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Talk to me about Twin Strollers....

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Okay, I know these things cost a small fortune, so we want to start saving up or put one on layaway before the babes arrive. I know that I want one that is relatively compact; I don't want the entire back of my station wagon taken up by the stroller. Is side-by-side better? I'm leaning more towards those for some reason. I also really don't want something that is dificult to get out of the car/ hard to manuver.

Until now, I have always used hand-me-downs from family members and dern it, I'm going to buy me a nice stroller for these babies. :LOL

I do also have a 19mo DS that will be 26mo or so when the babes are born. I figure I can sling him or one of the twins and the other two can ride.

Am I thinking that there is a magical item out there that doesn't exist? Give me the skinny!!!

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Peg Perego. Expensive but we found ours at a resale shop. Yes, you can sling one baby and stroller the other two. I'd encourage you to sling both babies for as long as you can, and alternate them if you use the stroller.

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I found a nice double stroller at a thrift store for $20. I didn't want the side by side kind because it seems like it would be hard to get through the aisles. I saw some little clips that you can clip 2 umbrella strollers together with the other day. I thought that was a great idea since they take up such a small amount of space and then if you and dh were out together you could seperate them and each push one.
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Another vote for the Peg Perego. We got ours -- a Duette? -- on ebay for about 1/3 the cost of buying it new. It's easy to handle, fold up, etc.

Also, we found that their car seats are a little narrower than many other brands and so we are able to fit two rear-facing carseats plus our 3-year-old DS's seat (argh -- I have newborn mama brain -- what is the name for a full seat that kids must be in til their 4? That's what he has, the huge one) in the back of our car (which wouldn't work if they were any wider).
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We had the double snap-n-go when our girls were tiny. It's the frame that lets you snap 2 of the infant carseats into it. Definately got our money's worth & then some out of it! From day one (well, day 7, since they were in NICU for a week LOL) they tended to fall asleep in the car (still do if it's naptime LOL) so it was great to get somewhere & be able to just snap the carseat into the snap n go and let them keep sleeping. I also used it for walks in our neighborhood that first summer & loved that the babies were facing me & that I had the fully adjustable sun shades from the carseats so I could make sure the sun wasn't on them. And, just like in the car, they fell asleep pretty quickly/easily during walks in the stroller so I got lots of exercise that summer letting them sleep while i walked.

Once they outgrew the infant seats we had(have) the Peg Perego Aria but they never really "took" to it. They couldn't see me, which they didn't like when they were little. And while the Aria is narrower than a wheelchair, it IS still hard to get back into the racks in a dept store or something. And well, they just never were much of a fan of riding. I do think it was the best option when we got it, but we didn't really get our money out of it. I ended up just using an umbrella stroller & slinging the other one.

A couple months ago someone on the yahoo apmultiples board posted a link to the Marco Sky L http://www.2became4.com/ProductDetai...?ProductID=112 and I decided to get it (apparently it's only available in the UK at this point, at least that's all I could find, so shipping's a killer but . . . ). I LOVE it!!! It's a tandem (front/back) but seriously it's no bigger than a large single & it steers great (has bigger wheels which are great on uneven pavement). It does take up space in the car, but I think any double's going to, kwim? And the girls seem to really like riding in it. The main downside I saw in reviews was the lack of leg room for the back seat & it is TIGHT but doesn't seem to bother my kids at all, they fight over who gets to ride in the back seat (we take turns & added bonus, if back seat kid starts pulling hair or something we can switch them & the one whose hair was being pulled is happy about the switch. I did see a few on ebay when I was shopping but didn't want to wait around for one to come through that was cheaper than new. Since you've got time, you can watch ebay & also there's at least one yahoo stroller swap board I think (don't know the link) that you could watch. The front seat doesn't recline, so it wouldn't work for newborns, but is great once they're bigger. It's small enough that I don't mind pushing an empty stroller while the girls walk (or are slung, though that happens rarely now that they're older & I don't let them NIP, slings = nursing in their minds so I don't usually carry a sling anymore, still have some in the car, but not w/ me at all times like when they were little) The basket is small/hard to access but I just keep a mesh bag in the basket & if I'm shopping & need to carry things I pull the mesh bag out & hang it from the handles. And of course if one/both kids are walking then I throw my purse & such into the empty seat.

