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Vitex Extract Plus

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Hello Everyone.

I have not seen any posts with VITEX aka CHASTE TREE BERRY.
I was put on this wonderful product by our midwife Nat-Pat.
It regulates you period to be more in the center of your cycle.
I had only 6 days from ovolation to first day of period. So we had no chanch in Hell to get pg. But this helped us. Now we have a boy 8 months.
I am not saying it will help your situations. However talk your Nat-Pat.
Take care
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Thanks Silving!

I have been using vitex for a while now, have read a lot of good things about it. Not sure whether it makes a difference or not, but I know you are supposed to give it 3 months to start working anyway.

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My guys love it too, cause it helps so much with my P.M.S. It regulates hormones whether they are high or low. I noticed a HUGE difference in my pms symptoms by taking it. So much so that my son & hub commented on how 'easy' I had been during my cycle. Just be sure & stop taking it once you conceive! I like the capsules, for convenience, but took the tea & tincture too.
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Does it help with short LP's and low progesterone? Is it ok to take while nursing a toddler? Why do you have to stop taking it once you conceive?

Questions questions questions!
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Sorry, I don't know what short LP's means...It should be avoided in preg. because it can induce menstruation. Vitex has a calming and soothing affect. It relieves muscle cramps. Regulates and normalizes hormone levels & menstrual cycles. Increases & improves breastmilk. Good for symptoms of PMS and menopause.
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I really need to get on some routine with this; I'm thinking of talking to my midwife about it. My PMS symptoms this month were really out of whack. My DD and DH cannot live with this woman. I'm 45, so these are early menopausal symptoms, and boy!

Anyway, I have a tincture. What dosage should I use? It tastes awful, so I tend to "forget", like I did this month, and war breaks out!

Do I really have to take it more than once a day? Can you recommend a more pleasant way to take it? Joe (DH) says it smells like grain alcohol, and it's just awful!
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