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This summer, I'm wearing a 2-piece swimsuit, cellulite and spider veins be damned!! LOL
You go FitMama! I have this sudden desire to go an buy a 2 piece swim suit, belly stretchmarks cellulite and all! Haha. And I'm not exactly a skinny gal. I just feel like I need to make my belly a little tan to match my arms and legs....so when I'm labor and stripped down naked like I was last time I will match. Haha! Also, I just feel like the baby wants to feel some sunshine coming through my belly.
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I bought one for our beach trip (which is affiliated with my husband's work) and I loved it! It felt so good to have my belly in sunlight, which is something that doesn't happen very often.

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I haven't gotten any stretchmarks yet. This sounds pretty gross, but before getting pregnant I lost quite a lot of weight, and my belly skin was kind of "loose" or something, so maybe there was just lots of room there for my belly to grow into? It's starting to get tighter though, and I know I'm prone to stretch marks since I have them on my thighs and belly already just from being overweight in the past :

What I do have though is vericose veins on one side of my belly. I'm not really sure what's up with that. I thought that was a leg thing! I just noticed them the other day and forgot to ask the midwife about them. They don't hurt or anything, it just looks like someone scribbled with purple pen on my tummy
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