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potty training question (bus, carseats, and nighttime)

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hi there

my dd been potty training on and off for a while. She is 31 mos and can go to the potty (on floor and on toilet) on her own when we are at home... (as long as she doesnt have underpants on...then she still pees her pants thinking its diaper). I try only to put diapers on for nap and bedtime when we are at home.

When we go out she was still wetting her pants and not telling me she had to go. Now I think she is ready. Been trying at the various mom and tot group and places... bringing tons of pants with me.

Now my questions is...

with buses and car seats... how do I trust her to tell me if she has to go? (shall I put diapers on those times or ??) (since the buses have cushions...would hate to have them get wet since my lil one was potty training). Dont know how others moms have done it.

and with nap and bedtime... when do the toddlers show sign of readiness for that? my toddler nurses and drinks at night so I dont think a nursing toddler can go diaper less at bedtime. Am I right??

Thanks for sharing your tips with me
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oh and in groceries stores... have you noticed that none of them seem to have toilets there... where does one take their lil one to the potty at last min notice?? dh and I have had numerous occassion of having to wipe up her spills from the floor... embarassing. My friend told me she was in the line and ran outside with her lil one and he did it on the sidewalk outside.

thanks for sharing tips.
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We brought her potty with us in the car and asked frequently. Dd is 28 months, and has been dry since June. Our grocery stores here have washrooms, so that's not an issue, and I don't use buses, so can't help you there! I know of people who make it a rule that everyone goes to the toilet before leaving the house. That might help.
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Dd is 28 mo & has been diaperless during the day for several weeks now. I decided to take the plunge because she would go in her pull-ups or diapers just before she got on the potty & I got fed up. Since then she has had a few accidents when I have forgotten to take her or remind her to go (I used a timer at home for a long time). I try to get her to go just before we go somewhere or as soon as we arrive, but she can often go for several hours without any trouble so I don't force the issue any more. She has never had an accident during a nap. She just started telling us when she has to "go" in the last couple of weeks & that is soooo helpful! When we are at home she often just goes by herself, but needs help wiping.
Have you asked if there is a washroom at the store that you can use? Sometimes they are hidden in the back, but they are public washrooms or ones they don't mind you using. I'm sure they'd rather that than pee on the floor of the store! I don't take buses either - could you keep a towel with you for her to sit on just in case? Maybe put a change pad underneath to keep the seat dry.
I will be keeping a diaper on her at night until she has woken up dry for at least a couple of weeks in a row. Right now she will be dry several days then be wet in the morning for a few days in a row. It doesn't seem to make a difference if she goes right before bed or not.
Being pregnant helps because I have to go a lot too!
That's all I can think of now. If you'd asked a couple of weeks ago I might not have been so positive. I was getting very frustrated with it after 6 months, but I just couldn't go back to full time diapers. I think letting her have a few accidents really helped her to realize she needs to let us know.
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