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Hello :)

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Expecting twin girls in October (26.5 weeks today!) and just wanted to pop in and say hello! How many other multiple preggos are there here?
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Me me! I'm only about 10w, and I don't know if they are identical/fraternal, and I am due in Feb. Welcome! The ladies here are great!
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Well congrats!! Mine are identical, we found out w/an early ultrasound. Are yours in two sacs?

So far, I'm really enjoying my time here. I belong to another twin board, but its a bit too dramatic for me at times... its nice and cozy here
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Welcome and Congrats on your twins!

I have 28 mo old fraternal b/b twins...Orion & Quinn

Hope you find some support here like I have,


Our Twins Site
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Vicky here, 20 weeks with g/g twins due in Dec (m)

It's good to know there are others out there! I lurk here faithfully every day and am learnin so much. Hopefully I'll have something to contribute once my girls are here!
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I've been lurking quite a bit too... do you have names yet?
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Hi obsydyn - And other prego twin mommies!!!

I have identical twin girls that are 13 mos old now. Josephine Louise and Angelena Simone. We found out early on too that they were MZ. Found out twins at 7w5d and from that point and on it always appeared to be 1 placenta (vs. 2 fused together). Was confirmed when placenta was examined after birth.

Have you picked names yet?

Hope everyones pregnancy is going well!! Eat tons of protein and drink gallons of water!!
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So far we have Maya and India... we can't decide on middle names at all. That's frustrating the hell out of me too... I'm sure that's not hormonal at all

Everything is going well, I've been on bedrest since 19 weeks because I had to have a cerclage... so I'm bored bored bored. Other than that, we're good!

Good to hear from you!
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Ooo Maya and India!! I like those alot!! I am big on names. I have an obsession with constantly thinking of names for all my children. I'd have to have about 20 more kids to use up all the names I love. :LOL

I bet you have alot of time to think about names being on bedrest. You have alot of time to think about ALOT of things. I have not expereinced bedrest but I can imagine it to make anyone after awhile! But you are doing an important job of keeping your babies cooking!!
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Good names - Maya is easy to remember and easily pronounced internationally, at least in my experience.
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