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Question about polyhydramnios

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Hi. I'm expecting twin boys due Nov 10. I had a u/s today and was told that there is too much amniotic fluid. The perinatologist didn't get into what this meant, aside from telling me that I could go into early labor. I looked it up and I'm kind of scared now, she said that the fluid level should be at 20 ( I think) and mine is at 40. Has anyone else experienced this with a multiple pregnancy?

She also said that they are identical, I'm not sure if there are one or two placentas, but they each have their own sack. She said that the membrane dividing them is very thin. Isn't there still a chance that with two sacks and two placentas that they could be fraternal?
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I'm not sure about the polyhydramnios.
But a very think sack separating the babies is a good indication of identical twins.
There are two layers of the amniotic sack. If the layer between the babies it basically means both babies are in separate amnions within another single sack which contains them both. (think two ziplock inside one big one. Fraternal twins would be each sack would be within its own second layer separate from each other. (and some identical babies have this too)
(I think the "thick" part of the membrane is called the chorion but I could be mistaken.)
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change your diet now. not trying to scare you but your diet is crucial right now. and rest.

up your water intake to a gallon a day. cut out ALL, i mean, ALL sugar. eat pure protein and green leafy veges and some orange veggies. salt your food to taste.

no sugar. no refined breads, nada. check labels too.

i believe, and I am no doctor however, you CAN reduce your amniotic levels.

find a midwife who knows her stuff and ask her about reducing fluid levels.

hand in there and congrats on your pregnancy.
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there are medications that can be taken to reduce fluid levels, however their effects on babies are questionable, so I dunno.

Your twins sound identical. the pp poster explained it. The thick layer is the chorion. They could have separate chorions and still be identical but they can not share a chorion and still be fraternal.

good luck.
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