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Ooh, I agree that I am both fascinated and creeped out by this thread!

We live in an old house too. We bought it from an elderly couple who live across the street. When we moved in we didn't know much about the history of the house except they'd used it as a rental. It had been empty for a year and no matter how much I cleaned and tried to make it "ours" the basement still felt creepy and unsettling. It's a finished basement that used to be an apartment, so there was nothing really bad about it... but if I had to go to the basement for anything I would do it quickly, turn every light on, hurry back up the stairs, and lock the basement door as soon as I got through it. Eventually it seemed like the creepy presence went away, and I just attributed it to growing more familiar with the house.

We learned more about the history of our house and were told by our neighbors, the elderly couple, that they had bought the house 30 years ago for a friend of theirs who was mentally disabled. I knew a woman who had grown up in our neighborhood and who had looked at our house before we did. I asked her about the old woman and my friend talked about how awful she felt in retrospect because she and the neighborhood kids were mean to the woman, didn't understand her, and the woman had been mean to them in return and a very unhappy soul. I asked my friend if she had ever sensed anything "supernatural" at the house when she looked at it and she said, yes, she could sense the old woman and she seemed so melancholy that it made her uncomfortable to be in the house. I asked if she thought the old woman was still around, and she said that she felt like the woman's presence had rescinded when we moved in and then had finally found peace or left the house completely once she saw the happiness our family brought to the house. I thought that was cool, and then I asked her where she'd felt the woman's presence after we moved in. I was expecting her to say the attic (spirits like attics, right?) but of course she answered...

.. the basement.
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This thread has been freaking me out but I can't stop reading :LOL

I havn't had anything weird happen to me, other than the occasional time when I've had a song in my head, then I turn the radio on and the exact song is playing at the exact place in the song that I happened to be singing it.
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My ghost story happened at work:

I used to work in a staff file office, and had two co-workers that were in the same position as me. We would often have to go to the basement to file the old staff files. The basement was a pretty creepy place, in a very old building that had tunnels to connect it to the other buildings on campus. The area I worked in looked like something out of a horror flick. I hated going down there. Often, I would hear footsteps walking past me in the hall, and would get a wiff of cologne as the footsteps passed me.

One day, the three of us were down there, and had just finished filing a big cart of files. We came out of the room, and one of my co-workers, just goofing around, grabbed the door knob to another doorway in the hall and tried to open it (we were always snooping around, there was a lot of intereting stuff down there). It was locked, so he let go, and the doorknob very clearly wiggled back at us. We were uneasy about it, but he grabbed the handle again and tried to open it. And again, when he let go and backed up, it wiggled back like someone was trying to open it from the other side. He did it one more time before we went back upstairs, too freaked out to discuss it with eachother. There is no way that anyone could have been in the room, as we could tell that it was dark in there (there was a brick missing a few feet above the door). And we discovered later that it was just a storage room...with a cold freezer in the back that used to hold cadavers back in the day (I worked in a building full of scientists :P).

A few months before I quit, I had to do some filing downstairs by myself, which I hated doing. I was in one of the shelving units when I heard the door slam. Now, this door locks as soon as you close it, and only two other people had the key - my two co-workers who were absent that day. I walked around the corner to see who it was, but nobody was there. When I walked back around the corner to continue filing, there was this bright white figure standing in the hallway, with his back turned to me. Within a few seconds, he had faded out entirely. It freaked me out so badly that I told my boss I was sick, and went home. I never told anyone there what I saw, I was worried they'd think I was crazy.
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I know I have wondered if others think I'm nuts for the stuff I've seen and heard.
I'm so glad I started this thread! It's creepy but interesting.
ETA...the post about the man I saw in the window, that was 3 years ago, not five (whoopsie)
My cousin said it might have been my recently passed grandfather, but this man I saw was too short to be Gramps.
Also, the opening door the other night....we don't have any pets in the house and when I checked the door the next day to see if the a/c had somehow created a suction and opened it...even if it did, the door doesn't 'fall' open when you unlatch the handle (a french door handle)
plus, the door is super creaky and I'm a light sleeper and I never heard it open! Yikes!
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Last year my dh and I seperated for a few months so I was sleeping at my cousins house on the weekends and stuff. Both her parents are dead (she is only 29 )
her mom died two years ago and some weird stuff has happened since then. We were in her basement letting the dog out or something and this baby toy started playing from a packed box in the corner "The Muffin Man" She said that box is on the bottom of the pile and hasn't been opened in two years! We thought it was her cat somehow jarring the boxes from him sleeping up there, but the toy played continuously the whole time I was there and stopped when I went back home. The weird part is their long time doggie growing up...her name was MUFFIN!!
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ok so when i read edgar allen poe's the raven from a certain book this weird thing happened twice!! IN diffrent states!! I was reading it in PA and sort of glanced up and then down. did a double take b/c I saw a pale lady in a white dress sort of float past my door and down the hall. Fast forward a couple of years sitting in a hosue in FL readin gthe same poem from the same book glance up then down the same lady but this time she floated into the wall instead of down the hall b/c she went the smae wya but this place didn't have a hall going that way out my door. it never happened when i read the raven out of another book.

