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Darn I did not check this. I did speak with the major this morning and she was quite pleasant. She did tell me, though, that the only exemptions she has had are for religious reasons and she stated that she feels these are the only exemptions which can be made. She did, however, also state that she would check with a superior to double check and she took my email address. She was quite nice and I told her that I am a special educator and this decision has not been made willy-nilly, but with much thought. I hope this comes through...and I will mention that regarding Baumholder. Thank you ever so much!
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Here is the response I just received:

I consulted with ERMC (Europe Regional Medical Command) Community Health Nurse Consultant. Army Regulation 608-10 is still valid, all children using CYS services have to be immunized unless it is a religious reason and there are procedures in place to validate the religious status.

Now I do not know what to do! I am a single parent and desperately need child care for my little guy. I also do not want to be forced to vax...especially those vaxes that I truly do not believe in - Chicken Pox for one!

Any advice?
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I would greatly appreciate the number of the nurse in Baumholder. I have got to find out this info as this is too important. We will be leaving, most likely in 10 days! UGH! I am too used to CA to think that I will be forced into vaxing him!

Please...any numbers of military officials will be so helpful. Also...what religion I wonder? I am not following any particular religion and any religion I have ever been interested in has not had a problem with vaxing!
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I would think that, esp as a civilian, they cannot make you state which religion you are. You should have more privacy clout than AD personnel.
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What religion is against Vaxing? I am thinking this may be the only answer.
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Hi Laila ~

I'm a military spouse living overseas. I had to go through the vax ringer and was given the "choice" of vaxing in order to accompany my husband. If I had refused the vax, then my kids would not have been screened for overseas duty and would have gotten NO support from DOD should we have decided to move anyway. *sigh*

I have unfortunately lost the URLs I had gathered during my research, but the instruction I finally tracked down stated that military dependents had to be current according to CDC's "recommended" schedule in order to receive medical care overseas. *Medical & religious excemptions are allowed, but if I recall they are pretty strict.* I also had to bring the girls current in order to be screened for overseas duty. Don't know if DOD civilian workers are held to the same criteria or not, but if you have any sort of overseas medical screening process, that's going to be the biggest hurdle.

The reality for me is my middle child is now 28 months and only current through 9 mo and my infant has never been vaxed (she was born after we arrived in Korea). The requirement to be current for medical care is not, at least in my experience, closely policed. It was definitely required, however, to get that overseas screening. The CDC and all youth programs also require current shots, so my 28 month old is not participating, thank you very much.

Oh, and one suggestion would be to ask for the instruction (military-speak for policy) that states the vaccination requirements. That's not an unreasonable request and should hopefully give you facts to work with instead of the "he said, she said" crap.

I'm sorry I don't have better news for you. Hopefully being a DOD civilian, you won't be held to the same standards. *crossing fingers*

ETA ~ Found the DOD instruction regarding vax, DOD 6205.2 ( http://www.dtic.mil/whs/directives/c...html/62052.htm)

This may or may not help as well ~ http://www.vaccines.mil

One more thing ~ This is a DOD's school health services guide, the CDC might use the same forms. Immunization forms are on page 65 ~ http://www.dodea.edu/foia/iod/pdf/2942.PDF
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What religion is against Vaxing? I am thinking this may be the only answer.
Christian Scientist is one I know of.

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