So, my recommendation would be to get the snap-n-go for the newborn phase & then the Marco when they're bigger.
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We have the maclaren twin traveller (among others : ) and I really LOVE it. It's so great for newborns as well as toddlers (my boys are 30 months old now and still have plenty of room and enjoy riding in the stroller). It folds up really small, it's relatively light, it's super sturdy and great quality. I would also check out the Zooper Tango. . . Zooper seems to be gaining popularity at great speed. We have the Zooper Swing (a single stroller) and it's REALLY nice.

Other strollers we have tried/owned that I am NOT recommending:

graco duo glider
inglesina duette
the combi (way too plasticy and flimsy feeling for me)
In Step double jogger with swivel wheel
maclaren opus duo

HTH! I double slung my twins exclusively for the first 3 months, but then it was hot summer and they weighed 30 pounds combined and I started to understand the importance of a great stroller. I still usually wear one baby and push the other (or, these days, hold his hand) in a single stroller, but somedays I am just SO grateful for my trusty twin traveller.

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Double jogger. Hands down-- and I have owned a million strollers. : It's sturdy and you can put the older child in it easily if you are carrying a smaller child. You can push it with one hand, even. It's also not affected by weight. It pushes as easily with 100 lbs as 50. Or 16.

My jogger **saved my life** when I had 3 under 5. Sometimes the big kid wants to ride and strollersthat can't handle the odd weight distribution are worthless. My jogger easily went through single doors in shops etc. Plus, you can pile stuff on it.
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We've got a Peg Perego Aria. I'm reasonably happy with it. We paid $329 for it new. I tried looking for used ones but couldn't find one I liked. The Aria is about the same width as a wheelchair so it fits through standard size doors but you do have to make sure it is lined up just right. In hindsight I think a front/back one would have been fine too but I wanted the side by side so both babies could see out. I don't use the stroller a whole lot. If we are going somewhere as a family usually we take the small umbrella strollers and dh and I each push one. For places like doctors offices the double seems too big for a tiny waiting room so I a lot of times sling one and put one in an umbrella stroller.
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Thanks for all the responses! : I'm going to check all these out.
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We, too, have a Zooper Swing and it is really nice. The Zooper Tango, from what I understand/recall, is wider than 30" so may be difficult to get through doorways. Zoopers come with an insulated boot/foot cover, a rain cover, a bug net, and, if you use an infant carseat, a bar that allows the buggy to accept the carseat. I use this and a sling when we're going into tight spaces.

We also have a Mountain Buggy Urban Double and love the silly thing. It fits through doors and no, it doesn't do a great job between tight clothing racks in stores, but we don't do a ton of shopping. I put my babes in the MBUD pretty early on since the seats recline so much. It does take up most of the back of my station wagon but since it's so sturdy I just pile groceries on top of it. I haven't dealt with this personally since I only have my twins, but it's also supposed to handle really well when the children in it are significantly different in size.

Good luck finding something that works for you! There are so many choices and unfortunately most stores don't carry them which stinks since buying one is such an investment!
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We had the Peg Perego Aria, and it is a total piece of crap..even oiled and maintained, it's cheap plastic parts (to keep it so light) are no match for twins as they get heavier. It is also very hard to push with one baby in it, when we would sling one twin - the wheels not compensating and sticking due to the one-sided weight.

We also have the Bob Twin Jogger and singleton Apricas.
We tested the Peg Duette for a week, and it was great, but heavy and such a major operation to dismantle into our car...
We also tested the older Zooper Twin, and the newer one - they are heavy and to make it lighter, they also invested in cheap plastic bindings, rather than molded aluminum. IN fact, when we returned it from borrowing it, the new one wouldn't fold back.

We now have a new Maclaren Twin Traveller and man, is it the easiest, heavier than all the others, but so nice to handle...it also came with the boots and raincovers - which you need up here in Seattle.

I have tried a ton on a borrow basis from a friend and someone who owns a store - try them out if you can, I used large fruit to simulate babies while pregnant

Your twin stoller ho
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I reallyy like the Maclauren Twin traveler, however the Rally twin looks nice too. I don't need the boots, since I live in the deep south and it never gets cold enough.

I definitely decided to buy used.
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I was handed down the Graco duo glider. It is long and hard to steer, but it did allow me to attatch the car seats into it (I used the Graco infant seats) and see them while I pushed it. For me, it was priceless when they were infants. BUT it doesn't fold small and took up the entire trunk of my car! Now, it takes herculean effort to push even one of the twins in it with the newborn.