the other freaky spine chilling thing
granted we were all not "clear of mind" if you know what i mean.

my sister, my best friend , and i were in a house with some other people "having a good time" and there was this guy walking around the house. he would sit on the couch get up walk to the bathroom the kitchen. he would open the fridge door and jsut stare in. he didn't talk to anyone and we didn't think much of it we just figured he knew the guy that owned the house.

so the next morning we ask each other and the other two guys that where there who the guy was. The two guys say there was noone else there last night besides us (we stayed all night) so then my sister, my firend and i start talking about what this guy looked like. we ALL saw the same exact guy!!!
and I know we were on drugs but the fact that he wasn't really there but the three of us all saw him and he looked exactly the same is FREAKY!!

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Originally Posted by kelly81
We've had several strange things happen since our daughter passed away. We believe she visits us.

~In the hospital, the night she passed, as I layed there trying to sleep, I felt something touch my thigh. It was so real, that I reached down to feel what it was, but nothing was there. I am not kidding, it felt like a small hand.

~The first night home, I was leaving the bathroom light on... I am sure all of you know about the numerous trips to the bathroom during the first week after childbirth..lol Everytime I got up to go to the bathroom, the light was off! At first we just thought maybe I turned it off by accident..... but everytime I got up, it was off.

~On several occasions, we found coins in odd places.... on the already made bed, middle of the living room floor, and bathroom...all places we KNOW we did not have coins. We don't keep spare change laying all over the house.

~I have a night light that doesn't work, but I keep it plugged in because it matches the decor. Well, it hadn't worked for 2 years, then one night it was on! That was the only time it's been on since.

~Pictures of Alyssa were always turned.

~I had a picture of my friend(exfriend, she treated me like crap after Alyssa passed away) almost every day that picture would be completely turned around. I'd turn it back, facing outward, and the next time I walked by it, it would be facing the wall. I think it was Alyssa saying "I don't like her" lol

~My husband heard the glider in her room sqeaking in the middle of the night.

~I heard a baby crying in the middle of the night, on several occasions...could have been phantom cries, caused by grief...we'll never know, but I know what I heard.

~Before Alyssa was cremated, we were given the chance to dress her ourselves. We brought along a small undershirt..but while we were there, decided not to put it on her. I put the shirt back in the bag, brought the bag home, but never took the shirt out.... Well a month later, the day after Xmas, we found that exact same shirt in our video camera bag, nicely folded. The day before on Xmas, we had been using the camera at a family gathering, the shirt was not there then.....

~When we moved as I was packing up Alyssa's room, I packed the undershirt away with all her stuffed animals. One day while unpacking at our new house...we were doing a ton of laundry.... the bed was convered in clothes we were folding and putting away. My dh has a shirt that says "Daddy", as he picked up the shirt to hang it up, Alyssa's undershirt was sitting right on top of it!

~I've seen orb like things floating in our house.

~Our bedroom door has slammed all by itself in the middle of the night.

~There are times when only for a second I can smell her. It never lasts long, but I love it when it happens.

