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Can I use an ordinary digital thermometer for temping? We have a mercury thermometer too, but I'm afraid of that one.

Also, I've seen a good site here for posting cycles, but now I forget...fertility friend?

Thank you!
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Well, officially it is best to get a digital BBT thermometer. But I have to admit that I have used a normal digital thermometer for years, till Erik lost it, and it worked just fine! So you might want to try and see whether you get reliable results from your digital one. If not, go out and buy a special BBT one, they are more accurate.

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Today, cd6 I got a temp of 37.3 *C. I did it twice to be sure and got the same temp both times. Is that a normal temp for cd6? It seems pretty high on my chart.
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37.3 C does sound high. I usually don't reach 37 C until after o'ing. Scratching my head....
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Does it matter how you take it?

Orally or vaginally? Maybe that makes the difference? I thought you had to take it vaginally.
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As to whether or not you need a BBT thermometer--I also wondered about what the difference was. I've heard that they are more accurate, but from what I can tell, the only difference between my regular digital thermometer and my digital BBT thermometer is that the BBT one is pink. I did many experiments when charting and both thermometers always gave me the same temp. I have one friend who insists that the temp. must be taken vaginally, but most people I know take it orally. I did, and it worked out fine. I certainly can't imagine putting a cold thermometer in my vagina first thing every morning!

Good luck! Charting can be such a pain, but it is exciting when you start to see the patterns emerging.

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Okay! Orally it is!

I was starting to feel like I was nuts for a minute! I will take it orally tomorrow and see what's up. Maybe I have a fever. I feel kind of punky anyway.

Thanks guys!
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I just temp under my armpit and that works fine too. I wake up a bit, put thermometer under armpit, turn it on. Snooze for a few minutes, and then read it. If I am too sleepy, I will later read it from the memory function of the thermometer.

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