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All MiXeD Up!

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So I have these pangs of jealously when I read that another one of my fellow due date club members water has broke...at the same time- I am not ready for my baby yet!

DD b-day party is Saturday, I have an OB appt next Friday and do the GBS test, get my braids done the 8/6...I want these things to be done prior to going into labor...and yet- the jealously is there! (I also wanted the 2 freelance projects that I am working on to be completed- well, I still do- but since they are both in the client court and there is nothing I can do to speed the process- this will be what ever it happens to be)

Maybe it's the sheer wanting to meet this little guy- see him, know he is healthy. It's a long time to wait so these last few weeks I want to enjoy...

Enjoy the solo time with my dd- fun and sleeping through the night!
Enjoy this pregnancy- this may be the last time...
Enjoy life that isn't so full of chaos
Enjoy the anticipation...

I'm not due until the end of August although I really think this little guy is coming early (just not on 8-13 please since that is DD b-day)...

Anyone else with me??
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I'm with ya! Only little pangs of jealously, however, since I have SO MUCH to do before the birth (e.g. I am currently grading exams from the second summer school class I taught so I could be released from teaching in the fall). But it would be nice to have him here....
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Yep. I am not at the point where I am ready to get this child out. But I'm so obsessed by when its going to happen. It's the longest biggest surprise in the world, and I don't know how much longer I can stand it. Waking up and finding out one more person's water broke (no matter how happy I am for her) is almost torture.

I haven't cooked more than an omelet in the past few days because I'm too busy obsessing.
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I am just not ready yet,,,I haven't done any of my baby preparation...argh
I am due 8/23 but I just found out that I have extermly high fluid levels which tend to cause preterm labour. So I am just prayin this little guy takes his time.
I still have sooo much to do and I don't stop working untill 8/12, so I have no idea where the time is going to come from.
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Originally Posted by chiro_kristin
I haven't cooked more than an omelet in the past few days because I'm too busy obsessing.


Exactly!! Every twinge my body makes now, I'm wondering *if it's time*. I actually packed my bag last night & told the baby that everything's ready and it's time to come. That's an easy way to stop even the mildest contractions -- today's been the most uneventful day for ctxns in the last few weeks....and now I want them to come back!!
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I wonder if I'll even know I am IN labor? I get ctx ALL the time.

I feel like you all...I want to meet her AND I want her to take the time she needs. And like a pp said, every twinge has me wondering.

Every time I call DH, he says "are you okay?!" So we're both a little on edge (in a good way).
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I'm excited thinking about the birth coming soon, but I'm not quite ready for it yet. We are painting the baby's room and have a family shower Saturday and a Mama Blessing next Sunday, DH is teaching summer classes till the 11th, after that I think I'll feel ready for him to come. I do think he'll be early (around the 19th) even though I not due till a week or so later.... We'll see....
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I'm working until the 12th as well. Since I am due the 17th, that is cutting it really close....Even worse, DH is out of town until the 13th.

Although, with this heat, I would love to have him come early!
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I am TOTALLY with you guys. My due date is Sunday. My dd was born at 39w2d, so I am already past when she was born. I now answer the phone with "Hello, still pregnant!" because my parents and dh's mom keep calling to "check."

I really thought this would be over before now. I'm finally starting to feel real pain from the weight of my belly. I can't get comfortable at all at night now. I NEED this yeast infection to go away so I can eat some carbohydrates again...I'm really hungry and unsatisfied and if I see another nut or egg I'm going to hurl it out the window. I wish I could just predict how much longer this would go! ARGHHHH!!
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IKWYM.. I was so hoping to go into natural labor before my c, but at this point it seems trying is futile. And I'm getting another kidney infection, so Heaven knows I'm putting enough cranberry and grape juices into my system that if *impaction* were the only thing holding up the process, it would be a non issue. I'm getting seriously nervous, but at the same time, letting go of the dream of calling my OB to tell her my water just broke is kind of rough. And every time I read of another natural birth, I get a bit more upset with myself and my body, though still thrilled for the mamas who are blessed with such things...
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