~I think our son, see her. On many occasions he will be staring at something, with a HUGE smile on his face. Sometimes he even babbles while staring. Most of the time, you can see his eyes following something. I believe he sees his sister.

Oh my. I have nothing to add to this thread but that made me teary eyed!
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ooh, I got watery eyes and goosebumps!

This one time, a few years ago. My kitty died .
A few weeks later I was asleep, and I felt a cat on my chest(just like my kitty used to do), so I start to pet her, dreaming that its my Sweetheart.The cat Im petting had long hair, just like my Sweetheart used to have. The cat Im petting is purring and kneading my chest, just like my Sweetheart used to do.
I eventually realise two things, well actually three. 1-Im no longer sleeping. 2-Sweetheart was dead. and 3-the cat I was petting was real
I screamed like I had only screamed once before(another scary incident involving Sweetheart, only alive) And the cat scrambled off my chest and ran out the door

Awhile back, my dd used to be afraid of the spooky monkey that lived in the corner of our room. She would point it out, talk to it, tell me she was scared. Sometimes Id take her upstairs to sleep on the couch, or if I was too scared to get out of bed, I would pull the covers over our heads and try to get us to fall asleep as fast as possible. lol sleeping is my coping mechinism.

In an old house when I was a child, there was always spooky stuff going on. water getting turned on, noises, things not feeling right. Down in the basement, there was something evil. You could feel it in the wall if you put your hand on it. I drew face on the wall for it so that I would be able to 'see it' (made it seem less scary). This one time my SBro and I were down there trying to piss it off : and we were swearing and yelling. Well damn if the lights didnt flicker, and the door started to swing shut
Chicken that I was, I was standing by the door, so caught it befor it closed and we ran upstairs.

A few months ago, I was watching a paranormal show. And I heard the wierdest metallic hich pitched scream. Couldnt quite figure out where it was coming from, only that it was in the house. So I go to get a cup from the cubboard cause Im thirsty and need somethingto do to calm down. I open the cubboard door and two bowls came flying out at me. I threw up my hands and leaned to the side and they shattered on the counter and floor.
Now those bowls, they wernt unbalanaced, they wernt to close to the edge. They actually flew at me, like someone chucked them.

I have soo many stories like this but, my eyes are watering and Im getting to scared :

oh, and before I forget, the cat story? It was real, but right before I died of fright, I remembered my sister and her cats were staying with us,lol, and it was her long haired kitty that was on my chest : oh, my wildly beating heart.
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My grandpa and uncle were born on the same day, can't remember exact date. Well my grandpa (I never met him) died at the age of 33 from colon cancer, my mom was only 3. My uncle also died of colon cancer when he was 33...and on the exact same date.

We live in a converted funeral home from the 1920's so weird stuff happens all the time. :LOL I guess I'm just used to it.
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Originally Posted by Starr
We live in a converted funeral home from the 1920's so weird stuff happens all the time. :LOL I guess I'm just used to it.

Oh my, why would you live there!!??!!

My family does not talk about such things but my mother, sisiter, me and my kids see and experience paranormal things. It is hard not to feel like you are a little weird , crazy or making the instances up.

My son and I keep seeing a "man" in our house. We finally got a neighbor to admit the previous owner had died here. She actually responded well after I descibed him and that we had been seeing him. She came over and told him he was dead and should go to heaven, she planted a peace lily and he seemed to go away. I have started to pack to move and saw him 3 times the first day I was packing. I told my son and he says, "Oh, you thought he went away. I see him pretty much every night in the kitchen." So, I get freaked out, cause it's easy to shoo-shoo it away as not happening until someone else confirms it. So, after I talked with my son I go to take a shower. As I stepped in I noticed all the shamppo, conditioner and soap bottles are laying on their sides dripping and I say to myself but outloud, "Why do the kids leave them like that , what a waste" and go to reach for the first bottle to right it. ALL OF THE BOTTLES, RIGHTED THEMSELVES ALL AT ONCE. I had to really talk to myself to keep from screaming and running away. I took my shower and even washed my hair, but I never shut my eyes.

