it is groggy. For my second I was only on the fetal moniter till my contractions kicked in (I was sort of induced no pitocon). And my last I had an awsome CNM. She only required you to go on the machines for 15 minutes when you first get there. after that she used a hand held thingy. Can't you just tell them LOOK I AM GETTING UP. lol
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At home in water.
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hospital for me I've heard so many wonderful stories about home and water births, i'm totally bummed, but trying to make the most of it. If i did it at home, it would have to be unassisted, as i live an hour away from the hospital, and i *think* it's illegal for a midwife to attend a birth outside of a hospital or birthing center in this state, though i haven't been able to find any real info about that.

Speaking of homebirth vacuums, the nearest midwife to me is 2 1/2 hours away (in another state, no less) and the one i could have had for my other two children (but didn't know existed) retired this year! Figures, huh?
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RyvreWillow: midwifery being illegal in your state does not affect YOU. It is that in the event of something going horribly awry and the authorities find out, the midwife can be arrested and charged. But YOU cant. Just wanted to clarify.

On an unrelated note, my grandma lived in Osage Beach while I was growing up, and I was there a LOT. Wondered if you were near there in your "Ozark Mountains" location!!
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We're planning to have a homebirth, maybe waterbirth...
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