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preemptive MIL post!

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My inlaws are coming today...MIL can be a royal pain :LOL I think it's going around...but I guess the real problem is my 14 year old is also a butt and can't tolerate my MIL and gets real snippy and embarrassing...she is also the same with my mother...they are both irritating but I tell her she has to be polite. I am NOT looking forward to it. Plus 14 year old is a few days from her period and pms in a 14 year old is not a pretty thing.

Of course I bear the brunt of it all...trying to keep the peace, hubby won't be home until tomorrow...

So I am venting now...I am hoping my dd smartens up...maybe I will drive her and her sister to a movie tonight to get them out of the house for a few hours.

In the meantime my little one is so looking forward to Grandma and Pop's visit...and I would be too if it wasn't for this issue.

Actually...there is some humor in it...lets see we have a pubescent, pmsing teen, a pregnant, perimenopausal 39year old and a post menopausal woman all in the same house...recipie for disaster or what :LOL
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It sure will be interesting won't it. Wow. I feel for ya. But yes you are right, the thought of it is also humorous...three different women at different hormonally challenging times in there lives. Yikes! Yikes!
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Sending you vibes of ...strength, tolerance, and selective hearing!

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