Many things have happened throughout my life. The good thing is this opened up a conversation for my son and he has admitted he is seeing orbs (many and often), very solid "dead people" and auras. He is 13yo and a very fundamental Christian and so was very scared of what was going on since the Church he attends teaches that this is all demonic activity. We are going to find another Christian paranormal or intuitive/pshycic to help him learn to deal with how clearly he is exposed to the "other side".
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This might be a little long winded, and all over the place, so bear with me.

When I was 12 I went to live with my aunt and uncle on thier farm in rural Ontario. The house was built at the turn of the century, 1890 something. Anyhow...a few weird things happened there. I didn't feel they were evil, maybe just mischevious? One time I set a half dozen pencils down on my bed, and they flew across the room and broke in half! Another time the same thing happened with pencils I put on down on the kitchen table. When taking a shower, I'd see little lights "zooming" around in the bathroom. There was a glass faced cupboard that my aunt use to display all her nice crystal in. Wedding stuff and what not. I was doing the dishes one day and went to put a glass away, my aunt yelled from upstairs that she would do it, but I opened the door anyways to put it in and almost her whole set of glasses FELL OUT of the cupboard, hit me and then shattered on the floor. Of course my aunt was a little more then peeved, but after taking a look at the situation realized it wasn't my fault. As soon as I saw the glasses falling, I quickly went to close the cupboard. There were still glasses leaning against the glass that we could see, but many towards the back wern't harmed at all. It was like someone took their arm and sweeped them outwards. There really was no explanation as to why they fell. I didn't even get close to putting the cup I wanted to in there. Weird, anyways.
Also, there were always tons of flies in my bedroom. I never felt "at home" in there, it just wasn't cozy. There were no flies in any other room (I promise i didn't smell) even though most of the rooms in the house had windows facing the same direction. Actually there were flies in the basement, my uncle used to joke that there was a "crypt" down there because of them and this large hole in the wall that was filled in years before they moved in. I wouldn't doubt it. :LOL Man that basement was creepy.
Another house I lived in (London, Ontario) which was also really old had some weird stuff going on. I'd always see cats. More then once there were cats in the basement. Laying on our boxes, on the freezer, hanging out on the stairs. There was no way for them to get in, its not like we were leaving ground floor windows open, or the door wide open. We had a dog, but he'd run off when he saw them. We'd have to really work at chasing them out of the house.
Cupboard doors used to swing open by themselves, the stereo would suddenly get very loud, a metal plate flew off the window sill right at me. I didn't like that place. It really felt evil. I'm sorry my aunt still lives there. It just gives me the willies.

Kelly81 - your post brought tears to my eyes. Hugs to you momma.
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Fourgrtkiddos...interesting point you brought up about the fundamentalist christain teachings and this 'stuff'. i also was raised this way and taught it was 'of the devil' or whatever. all my life i've had weird things happen too and I always wondered why me??

Which brings me to this 'haunted' house I lived in from age 4-7. The house and sub was supposedly built on an old indian burial ground and that might explain some of the whacked out stuff that happened there. I definitly felt and evil force there, I hated that dang house. I used to cry in my bed at night that there were wolves coming down the hallway to eat me up! Now, this was in the 70's and cosleeping was not as accepted and unless I was very ill, my parents never let me sleep in their bed. But, I remember being terrified of that house and room. My mom said they used to hear chewing noises, like dogs chewing (the wolves?) and there was a fishy smell in the bar sink we had in the family room, my mom could not get rid of that smell! Plumbers and everything!! I also used to have terrifying nightmares that scared the b'jeebers out of me and my mother. I had a dream one night screaming and crying that an old man in a wheelchair had died and the next day my grandmother called to tell my mom a relative of ours who was wheelchaired had died that night!!
My parents also had a quija board (sp?) and my mom thought it was evil so she put it away in a dresser drawer and whenever she went to get something out of that drawer the gameboard was always on the opposite side of where she put it.
Now here is the strange part. My parents sold that house to my moms best friend and her hubby/ds. They never mentioned anything weird, the fish smell, etc, chewing sounds. It does make me wonder!! Why me!?
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When we brought our second dd home from the hospital, I started seeing a shadowy figure in the upstairs hall every night when I would nurse her to sleep. It was there every time she would wake to nurse. At first it freaked me out, but I talked to it and told it it was scaring me but I didn't think it was harmful, I just felt like it was curious about the baby. We moved when she was 3 months old and it never happened again after that.

