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this cycle is making me crazy!!

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Hi all,
This cycle is driving me nuts! I would swear that I o'd on cd 14 as per my temps:


and I had definite o pain on Monday and then sticky cm on Tuesday. BUT, and this is a big but , I have had some sort of ew type cm since. It's not been clear like regular ew, it's been completely opaque and kind of yellow. What's up with that?!

Then again, the post o (per FF) temps are very close to the coverline and don't count as an o per TCOYF.

Feeling very frustrated - this is our first cycle ttc and I can't even decipher my chart!!

Oh, another complicating factor, I haven't exactly been getting 3 hours sleep before temping. DD has been waking up at 5ish and I go in and go back to sleep with her until 7ish when I take my temperature. I suppose that could be the problem but it still doesn't explain the sticky cm and o pain.

Arghhhhhhhh! Thanks for listening to me vent.
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NO advice here, just sharing in your frustrations... I think after a few mts of charting...(hopefully, you won't be still charting in a few mts...) you should start seeing a clear pattern!
Good luck and here's a great big hug
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If you cm is yellowish, have you been checked for infections? Different infections can cause discharge at wierd times.....

Just wondering...

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Thanks, mamas. I didn't think of the infection angle - I don't have any other symptoms but it could be.

Btw, I woke up this morning (after a FULL night's sleep - thank you, dd ) with a temp of 36.9 (a real o temp per TCOYF) and sticky cm so I'm now thinking I o'd yesterday and, of course, there was no bd'ing in this house yesterday! Let's hope dh's sperm were still hanging around from the day before
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Milkfacemama --

Here's hoping for O yesterday -- and from what I read in TCOYF when I was "trying" for a girl, you should be fine -- she recommends that if you want a girl over a boy, you don't want to bd on O day.... there should be swimmers still in your system.....


Wouldn't that be a great "Thanksgiving" gift!
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Maybe just a great November 28th day gift for you!!!!

I sometimes forget we are from all over the world here!


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Britt - you posted the wrong link to your chart. For us to see your chart, click where it says homepage, then generate, then copy and paste the link here (it's in big red letters, you can't miss it).
I clicked your link and it opened my chart, and I couldn't figure it out until I went back and saw that you had just copied the address from your nav bar!
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