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Graciela Anne is here, but sick - need good thoughts...

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She arrived on her due date! July 26th at 6:42 AM after 6 hours of labor and 10 min. of pushing. I did it all naturally! I cant believe it!

But now things are not going so well. Baby looked great when she was born - apgars were 8/9 and she nursed right away and for a long time. They came to give her a bath and saw that she was breathing very fast which is a sign of infection or fluid in the lungs. So she went to the newborn nursery (we are in a small, low tech hospital so there is no NICU here) for observation. They did a blood test and her white blood cell count was very low and her breathing (which should be about 30-50 times a min.) was 120 times a min.

So now she is on antibiotics for at least three days. We are waiting for the blood culture to come back to see what kind of infection it is. If its a minor one all she needs is the 3 days, if its more serious (like pnumonia) she will need 7-10 days.

She had a chest x-ray the yesterday which was very bad - lungs almost all white which means lots of fluid. They did another today which looks much, much better, almost normal so that is great news. But her breathing is still around 88-92.

Because of the fast breathing she cant eat by mouth at all because she could asperate it so she is getting fluids through IV. She also has to be in a little oxygen tent.

Things have been pretty tough for me - its so hard to see her hooked up to all the machines and not be able to hold or nurse her. She is doing better today but the progress is slow. She wants to nurse so badly - she just roots around and cries. The pacifier only helps for a min. then she spits it out.

I was able to nurse her for an hour or so right after birth - before she started having trouble - which is good and bad. Good because she knows how to do it now so hopefully wont have any trouble when we can start again and also good that she got some colostrum before the antibiotics but bad because now she knows what she is missing and is miserable.

They are hoping tomorrow to wean her off the oxygen and if her breathing is ok after that I can feed her. I have been pumping every three hours around the clock so my milk will come in so I am pretty exhausted - not much time for uninterupted sleep and when I can fall asleep I dont sleep well, waking a lot wanting to go see her.

Tonight has been the roughest for me so far - I went in to the nursery to take milk and see her and she was screaming - just not happy and nothing calmed her down until I asked the nurse to swaddle her. After that she fell asleep. It was so hard to see her like that and not be able to comfort her (my instinct was to pick her up and nurse her) that I just bawled when I got back to my room and have not been able to stop crying since - off and on.

I went back a little later after the nursing shift change and I really like the nurse who is on tonight. He had her little bed remade with support all around her and had her swaddled up tightly - she was sound asleep. He told me if I wanted to come back at midnight he would be doing her assesments and would let me change her and hold her for a while. I have only been able to hold her twice since she has been in the nursery.

Labor was something else! I am still sort of in shock that I did it all naturally. I handled it pretty well until transition, that is the most unbeliveable pain but by then its too late to do anything about it so you just have to get through it. Luckily labor was only 6 hours and only 1 hour of the part that was unbearable. I pushed through 3 contractions - about 10 min. and she was out. They think that is why she is having the breathing trouble - she came out so fast she took in a lot of fluid on the way out.

My doula was soooo awsome - I couldnt have done it without her, she really kept me focused. And the tub - well laboring in water is just the best thing ever!

Unfortunately DH didnt make it in time - he got here about 2 hours after she was born. I am sad he missed the actual birth but I think it might be better that he wasnt here for the labor - he wouldnt have known what to do and I think the intensity of it all might have been too much for him - just hard for him to see me in so much pain.

Anyway - sorry this got so long. I never thought anything like this would happen. Just planned on having a healthy baby and going home like I did with Max. She is just so precious and small (good sized baby but still seems so tiny). Luckily I can stay here with her for now - once I am discharged tomorrow night they have a nesting room where I can stay. Hopefully I wont have to go home without her.

I am going to work on the actual birth story soon.
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Congrats, Morgan! I am sorry your little girl is so sick and that you have to be separated from her! It sounds like torture, although it is wonderful to know that she is improving. Hopefully she will be off the oxygen very soon and you can comfort her, hold her, and nurse her. I'm glad that labor went well, even though it may have been GA's fast descent that caused the fluid.

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Congrats, Morgan!

So sorry to hear she's ill. I hope she improves rapidly and that you'll be able to hold her, and get to take her home, very soon.
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popping in from August...

congratulations mama on your natural birth! I am sorry to hear your baby is sick. just remember they are so resilant and I'm sure your daughter is as strong as her mama. your family is in my thoughts and prayers
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I will say a prayer for her swift recovery.
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Congratulations on your natural birth and on your precious little girl! I'm sorry she's so sick, and I'll be praying for a quick recovery.
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I saw this thread while doing a new post search and just wanted to say congratulations!! Sending lots of healing vibes for you and Graciela Anne .
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hi, i also found this while surfing new posts and just wanted you to know that here's another momma who'll be thinking of both of you and wishing graciela anne heals quickly and can come home to you soon.
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Oh Morgan

I'm so sorry Graciela is sick. It sounds like she is getting better, but what an absolutely horrible thing to go through -- for both of you. To not be able to hold or nurse her, and to know she's so unhappy.

I'm so glad the labor went well, and I'm sending healing thoughts your way, and hoping she is better soon and in your arms.

EDD 7/29/05
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First off, congrats on your baby girl!!!!

Second off, I will be thinking of you both and sending good thoughts your way. Let us know when she is home!
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Congratulations on the birth of sweet Graciela and her powerful, natural birth! We will be sending all thoughts and good wishes to you and your family and wish for her quick healing. I am so sorry you are not able to nurse, hold her, comfort her, etc. now and will hope that all of those wonderful moments come soon, soon, soon.

Keep us posted and know there are a lot of mamas and families around the world sending good thoughts your way right now.
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Oh Morgan, I was going to post here today and check in on you. Please, please, please let me know if there is ANYTHING I can do. I am happy to help out in any way I can - I'm not too far from your hospital and am happy to run errands, etc - I'm probably heading that way tonight to see my midwife actually, so just let me know.

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Oh that just makes me cry.

I'm so sorry she's sick.

But congratulations on your new daughter!
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Congratulations! Welcome, Graciela (what a beautiful name), although I'm very sorry your first few days in this world are so rough. You'll be healthy and nursing soon, sweet child! I'll be praying for you and for your mama, daddy, and big brother!
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(((MORGAN))) -- AT MIDNIGHT I WILL BE THINKING of you holding little graciela! Congrats on the birth, and good luck with getting her home soon === and in your arms where she obviously knows is best!
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morgan, so sorry that graciela isn't doing so well! Sending you and her positive vibes!!! congats on the wonderful birth ... hoping baby will be home with you and max soon & that your dh gets to spend lots of time with all of you
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Oh Morgan

Welcome and best wishes to Graciela! I have you all in my thoughts and prayers. Here's wishing you a super-speedy recovery. Please PM me if you want any lactation help!!
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any word from Morgan, anyone?
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Congratulations on your baby and natural vaginal birth!

I will keep her and your family in my prayers.
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I was just thinking about you today, Morgan. Congratulations and I'm so glad Graciela is here! I'm sorry she's sick though. You both will be in my thoughts and prayers. Take care!! s
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