I get vibes from things all the time. Once at an auction with my mom she was looking at the old antique furniture. I took one look at it and got a feeling of evil and dread and told her absolutely not to bid on it. Something evil had happened around it. Luckily my mom is the same as me and did not bid on it.
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My first car was a beautiful 1978 Saab with a rebuilt engine. It was a quirky car and one night the horn went off when my boyfriend and I were trying to sneak into his parent’s house. I quick turned the corner and pulled out the fuse. Attached to the fuse where a couple of interior lights.

Several years later, I was traveling with a friend and he did not wear his seatbelt the entire trip. Somewhere, outside of Salt Lake City, the “fasten your safety belt” came on. It was the first time I ever saw it (due to the fuse missing and all). It was so bright and glaring that I was like “dude, put your seatbelt on—maybe it will turn that off!” He was driving at the time and finally put his seatbelt on. We *both* woke-up (he fell asleep at the wheel), hours later, to my car doing end-over-end somersaults off the side of the road!

I always thought that it was my brother, who was a mechanic before he died.
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My friends and I were playing with a Ouija board in college. I took my turn and it ended up saying that I have a guardian angel. It said that he is the soul from a young boy who died right outside my house when I was little, and that when he died, he heard me crying and his soul came in to comfort me. I remember being little - age 8 - home on summer vacation, and there WAS a big car accident right outside my house in broad daylight (very small, neighborhood street, not exactly where you'd expect a car crash I guess especially midday). Ambulances there, fire engine, police cars, the whole bit... right outside my bedroom window. I was never told much about the accident, just that it was really bad (which was obvious to me at the time it happened) and that I need to be careful crossing the street, riding my bike, etc., etc. So I never knew the details. I was indeed alone in the house when it happened and I remember being really scared and lonely (and probably crying as the Ouija board said). Anyway, I asked the Ouija board what this guardian angel's name is. It said Peter. Later, I looked up local news reports from in our local weekly newspaper from that summer (I didn't know the exact date obviously but knew it was summer) and found it: a little boy named Peter died in the car that afternoon.
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I grew up in a ~225 year old house, in which there were plenty of weird goings-on. My mother saw things, I heard things, and lots of little things would happen, like objects being moved or disappearing until you asked for them back. I recall being very afraid to wander around the house at night and would sit looking out into the darkened living room, straining to see something moving.

The house my husband and I now own isn't nearly as old as my mother's house, only 140 or so, but when we first moved in I had a talk with whoever is here and asked them to please cohabitate peacefully with us and not to scare the living daylights out of me. I remember being terrified much of the time when I was a child, for no reason at all, and I don't want my son to go through that.

So far, so good. I have a friend who claimed she heard weird noises upstairs while she was alone in our living room, but later we discovered that it was red squirrels nesting in our house, running through the space between the ceiling and the floor above it.
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I was at my grandfather's side when he passed away. He was quite old and just died of old age. For the last two weeks of his life he was in a coma and on oxygen at his home. My father and his two siblings decided to take him off of the oxygen and let him move on. In the last seconds of his life (he was still in a coma and I was holding his hand) he moaned "oh no, no" and he began crying as he passed away. It really freaked me out. He was a horrid man and didn't have a kind gesture for anyone up to the time he slipped into a coma. It freaks me out to think he may have been seeing his eternal fate.
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Oija boards scare the crap out of me...

I like our house it has character..or should I say some charcterS :LOL

When my uncle passed, my mom was by his side, and right before it happened she said it was like he was talking to other people in the room. He even made a comment that he wanted to wait a little while to see if my grandma, his mom, would come in the room to check on him, because it would haunt her forever if she never got to say goodbye. Then he looked up and said, "I'm ready take me straight up."
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