I borrowed a side by side stroller last month - I think it was the Maclearen. IT was sooo much easier to push! BUT - much wider - hard to get around crowded places!

Skip the things that attatch 2 double strollers together - they aren't worth the effort and aggrivation (IMO!)

When the twins were small I put them both in a single stroller laying down without a problem and when they were older, I would sling or mei tai one and push the other in an umbrella stroller. You could do this with the older one holding on to the stroller..

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I liked the Graco double stroller when they were very young and in their infant carrier. Then we got the Avalon side by side and absolutely love it. You can get it at Baby Depot (Burlington Coat factory). It is so light, not too wide, has two shopping baskets underneath and a sun visor on top. The only thing it is missing is a cup holder!
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Oh boy is this a topic I'm interested in... We have looked at Peg Aria's, McClarren Twins, Combi Savvy and the last stroller I"m going to look at is the Zooper Tango.

Right now, I purchased a Baby Trends (from BRU) jogger for the neighborhood.

When I looked at the Peg Aria, it was a COMPLETE disappointment. It was like a cheap piece of crap. The McClarren was not far behind that in my opinion. Nor was the Combi.

I'm hoping the Zooper Tango is all it's cracked up to be. Just harder to find. USA Baby has them though!

Good luck!

Christy S inTX
Due Nov 2005
1st time momma to B/G twins
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I have a wonderful stroller called the Phil and Ted's Most Excellent Buggy. It's a tandem jogger with a front wheel that swivels or locks straight. My kids love it and it has saved my life. I got it to replace my 4 other strollers: combi savvy, single trek jogger, Graco tandem, and a double jogger. This stroller has easily replaced all 4. I run with it, go to the store or mall with it (it easily fits between tightly spaced clothing racks), offroad through grass or mud and even sand with a smooth ride, and I can steer it with one hand easily even with both of my toddlers in it!

The second seat is removable to make a single jogger. The front seat converts to a deep basinet for a tiny one and you can still use the second seat at the same time. It folds up REALLY compact and only weighs 26 lbs- the same or less than many other doubles.

I got mine at www.joggingstroller.com Check it out, you'll love it.
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I say a side by side jogger. They fold up small, the wheels make it so easy to use. My twins loved being side by side they would play with each other while I tried on clothes or did what ever I needed to do. I found the inline one to long and the side by side fit though all doors. I bought mine brand new and I was glad I did the warranty was great I had to use it once because I wore out my wheels . I also used mine so much(even when I slinged because it held my bags) it was worn right out by the time it was retired no second hand one could have done that work.
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I have a Valco Twin Roundabout with a toddler seat. I love it. I can get out of the house with my 2 year old and my infant twins. It was very costly but worth every penny. Steers like a dream, fits through doorways, although we do get caught in shopping racks sometimes but I've decided that the stroller is no wider then a wheelchair and if a store can't accomadate a wheelchair they don't deserve my money. I can post pictures if you'd like.
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I just love love my Graco Duo Glider! It's an in-line stroller and I chose it by reading reviews on Amazon and asking moms in the mall how they liked the double strollers I saw them with. It's good for the infant car seats to snap on when they are young, and then for them to sit in now. I can usually find somewhere to stash my older child if she gets tired of walking, too.
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I recently found a great website that gives very thorough reviews of double strollers:

I started out with the Eddie Bauer Tandem (which accepts carseats) and loved it while my boys were in their carseats (for the first 9 months or so). But I got real tired of how cumbersome it was and how it took up the whole trunk of my small SUV. So in June I bought the Peg Perego Aria Twin. After two months I took the thing back - it was falling apart in all kinds of ways (for more details you can read my review at babiesrus.com - under "S. Duke, earthchick"). I was so disappointed.

I researched the site I mentioned above and found it very helpful. After narrowing it down to the Jeep side-by-side and the Inglesina Twin Swift, I finally decided on the Inglesina. I ordered it from eBay for $167 plus shipping and just got it on Monday. I am *thrilled* with this stroller. It folds up nice and compact (fitting easily in my trunk or in the floorboard behind the front seats), is very sturdy, and exceptionally easy to maneuver (unlike the Aria Twin). The seats recline more easily than any others I have tried (and come back up just as easily). The sun shades are great (another disappointment on the Aria Twin). It goes over rough terrain very easily (again, unlike the Aria Twin). I wish it had snack trays but that is the only complaint I have, and it's a small one. I am so glad I got this stroller and would recommend it to anyone looking for a side-by-side.
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